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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Would You Look At That?

Holy Moley Right!? It's been years since I've posted an update. There is a reason for it. 
My kids are nuts and I have no time for anything except for during their naps, but that's when I'm washing dishes, sweeping up their crap and folding laundry. Because all of those things have to be done on a daily basis... sometimes more than once, the house immediately looks like a tornado hit it. Several times. Allen has been going back and forth between New Mexico, Home and South Texas for a while. When he's not here, It's hard to keep up with everything. lol It's go go go. 
He'll be back in this area for work soon though. Thank GOD. After the 1st of the year. His schedule coming up is really pissing me off though. He was supposed to have off from the 20th- 2nd and NOW... everything's changed. He worked 7 days in New Mexico, then had 5 days off, then had to rush to S. Texas to help them out down there because the people they're training down there are apparently idiots and need months and months of training. O_O
so... He's in S. Texas, till tomorrow night..Then he'll HOPEFULLY BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. They're saying that he may have to go down there for Christmas.. So, now, he's had to miss Hailey and Ethan's birthday... which is TODAY... and he may have to miss Christmas. They want to shut down on the 23rd at noon, so he'd come home the night of the 23rd, be home 24th and have to freaking leave on the 25th to be there in time for them to start on the 26th. Normally I wouldn't be so mad,.. because it's his job. But the thing is, they have enough people down in that area to cover it, they are just screwing around. They have 3 new Sand Pushers that they've hired and they've been training since October. Allen only got like, 2 weeks MAX before he was by himself on a well. I'm just irritated. 

All we can do is pray he gets to keep his schedule how it is now... that leaving Christmas day crap is up in the air... but we're pretty sure thats how it's going to happen.. because why not? =-\

Today is Hailey's 4th birthday and Ethan's 3rd birthday. The years are flying by. It really just seems like a few weeks ago that Allen and I were finally getting married! They're super freaking obsessed with Ghostbusters 2 right now... I've had to watch it every day for the past few weeks at least twice a day. Followed by Rango. ugh

The toys in the bag that Hailey is holding, is a bag of Ghostbuster toys my mom bought off of Ebay. LOL Spoiled. Rotten. 

Go ahead, watch that and try not to laugh. My favorite part is at the end, when he's bending over looking at the car... hahaha

Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's So Close...

First, I can't believe it's freaking November right now. Almost into the second week of November at that! I'm still fat. I lost a lot of my want to. I get so mad at myself because I'll go to get dressed for the day and put on my jeans, and not feel comfortable in them.. and it's ALL my fault. I say that to myself too... "You could already be at your goal weight if you'd stop screwing around." It's really simple when you think about it. A lot harder to actually do it. I'm all about convenience and I HATE washing dishes. That doesn't leave a lot of choices for healthy food. Not to mention, my at home cooking is probably not very healthy 50% of the time. Well... stuff like, chicken fried steak..but it's fried in Coconut Oil. We eat a LOT of baked chicken. Ugh.. I'd be 15 lbs lighter than I am right now if I wasn't lazy. Shame shame. 

So the kids had Halloween last week. They love it. Hailey and Ethan changed their minds about 39 times on what they wanted to be. I wanted Ethan to be the Hulk. For a little while, he really wanted to be Hulk too... Then he saw all of the stupid choices he had. haha He finally settled on Buzz Lightyear. Hailey WAS going to be a princess.. Then she saw the ugliest Jessie costume from Toy Story. Jacob wanted to be a Ghost Buster so bad, but no one had any costumes left by the time we had funds to buy costumes! Go Figure. Next year, I'm getting them super early... like with one of Allen's safety bonuses from work. 
Here is Et as Buzz... This was an OK costume... Could have had a real belt or something.. but he LOVED it. 


Those little bats in the background, were made by my mom and the kids. hhaha Thats our only Halloween deco in the house! Lame right? Gotta start going all out now that the kids REALLY get into it. 
That Jessie costume kills me. 

Ethan was so excited to get into that train. 

He rode with Jacob because the car kinda scared me. But he had SO MUCH FUN. He laughed the whole time. Jacob said "He was laughing so hard." haha Hailey is totally thrilled as you can see...

Oh... this kids not scared of anything.

Look at that face. 
This was our trip to the Pumpkin Patch last week before Allen went to New Mexico. We ended up getting pumpkins a week before Halloween this year, and the stupid things were rotted before Trick Or Treating even happened. Stupid things. Lasted only about 4 days. 

Jacob thought these were a Hoot. 

Hailey didn't really understand what was going on.....

Here is a random picture of Ethan... eating a donuts. He's slightly messy.

This kid taught himself how to ride. His feet barely reach the pedals so I didn't think he'd be actually trying to ride it... I came out side and he was going back and forth back and forth and slowly turning himself in a circle. He needs one of his own I guess! Ugh...

Oh... so Allen was in NM last week. It was the worst week ever. I really miss Allen when he's gone. I have no adult interaction when he's gone really.. unless I freaking go shopping or something. Then I can talk to the cashier about how weird my last name is. O_o 
The kids act 100% different when he's home too. That's not what made this the worst week ever though. Skeeter had gotten into some milk Saturday night. Cats are allergic to milk! Despite what every single cartoon ever showed us as kids, cats actually can't digest milk easily. Some cats can better than others, Skeeter is NOT one of those cats. He was shootin shit everywhere. I am not joking. Literally he would walk, crap would shoot out of his ass, and he'd run away. This was happening everywhere. I had to keep him off the furniture, and out of window sills... and definitely out of the kids' rooms. It was fucking horrible. I never ever want to go through that again. Like, on top of the kids acting like jerks while daddy is gone, I have to tell them 4839 times a day "Watch for skeeter poop!!" Freaking gross. He was pooping out little Skeeter bombs faster than I could clean them up with a Clorox wipe! Leaky assed cat. He's lucky we love him.. I was ready to put him out to pasture. I never took him to the vet... I called, they told me to take away his food for 24 hours, so I did, and bam... problem solved. He only gets about 2 cups a day now. No more gorging himself in food... 
I need someone to do that to me... "Bitch, you're getting too fat, I'm taking your food away for a day.. and I'll only give it to you again when I feel ready." Who wants to be the one to do that? haha
K... There all you guys that were telling me to Blog. haha I blogged! I'll try to keep up with it.. but Allen leaves and I'm busy, he comes home and I don't get online much! 

Hopefully I lose a little more weight this next week! That'd be nice. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lexington, Aquarium... Fun Times.

Ok... here's the rest of the trip pictures. There is also going to be a video at the end of this blog, that you're going to freaking love. I do... Honestly, I don't really care if you do or not. haha.. it's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. 
The Lexington has had some changes to their museum. I don't like them much. I was a giant fan of the old Blue Ghost guys... like, I could have spent all day on that ship looking around.. but now there's a LOT of new stuff... and the rooms are different. It's more like a museum for the whole Navy instead of just the history of that awesome ship. They do have a Pearl Harbor exhibit now that's pretty cool... but a lot of it revolves around the MOVIE Pearl Harbor because apparently they filmed some stuff on that ship.. Not that the movie wasn't good... I'm a fan... but it's like they were more interested in the movie stars being on the Lexington than the actual reason for the movie. Eh... anyways.... 
On to the pictures. 
This is the view of the USS Lexington from the Texas State Aquarium. 

Uh Oh! Allen's in the Brig! hahaha

I think this was in the Pearl Harbor area... I don't remember. I just really really really liked this quote. 

This pic should really have been on the other day's blog. Allen and I plan on getting a new tattoo every year on our anniversary in Port A. We have a tattoo shop we go to called Voodoo Tattoo.. it's on a main street right off the Ferry. The guy that does ours, Nate, is freaking awesome. He did our other tattoos too... the Shark jaws with 10-11-12 inside. He's awesome and affordable and hopefully if we keep going back, he'll keep giving us awesome deals. :) He remembered us from last year! 

Back to the Lexington... These planes are really cool. Everything about them is freakin sweet. 

I really like these. The ones where you can see that motor behind the propeller.

THIS cracked me up... they have a simulator on the Lexington now, where you can fly, or shoot, or do whatever in air planes. and this was on about 5 out of 6 screens. 

Allen was super interested in this plane. It's got bondo all over it and has been sanded. It looks like they're getting ready to paint it. He was rubbing his hand along it feeling the body lines.. I was pretty sure he was going to stop one of the workers and ask what they were going to do with it. He's done a lot of paint and body on vehicles... so... this was interesting to him. 

These planes are just super cool... They don't make em like they used to.

I liked the paint on this one... and then I saw the little missile thing was open.....

Tommy's Toy... Nice. 

Most awesome helicopter ever! From the paint to what it was used for. 

This was on a plane. I have to say... I agree. 

THIS plane is freaking cool... it's all short and looks mean. 

Theres some missiles we need to drop on a few countries... just sayin.

Blue Angels! 

I had to wait for about 5 minutes before I could take this pic. Some stupid people with the Boy Scouts who thought they owned the joint were standing in a big group just talking among themselves and laughing. They finally saw me trying to take a picture and waved and moved over. Idiots. 

THIS is how stuff used to look in the Lexington... authentic and untouched... 

These kids made me lose my mind. I love this room of the Lexington. It's the most awesome room. The grandmother of these little jackholes wasn't paying attention to ANYTHING they were doing. There is a giant sign that says "PLEASE DO NOT touch any knobs or levers in this room. " yet they had their grubby little hands all over everything. Grandma was walking around on her phone not paying attention. I can't freaking stand that kind of "parenting." If you brought your grand kids here to show them a cool ship, get off your phone, walk around and teach them about some history. Don't let them run amok knocking into people (me) and touching shit they're not supposed to. I was enjoying my time without my kids... but I had to put up with other peoples idiot kids. I don't let my kids act like this in places... I wish I could spank other's kids for acting like that. Gah Dang. 

Another of my favorite areas. I had to wait for another little idiot kid to leave this room too. He was standing by the wheel with his hand on it looking at me like "are you going to take a picture or what?" No... No I'm not you little shit because I don't want you to be in it. I do love kids... I do... I just can't stand when parents let their kids be disrespectful and rude in public. Mine are rude and shitty to me in the house... but when we're out in public, they're nice, they listen to directions, and they damn sure don't touch shit they're not supposed to... but maybe it's because I'M PAYING ATTENTION TO THEM. 

this was new too... but it was cool... all those knots. 

Here was part of the Pearl Harbor part... Pictures of Ben Affleck and junk on the walls like he was super important during what happened. No... He wasn't. He was in a movie about what happened. That doesn't mean that he should be in a frame on the Lexington. dang. 

This was new too. 

This was new....

This was new....

THIS was the Lexington Library... But the door was closed, and the lights were off like we weren't allowed to look in there.. Bitches. I gots a flash on my camera thank GOD.. This, in my opinion, is one of the coolest rooms on the Lexington.... Thats all I have for the Lexington... It was super fun... We didn't go to the Haunting On the Blue Ghost though... that shit was expensive. 15$ per person, and it's pretty short. 

I was going to do the Texas State Aquarium today too, but That was a lot of pictures already.. I don't want to over load or make people bored. Plus these kids are about to drive me nucking futs. I've spanked Ethan three times already today and it's only 11:20am. They act like because daddy is gone, mommy has unlimited nerves to get on. No... THAT is not the case I can assure you. I seriously need to find a mommy's day out place here before I lose my shit and drop them off at a Fire Station. Neither of them know our last name and neither of them know our phone numbers or address... it'd be easy.

Just joking... I couldn't do that. Ethan called me his best friend last night. Even though, after I spanked him today he yelled "YOU'RE NOT MY BEST FRIEND ANYMORE MOMMY!!!!!" 
oh well... I'm sure I'll recover... 
Time to feed lunch to the children! Hope ya'll enjoyed my pics. 
More to come later... I honestly didn't plan on making this a 3 day extravaganza. It just happened. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Hips! And Vacation

I didn't gain anything on vacation!!! woohoo!!! Allen and I walked A LOT. We loooove combing the beach super early in the morning, like before the sun comes up... and just before sunset. I think we probably walked a total of 10 miles in 3 days at the beach alone. That doesn't count the walking we did around town. We usually find a place to park and just walk around everywhere. My hips were killing me. 

This post is going to totally be about our vacation.. I have tons and tons of pics.. we had so much fun. We got home around 5pm on Monday.. had to go shopping for groceries for the house and then do dinner... kids went to bed about 915pm (way late for them on a school night) and then Allen had to get up and leave for New Mexico at 3am Tuesday morning. SUCKS! I haaaate when he's in New Mexico. It really freaking blows.
This was right when we got to our room. It looked like it was probably an old person's second home. Chairs from the 20's... couch from the 60's... but a flat screen tv in the living room and the stupid foot board on the bed took me out within an hour of us being there. I STILL have a knot and a gross looking green/brown bruise from that shit. I nailed the corner of the foot board with my right thigh (like right above my knee) and it brought tears to my eyes. Actually I hit it twice... same leg.. the first time just wasn't as bad.. and I thought to myself "I'm going to have to be careful with that shit..." not 2 minutes later I was walking past the bed to put something down in the bathroom and BAM. Bastard bed.
This was more than half way from our Condo to the board walk. It was definitely a freaking hike. But still walking distance. We didn't have a 'view' of the ocean from our room, but we could still hear it. :) 

First look at the ocean! I freaking loooove the beach. This place is a little different than the place we stayed at last year.. The beach at the place we stayed last year (only about 3 miles to the left in this pic) had a LOT more walking distance to the actual ocean. There was a small road and junk you had to cross (beach road) but down here, nope. The ocean was RIGHT there. <3
The first sunrise of the trip! Who wouldn't love seeing this every day? The smell, the sounds, the view.. it's all beautiful and perfect! I could take pictures of crap all day long.. and I basically did.

same sunrise... just better picture. I got some really awesome pics of the sunrise! Next time we'll have to go to the other side of the island to catch the sunset too... that's the one thing we didn't see. lol 

These guys are so cool. I liked this picture because his toes look funny. Do birds have toes? Or are they claws? or something.. whatever, they're funny looking. 

These guys were all over the place. There were some tiny little shrimp looking things being washed up on shore, and they were having a feeding frenzy.... 


My husband barreled through them. haha I bet people were looking at us like "look at those morons." 
whatever. We had a freaking blast. 

Some pretty flowers growing on the sand dunes close to our Boardwalk. 

This one was really pretty too. I had to move it a little to get a better picture, but this flower is one of my favorites! 
This guys feathers were all nuts. I think it was the wind blowing him crazy. 

Second sunrise of the vacation... I think. Look at those clouds! 

It started raining a little on us while we were combing the beach... no biggie. After like a 3 mile walk we decided to head back to the condo so we could get ready for the day! 

see that building on the right over there...? That's where our condo was. I turned around and took a pic at how far away we were when it started raining. haha 

The coolest flower! I saw lots of them on our way to the boardwalk thing. I know it's probably a weed, but it's sure pretty! 
This one too. The stupid camera kept focusing on the wrong thing though. 

THIS is what my hair does at the ocean. ALL WEEKEND I was dealing with this. I almost used a whole can of mousse. It did nothing. The humidity is crazy. haha

jerks. Wish I had that. 

This guy was just chillin while we were waiting on the Ferry. and then when the ferry was leaving, it bumped his little thing he was standing on and he lost his balance and was all shaky looking. It was funny.

I don't know if this was a baby jelly fish or what.. but there were tons of little blue things like this all over the ocean on JUST this day. We didn't see them at all the rest of the time. 

Some kids found a jelly fish and put it in this bucket. Allen was all nosy about it too.. there were some people huddled around a blow up raft, and he's all "WHATS EVERYONE LOOKING AT?!" Like it was our business. lol turns out they had found quite a bit of cool stuff.

This was some of the stuff they found. I don't know what those shrimp things are. They were digging in the sand though. They even found some hermit crabs! And some random fish was swimming in there too. 
I named this guy Brownie. He walked with us for a while on the beach... and when we'd stop to look at something or pick something up, he'd look at us like this...... 
As soon as we'd start walking again, he'd turn and start walking too... 

This sand looks really cool... but holy shit it hurts your feet to walk on! It's all packed down super hard, and is ribbed like you're walking on bumpy concrete almost. ugh
We almost missed this sunrise. We woke up a little later than usual and I had to take a shower. We sure did run almost half a mile so we didn't miss it. haha Just after this, rain clouds rolled in and covered it all up. We got lucky! 

We stopped at Sonic on our way out, and there was one Seagull at first... just layin there. I threw a fry out the window and magically these guys showed up. I was slightly scared that they were going to try to fly into the truck and get my food. I'd have beaten a gull. 

Gross bottle we found washed up. I don't know what those things are that are stuck to it, but we found another bottle that we decided to keep, some kind of liquor bottle for sure, and we tried to pull them off... it's like they're stuck there with cement. They're super gross looking when they're moving around too...

see that spray on my glasses? I hate having to wear glasses to see... because in Port A... anytime you go inside, they obviously have the AC on.. because you know, it's Texas... and it's hot. However,... when you walk back outside after being inside.. and it's all warm and muggy outside.. what happens? Fog. Freaking fog happens. I was super annoyed by that. And the spray from the ocean made my glasses all gross so every freaking 15 minutes or so I was trying to clean them. Which sucked because it's the beach and shit is sandy. Everything was sandy. 



THIS is where we stayed. You can kind of see Allen on the stairs. We had a 1 bedroom condo upstairs with our own private patio. It was perfect for what we needed. About 5 miles out of Port A, but still right on the beach. Perfect. Full kitchen, everything. Loved it. The decor was outdated, but whatever... who gives a crap about the decor when you're at the beach?

Number 234... which was funny to us. LOL because we're children and think it's funny to stay in a Condo with consecutive numbers like that. O_o 

We also went to the Texas State Aquarium and the U.S.S. Lexington.. but I'll post those pics later.. There are a lot and I didn't want to make this blog entry TOO long. 

The kids yesterday were C.R.A.Z.Y. Well... no... HAILEY was crazy yesterday. ALL day long. I think it was because she had been with my mom Thursday night-Monday afternoon... and was all excited to see us, and then Allen turned around and left for New Mexico Tuesday morning before she woke up so she was like.... 'wtf'. Yesterday she wanted to constantly sit in my lap, or have me hold her. But I had a lot to do! I was trying to get all the stuff situated from our vacations and junk around the house... clothes washed and put up.. All day she was crying about something. There was a band-aid melt down like I'd NEVER seen before. 

See... we brought Ethan a pirate's gun from the beach and Hailey was playing with it... Ethan jerked it away from her and it scraped a little bit of her pinkie. It bled just a tiny tiny tiny bit.. Like, I can't even stress to you how stupid small this injury was and how incredibly crazy she acted about it. 
I got a wipe and cleaned the dried blood off,.. It was dried because it was so small it bled for a second before she even noticed it was on her finger... and that's when shit just went down hill... I mentioned that I was going to put a band aid on it to make it feel better... and she flipped shit. She wouldn't let me look at it, she was holding her hand behind her or away from me depending on the way she was standing.. So I sat her in my lap thinking, I'll just calm her down and slip the band aid on... 
Like Hell I was. 
I took her little hand so I could see her pinkie and she SCREAMED at the TOP of her lungs. She was squirming and laying down in my lap, and twisting and screaming and crying.. snot was flying everywhere, tears were all over the place.. I looked over, and ETHAN was holding his hands over his ears almost in TEARS because of how she was acting. I suppose she was scaring him. I was 98% sure that a police officer was going to knock on my door because someone had called 911. I'm so surprised they didn't. "NO!!! NOO!!!! NOOOOO!!!!" that's all she kept screaming. I don't know if all parents have this moment... but I found myself thinking "This is my life right now... this is REALLY happening." 
I just gave up. I didn't know what else to do. It was like she'd grown a phobia of band aids over night. She's never cared about wearing a band aid before yesterday.

Thinking about it today.. I still feel like I was in the twilight zone. 
That's all for now guys.. It is lunch time which means it's also almost nap time! =-D Best Part of the DAY! 
Today Jacob has House of Faith after school so maybe I'll just start drinking now.. I won't have to drive anywhere... hahaha