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Monday, February 20, 2012


I went to Curves this morning... As I've said before, I do NOT like going in the morning. The reason for this is because the people are different. This morning, I went and started working out, and on my second time around the circuit an old lady came in. She was probably about 88 years old. I applaud her for getting out! The wind is blowing like crazy and well, shes super old. Anyways, for the rest of the time that I'm working out, all I could smell was Bengay.. or IcyHot, I'm not 100% sure.
 I worked out HARD today too. My heart rate was 147 the first time around the circuit, so the second time around I kicked it up a notch (Emeril reference) and the next time I checked it, my heart rate was 159. Which is where I like it to be since it means I'm burning more calories and FAT. I talked to my friend Chris today, and he's been researching a lot of stuff about diets and food and stuff, so he's going to email me some tips. He drinks a gallon of water a day!!! I don't even drink one BOTTLE a day usually. I have today though! I've drank a whole bottle so far. Whether that goes up to 2 or 3, we'll see. LOL It's not that I don't LIKE water, it's just, I'd rather be drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper.. or Big Red. haha!
It seems to me, that I'm going to have start making water a large part of my life. 

So. we're still waiting on Allen's income tax. It was accepted February 2nd and it now says we may get it on or before the 28th. Are you serious? Whats the point in doing it as early as possible if it's going to be held up? I filed MY taxes and was accepted around the 8th or 9th, and I've already got the deposit pending in my checking account right now. The IRS is really annoying with this kind of crap. 

Here are some more pics of my family. :) 

this is what ET was doing before I saw him.....

And then....
He charged! 

Here are the three stooges.  When ET sees someone laying down, he HAS to go lay down with them. Also, Hailey was only there to slap Jacob's forehead. 

Yes.... she IS that mean. 

Just got back from Jacob's dentist appointment. His teeth are doing really good. He may have to have one of his fillings redone that we had gotten in Seguin. Go Figure. But other than that, no new developments. She did say hes got some teeth coming up in the back, and his bottom teeth should be falling out soon. Which means we need to save up lol

For supper tonight, I think we're having something with Hamburger meat. I may look up some recipe online to see about low fat or more healthier meals than like, Hamburger Helper. :)