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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm So Over Moving....

Now look, I know I was all excited and crap about moving last blog update.. but now that I'm almost done doing it. It's for the birds. Allen and I have pretty much gotten everything moved over. All the big stuff anyways. I've had a glass lampshade shatter on my hand, which bled like a stuck pig! I didn't even notice I was bleeding till I saw random blood stains on my pants and shirt. Talk about pissed. Just before that, my treadmill decided to fall on top of me too... I also have a giant egg on my forearm.. how that happened?... I'll never know. I'm not sore from the lifting or anything.. but I feel like I've been hit by a truck man! All these bruises, bumps, cuts and junk hurt. lol I'm a big o wimp. I also dropped a stupid ceramic toothbrush holder on the top of my left foot. So thats awesome and bruised too. I can't really even put full weight on it. OH I might mention that ALL of this.. happened to the LEFT side of my body. My left foot, left knee, left hand, left arm... wtf man.

I'm done bitching for now about my owies though. Even though they're painful. So, NOW We have all this room and crap.. oh.. nope. there are boxes everywhere. I'm taking the day off though. This shit can kiss my ass. I'm tired. We started this on Saturday afternoon.. Cleaned ALL DAY LONG on Sunday since the previous renter was a nasty ass piece of shit who has no respect for others property. This is what we found just UNDER and behind the stove... 
can we say FIRE HAZARD?! 
fucking idiots man. 

End rant... 

Plus side... I haven't gained any weight. haha I'm down another pound thanks to this damn house work. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bigger and Better Things!!! Finally!

I've been MIA for a while... I know, I'm sorry. We've been busy as hell and there are some changes coming our way! 
(I'll get to the weight loss in a second. YES... WEIGHT LOSS.)

We've been in this 3 bedroom 1 1/2 since February of 2011. There are 5 people in my house. One bath tub is not cool. Especially when it's GROSS. Our landlord has let the bathroom *and plumbing* go for lord knows how long. It's probably the same tub that was put into the house in the 70's when this bitch was built. Gross. Would you like to see a pic of the new tub? 
I'll never be able to get the babies out of this! What the pic doesn't show, are the stone steps leading up to the bathtub. And the giant step in shower over off to the side. 
Our master bedroom is the size of my living room now. HUGE. 
Look... here is our soon to be dining room
Soooooo pretty. This is not my crap. These pics are from Craigs List... haha My stuff will look better! haha Off the dining room is Hailey's room and Ethan's room maybe... Haven't decided yet. 
The future living quarters. Off to the right in this pic, is the giant master bedroom and probably Jacob's room...
THIS is the outside of the house. NOT my car. I can't do small with 3 sometimes 4 tornadoes in my vehicle. 
I'm so happy we're going to be in something that's going to actually FIT our family, and we can afford it! THANK GOD. 
My bedroom is going to be so big that I'm going to be able to have my treadmill in there!!! AND it wont even be loud enough to wake up the babies at nap time because they'll be ALL THE WAY across the house!!!
The only bad thing,.. that is a lie, One of the TWO drawbacks... Our soon to be neighbors to the right thought it'd be cool to take down the privacy fence... I'm assuming because it was old.. or something, but they haven't put up a new one yet. But, that got us some $$ knocked off of rent. woot woot! The other drawback, is a big one, and I get really freaked out thinking about it so I'll touch on it, and leave it alone. 
The school in that area, has 4 out of 10 stars. They ranked WAY UNDER state average on testing with Math and Reading. SO, for now, I'll be driving Jacob across town to school. I REFUSE to let him go to that school. It's a DAMN shame too, because it's super close to the house. I don't care though. My kids education is super important to me. I really get just a horrible horrible feeling about letting the kids go there. We have 3 years to get our shit in order and BUY our own house, so I can keep Jacob OUT of Lee Jr. High. The tests scores there are hideous. Shit, we've actually thought about putting the kids in an Academy here. Tuition free. Then I wouldn't have to worry about what school zone I'm in. DONE. 
That school situation really makes me feel shitty. haha

OH and another awesome thing about this house situation... They're pretty much knocking off the deposit because Allen is going to help put in 2 new windows and we're going to help paint. WHAAAAAAT!?  Praise JESUS. 

Here is how it went down. I was scrolling through Craigslist, found this house, LOVED it, emailed him, set up a time today to see the house, saw the house with the guys wife... and 2 hours later, he called us saying that his wife REALLY liked us, and she didn't want him to rent to anyone else. It's just because we're awesome. :-D 
OK... weight loss time guys. This is what you came to read right? haha.

So. I weighed myself this morning. 141.2 was the lucky number today! I've been going to curves again.. I went 3 times last week. I've yet to go this week..but we've been busy. For the next 3 days Allen gets off WAY super late, so I may not be able to go. Unless, my lovely awesome mother who hopefully is READING MY BLOG will come watch them Thursday or Friday. ;-) 

Oh... Lea Anne took Allen to the Gym Saturday.. poor guy. hahaha
He threw up when he got home. And is still sore. :D Hes super excited about next time though. I told him he didn't know what he was getting into. Lea Anne doesn't play. LOL well... really going to the gym is probably like her play ground. She was telling me about some squats she does... on top of a damn ball... holding a bar. Sounds like a broken neck to me. 

Hopefully it wont be so long between posts... I'm not going to promise anything though. Especially when WE'LL BE MOVING THIS WEEKEND! woot woot!!! 

Isn't she a damn doll?! She'll have her own PRINCESS ROOM soon! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New plans!

Good news! I worked out yesterday. Hard. I thought about pussing out and not using my little key chain thing, but I figured... wtf. I've been lazy and fat for a month or longer! Why start slow? No biggie though, I'm good. 
I have found that I'll need to do my back exercises before I go from now on, or maybe stretch a little better after I'm done. My back is sore this morning. ....
hmmm... Now that I think about it though, I did wear my moms "Similar to" As Seen On TV, Low Frequency Therapeutic Equipment. lol It's a knock off of the As Seen On Tv version of the Tens Machine. It isn't very powerful but it's better than nothing when I have a week between appointments. 
I forgot to mention, my chiropractor says I have Mild Degeneration of my T-3,4 and 5 vertebrae. The disk between my T3 and T4 is a LOT smaller than all of my other disks. I also have some awesome nerve damage in my back from a nerve being pinched for quite some time... uuugh! 
I'm only 27 damn it! lol Oh well.. tell that to Allen, who JUST passed his first kidney stone. I've never seen a man in so much pain. At least when I was having a baby, I had a epidural. lol poor guy. 
So.. I feel great about working out yesterday, I feel like I might be over my attack of the lazies. I'm even thinking about cleaning the garage as much as I can during the kid's nap today. I've also decided, that once Jacob goes to Austin to stay the summer with "his other dad" I'm going to walk the KOA most mornings with the kids in their double stroller. Walking the KOA with a stroller is tricky enough... a double stroller is double tricky. lol Its adding at least 55lbs to the walk up and down steep ass hills. Hopefully I don't let go of the stroller... they'd roll down a hill into the lake. 
*joking... the stroller would probably stop before the water.*

Oh more good news, I weighed and measured yesterday, and I've LOST weight (and muscle :( ) since last month. the weight I'm happy about... the fact that it's probably just muscle I'm losing considering my fat is the same, sucks. Time to start lifting again too! 

OH Lea Anne will be working out with Allen at the gym Saturday afternoon.... that should be interesting! :-D I hope she kicks his ass. haha 
He also grew an Amish beard in my hiatus. It's gone now though. O_o I liked it. lol

The title of the blog is new plans... and I didn't really cover anything.. my bad... My new plans are to 1. start working out again. 2. do my back exercises MORE 3. walk the KOA with kids. 


Friday, June 7, 2013

Gone Too Long...

It's been a very long time since my last word vomit session. A lot has happened and is going on still. Some of it is pretty damn awesome and exciting... :-D 

OK, so lets address the elephant in the room. I haven't been to Curves in a month. The last time I went, I got weighed and measured (gained a little). Here we are June 7th... I need to be weighed and measured again. Haven't done diddley squat since last month. As a matter of fact, I did everything I used to do before I lost weight to begin with. Eating horribly, or not eating all day long till supper time and then eating too much... I don't know what happened, or what clicked, but, I'm back. No more being a Lazy Lucy. I keep making the excuse that 'oh... my body just wants to rest for a while' well... a week would have been acceptable. Not 2 months. THAT is stupid. 

Here is something else stupid. I haven't started training for my Run Or Dye 5k yet. It's August 17th. I bought the tickets a good while back. What's going on here my friends is procrastination at it's finest. There is another "reason" for it though. Well... here are my excuses. 
First, my treadmill took a crap. The motor has done all it wants to do and now, I either have to sprint at lightening speeds, or walk super flippin slow. Neither of those choices fit into my routine. SO, My mom gave me her old treadmill. Awesome! It's even got incline and stuff, so I can use that too! .... Here is the second "Reason" I haven't started running...
My husband got Kidney stones on Mother's Day and has been either at work, or in pain since. Lies, there have been pain free days, but those are days we have to clean the house, or mow the lawn, or he's got side work in the garage that he's doing, or something else comes up. Anyways, I need him because I can't lift some of his crap in our garage to get the old treadmill out of the way to bring in the new old treadmill. He's a mechanic on the side, so his junk, is not light. I'm talking about motors and shit. 
Quick recap... 
Treadmill died!!! boooooooo....
Got a new old treadmill with incline! YAY!!! 
Husband sick can't move new old treadmill yet. boooooo!!!

I'm waiting for the next yay. He's got 4 days off coming up soon, and I know he's already got some side work scheduled but maybe he can squeeze that one small activity in. Too bad he doesn't read my blog. lol 

I'll start running soon. I'll only have to run in the garage for a little while too.. Jacob will go spend the summer with his "other dad" (his words) June 17th and while he's gone I'm moving my treadmill into his room so I don't have to run in 119* weather AND I can just put up the baby gate and let the kids play in their room while I run! No more being secluded to nap time. When really all I want to do for that hour is sit by myself quietly and do absolutely nothing. Just sit. In silence. 
Anyways, We dropped Allen's work insurance and got our own for 200$ less per month and all the deductibles are lower by about $1000 or more! Getting approved for it was a pain in my ass though. 

OH so Here is some more way exciting news. I've been going to a chiropractor for the past...few weeks at least. The numbness is GONE! I don't know if I had ever mentioned it on that I think about it., but my mid back was killing me for a while. Around my right shoulder blade/spine area would burn like it was on fire and then go numb...for days. I've been getting adjustments 3 times a week for the past 3 weeks, and now I'm doing 2 times a week for 4 weeks. It feels amazing. I go in, Dr. Smith adjusts me, and then he sends me back for muscle stimulation :D THAT is my favorite part. For what seems like 20 minutes or so, I get to lay on my face, hooked up to a tens unit. At first, my muscle would hardly respond to the shocks, but now... oh man it gets sore. Dr. Smith even recommended me to get a massage to help with the muscle tightness. He also said he could write me a note to get out of doing dishes. Because it starts hurting bad when I'm doing them. :) I like his thinking. I wonder if it'd work for folding laundry too....

Well.. I'll be going to Curves today I hope... depending on what time Allen gets off work today, and I'll try to keep updating my blog again! I'm back on track guys!
*found some really good strawberry jalapeno jelly to add to my toast!*