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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

I had a GREAT time on Valentines Day. I'm glad its over though! I'm so tired of hearing people say "You should love the one you're with 365 days a year, not just ONE." Just because a couple celebrates more on Valentines day, doesn't mean that they love each other LESS the rest of the year. Allen and I celebrate Valentines Day for more than just one reason. Its also when we had our very first date a whole 3 years ago. Anyways,... I'm just tired of the grumpy Gusses that come along with most holidays.

I love it. He's going to take my chain from another necklace he got me, and have it fixed... Hailey and I were playing and she ripped it off my neck. I see that kinda stuff in movies all the time, where someone has a necklace ripped off them, it HURTS! lol 
I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day! Allen and I had a great one. We had a small disagreement, got over it, took Hailey to the dr. for her ears again, and found out that shes a little liar..(more on this to come) and we had a great dinner with us and the kids here at home. I cant WAIT to get him what I'm getting him. Its getting ordered as soon as we pay off what we owe on bills and crud. 
It is made from stainless steel, and actually turns and moves and stuff. Its the PERFECT ring for him since hes a mechanic. I can't wait to get it for him. Its only $165.00 too! which is A SCORE! :) Hopefully next year, by this time, we'll be married and happy.... 
You know, if the world doesn't end December 21st, 2012. 

I've been looking for info on WHERE THE HELL MY TAX REFUND IS... and I just can't find anything. I'm getting very annoyed.. I've looked all over, and that stupid "where is my refund" bullcrap.. here is what ours says..
"We're sorry, We currently have no information on your refund status. However, please remember it may take 72 hours for info to be supplied. Also, please refer to the IRS refund schedule chart for more information on when to receive your refund. Thank you." 
THAT does not not not make me happy. I need our money now.

Now, on to Hailey's ears...... She is JUST fine. The little shit has been crying wolf saying her ears hurt before bed... Dr. Sawyer showed me her ears, they look healthy as shit. LOL! THANK GOD though, because she would have had to have tubes put in.. and I don't think I can handle that, along with the IRS stress, and bills and divorce and ...yea.. NO, I know I couldn't do that too. He said shes just starting to be a brat at bedtime because....she can. Mostly because the night time routine has changed since Allens at work now when she goes to sleep. He doesn't bathe them, or help put them to bed anymore since hes gone at that time of the night. He said that because of that, she could be 'acting out'...which seems PERFECT since that would be her MO. O_o
Hopefully she'll get more used to it as time goes on, and she'll stop saying "mommy, my ear hurts" constantly just to stay up a little longer. 

Now, I have not gone to Curves in a few days. Yesterday, I fully intended on going, and then we had to go to the store again, by the time we got home, it was time to fix supper, and after supper, time goes by REALLY fast. After supper, we put the babies in their baths, one of us bathes them and brushes their teeth, the other gets their beds ready and cleans up a little, get Jacob in the shower, make sure he isn't screwing around instead of brushing his teeth, Put the babies in bed, read to Jacob and get him to sleep. By the time everything is said and done, its 7:45-8:00 and Curves is closed. I don't like the Morning people much at Curves. Or I didn't the other morning... Anyways, I'm going today... and probably all week. Allens working day shifts this week so he'll be home around 3 or 4. We don't have our TAX REFUND so we have nothing to do, So i'll be able to go. LOL