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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Focus!!! Focus!...Wait... what?

I'll be going to Curves later this afternoon.. I've gotten to the point to where I'm not sore at all anymore. As soon as we get some extra money, I'll buy one of those cards I can put into the machine that tells it how weak I am.. and how... not in shape I am.

There are two machines there I have a love hate relationship with.. Well... there are probably MORE than two.. but these are the ones at the top of my list. There is the one that helps you do squats, with the little field goal thing that comes down on top of your shoulders, and you a squat.. lol and the "booty maker" as the trainer calls it. Where you lean up on the chest piece and push back with one of your legs... I love those machines because I really feel like I get a good workout in those specific areas.. Maybe someday I'll have an ass to hold up my jeans! :D
I have to stay focused!!!! If I keep trying to lose this stupid weight.. it'll happen! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Drop it like it's hot!

***Comments are welcome BTW... thats the whole point! LOL ***

So, I went to Curves AGAIN today.. I believe today will be day 4 of my work outs. I'm proud of myself for continuing to go, now I just have to REALLY focus on my diet. I know I'm losing a little bit though, because my workout clothes fit differently already. While I was working out today, I was jogging in place, and my pants kept falling! SCORE! I feel like I want to live on a scale too... Like, I want to know how much I weigh every single morning, and then every night. lol I'm OBSESSED!

They have a cork board up along one of the walls with a lot of different business cards n junk, I'm going to take some of Allen's mechanic business cards tomorrow. I put his ad on Craigs List again the other day, and hes gotten some REALLY good jobs lately! Hes going to do a head job (haha!) to a BMW, hes Painting some army persons vehicle, and doing a lot of work for them before they sell it, plus hes going to replace some lady's fog light, and do a tune up on a truck! Hopefully he does really well at his interview this week and we won't have to depend on side work!

I wanna lose this weight!!!! 

ALSO!!! My friend Katie goes in for surgery tomorrow.. Open Heart Surgery!!! They told her that in comparison to her C-section,.. this won't hurt as bad! I'm glad for that... I'm also glad that her dr. is said to be super fast and super good.. She traveled 9 friggen hours so he better be the best ever! Not to mention, hes kinda working on her heart.. here is her blog :::

I think I'm doing it wrong...

Dear Portion Control,

I'm not sure if you're aware of this issue or not, but the fact of the matter is, YOU'RE KILLING ME.

I'm so hungry. I know I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing.. I'm not trying REALLY hard to lose this weight.. and I should be, because this is going to take a lot of work. Hard work.

The main thing that kills me is I feel like I have to eat what everyone else is eating. What everyone else is eating is NOT food that I should be eating thats for sure. I didn't want it to come to this yet, but I think the time of limiting what I eat and not just how much I eat, has come. I knew it was coming, I guess the sooner I wrap my head around the fact that I can't eat junk anymore the sooner I'll start losing serious weight. The junk food just looks soooooo good though...

Thats my big problem.. stupid cookies, cakes, sweet breads, muffins, rolls... BREADS.. thats what I need to cut out I think... I eat lots of breads... rice.. noodles... and crap like that. This might be a lot harder than I originally thought. 

We got some AWESOME news a second ago... Allen has an interview this week with an Oil Field company, here in Angelo... It's a field supervisor position and will bring us the PERFECT amt of money a month so I can continue to be a stay at home mommy and even keep my Curves Membership!!!! SCORE!!! everyone who reads this, please be praying that he gets this job! 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Open Heart Surgery...

Tuesday is a big day for a friend i've known since my Freshman year of high school. Shes going to Houston today and will have open heart surgery on Tuesday for her Hypertropic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy issue. Shes only 25 and going to have open heart surgery. :-\ I'm super freaked out about it, so I can only imagine how she feels about the situation!

Shes got two very pretty little girls PJ and Sophie and a hubby, so she needs tons of prayers from anyone and everyone that she pulls through everything just fine. I'm sure she will.. Shes not one to give up very easily. Shes got her own blog here.. I'm sure she'll be updating it a lot here pretty soon.. considering she'll be in the Hospital in Houston for a whole dang week.. She lives in Lubbock!! Thats a long way from home! From what I've been told though, shes going with a boatload of people :)

NOW.. about Curves... I've decided that after my 3 month free trial, I'm going to use some of my income tax to pay for a year membership. Well... provided I have any left. There are big plans for 90% of the money we're getting back this year. Kids need new clothes, Rent needs paying, cars need buying, insurance needs paying up, we're also going down to basic phones and throwing out the damn "Data plans" Sprint is giving us. The cheapest plan Sprint has for family share is like 700 minutes and its still like 129$ or something. Eff that. I think we're going to do Boost Mobile again or something if we get rid of Sprint.

I think a new..ish fridge is in order as well.. Ours has been taking huge leaks all over the kitchen floor... As a matter of fact, I've almost busted my ass hard once because of that stupid ass thing. Thats close to the bottom of the list of crap needed though.

Someday, we'll be able to actually use our income tax money for what its meant for... a Disney World vaycay for us and the kids. LOL or a disney cruise... Something damn fun!!
Maybeeeee we'll have an AWESOME wedding next year with our income tax.. you know, provided the whole world doesnt end with this 2012 hulabaloo. 

Although, the FEMA camps and stuff like that is really scary! 
Oh, what? You don't know about those things? Lookie here.....

Oh, and remember!!! Use your blinkers when you're driving! :D 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Totally My Bad...

So, I was going to go to Curves today.. but it didn't happen. Not because I lazed out or just didn't feel like going,  but because I found out at like 4pm that they close on Saturdays at 1pm. whoops. They've even got the sign and everything right there on the door as you enter. That's my bad. O_o I feel bad though, I'm excited to go Monday.

So.. Interesting story about what happened yesterday....

My mom came over yesterday to see the babies, and shes sitting in our living room then her head starts itching all crazy.. So she gets up to leave, says that her head feels like it's on fire.. we joke about her having lice, and she walks home (yeah... I live a stone throw away from my mom.... we have awesome fights.) By the time she got home, she said her lips, eyes, ...basically her FACE was swollen and she couldn't breathe. Weird.. ? right? She calls the pharmacist, because she's just been given some new meds to try out for water weight and old people joint issues... and he tells her to take a benadryl and if it gets worse to go to the ER.. She takes it upon herself to go to work anyways.. ayee... not long after that though, I get a text saying that shes going to go home because she cant stop coughing.

Shes fine today.. apparently shes allergic to some lip plumper she bought and used for the first time yesterday. Its called Lip Booster Plumping Serum...
That's what it looks like... She gave it to me.. her blood daughter, for me to 'try out at my own risk' LOL.. I'm sure there is little to no risk of be being allergic to it too, but I'm still skeerd!!!! 

On a side note, I watched my 13 month old run into the corner of a wall today and giggled about it. He was running after his sister, turned to look back.. and smack! One should know, not to run and not be facing the same way you're running.. I guess that lesson comes in time. LOL

I went! Diet sucks balls though....

I went to Curves again yesterday, and I feel really good. I have more energy at the end of the day, and It makes me excited to go the next day... But this diet is some bull shit. That might be the lack of sugar and grease talking. LOL Mind you, I'm not cutting anything out yet... I'm just working on my portion control, So I'm still eating what I want, just not NEAR as much. Training my stomach that it's ok to not be stretched out completely is horrible. I feel like I'm starting to feel full faster though..

Yesterday I had a totino's pizza for lunch... but I had only half... I could usually, polish one of those off by myself. I don't even think I finished all of the half I put on my plate. (Surprise to me.) Not to mention.. I was full! woot! woot! 
Cheese is the only Totino's to eat... lol 

Tonight we're eating some beans that I make. They're so good. They're Pinto beans, and I cook them all day,.. throw in some garlic salt/powder, onions, tomato sauce and hamburger meat and MMM... super good on a cool day! and 1 LB of beans always leaves us like a day or so of leftovers! 

OK so aside from the whole diet crap, I'm ready for my damn income tax to come in man! Holla holla!!! lol We have so many bills to catch up on and things to buy that we desperately need. We've been contemplating for a few weeks now as to what to do about the Jeep.. 
              Drive Time has really fucked us on it. It's a 2002, Sport Edition Liberty.. NO bells or whistles, and we owe over 12k on it. After all the loan shark fees are paid (all the interest) We will have paid an upwards of 21k! With income tax we're thinking about going out, finding an older ford explorer, escape, or other SUV for me and something for allen, and just call Drive Dime and tell them to come get their over-priced bottom of the line already breaking down pos back..  OH yea, we have the warranty on the vehicle, so the "already breaking down" part wouldn't be an issue, usually... but Drive Time insists that you go to ONLY DT approved mechanic shops.. Guess where the closest one is..... South San Antonio. KISS MY ASS. Talking about that pisses me off. Worst decision of my LIFE!

Tip of the day: If you're going to drive, please drive at LEAST the speed limit, and use your damn blinkers! Thanks! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Bump in the Road

I didn't go to Curves today... I got some really stressful news and didn't feel up to going.
However, I did stick to my diet... well my portion control anyways. I've been watching calories and fat grams and crap too. Today I ate probably, half of the calories I usually eat just by being aware of whats going on my plate.
I need some better recipes for dinner. Stuff with Chicken Breast and we totally need to eat more fish. Stupid crap like chicken fried steaks, mashed potatoes, gravy just isn't going to help me much at all. 

I'll be going to Curves tomorrow.. I wish I had P90X to do while I was at home during the day... I'd totally lose tons then. 

Curves Day 2.. and other crap

Yesterday was day 2 of Curves! I didn't want to go, but Allen said "Just go.." I'm super proud of myself for going too... I feel like, everything was against me yesterday. It was raining, chilly, Ethan was being fussy, my legs were sore as shit, the couch was sucking me into it's deep food covered cushions. I mean,. I didn't want to go. Period. BUT. I went. And I'm glad I did.
I saw this poster in the area I was working out in yesterday... I giggled to myself because its SO DAMN TRUE.. Yet, there I was, jogging in place, working out and junk. I'm glad I went! 
Now, the diet is what I need to really work on. I'm doing pretty good.. trying to limit my sodas, (which weren't super predominant in my diet to begin with) and portion control. THAT is whats effing me in the A right there. Portion control ruins my life. 

Case and point... When I came home from the gym yesterday, I had to make supper for the family. Cool.. no big deal at all.. right? ok so what do I make? OH I know what goes good with people trying to lose weight! Chicken fried steak w/gravy,  mac n cheese and corn.. (we add butter and sugar to our corn.)
Now, normally, I'd pile my plate full of food like that! That's good stuff!! However, I tried not to this time. I think I did a fairly good job. I might have eaten 3/4ths of the steak and I'm pretty sure just one serving size of the corn and Mac n Cheese. I got FULL and not STUFFED which is how I usually leave the dinner table. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 1 of Curves..

Ok, So I entered a contest that a radio station I listen to here had going on, (106.1 The Mix) for a free 3 months of Curves. The reason I put that I wanted to win was short, sweet and to the point. lol "I was recently pregnant for 18 months. Hailey was born 12/17/09, Ethan was born 12/17/10. I need HELP!" ..... I didn't honestly think I was going to win. I never, EVER, win anything. I forgot about it completely to be honest.
I was at Ethan's 1 year checkup, waiting to be called into a room, so I was trolling my Facebook feed... and BAM.. Theres my name under 106.1's Facebook post! Stephanie Gonzales, Congrats! I was really excited and surprised!  I won?! Seriously!? SCORE!

So, I called Curves that day, and set up an appointment to come in and actually sign up and get started! Yesterday was my first time using the machines....

I'm pleasantly surprised to say, that I'm not as sore as I figured that I would be. I am sore, but I'm not crazy sore like I figured. Which makes me excited to go back today. I'm trying super hard to focus on my portion control, because thats a BIG problem with me. I love my food. Lies... I have a love/hate relationship with food. lol. Stupid Food.

I'm trying to get Brooke to go with me. Shes pretty much one of the only real best friends I have. We've known each other for, probably, the better part of 19 years... She wants to lose weight, I want to lose weight, and we BOTH need an accountabili-buddy. It makes everything easier. lol.

Now... Just for the sake of keeping track of everything.. I'm going to post some shit on here that makes me want to barf... My weight. I'm the heaviest I've been ever in my whole life. I've gained about 70 pounds since 2004... Lets do the math.. That is like saying that I've gained 8.75 lbs a year for the past 8 years. Not much right? It really is. It adds up SUPER fast and is SO DAMN hard to get rid of... ok so my weight starting Curves was 192lbs.. :( I have 3 months free... so Hopefully, I can lose 20 of these disgusting belly flappin pounds and maybe a good 20 inches over all!!! 
I have serious high hopes.
I'll post a blog after every day I go, just to keep track with how I'm doing and the progress I'm making and the problems I'm having. Oh.. There WILL be problems. LOL

Monday, January 23, 2012

My first... again...

Now, I've tried to do the blogging thing before at a different site.. and I considered transferring them from there to here.. but that would just be too much work.

I'm starting over... again... like much of my life has been.

I'm going to take this time to introduce myself.. I'm Stephanie. I'm 26 and have a fear of turning 30. I'm not happy with where I am in life at the moment but at the same time, I feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be. See, I love my fiancee and our 3 kids more than anything in the whole world and I wouldn't change anything in the world about them...

However, We're a little on the broke side of life right now, and jobs that are worth anything are VERY elusive. Allen's applied for about 4 different positions with the State of Texas DOT, with 3 different denial letters so far. Along with several different jobs hes gone on interviews for and had no call back. I have been doing the same thing everyone else in the country is doing I suppose... Going on interview after interview, feeling great afterwards, and getting a call saying they've gone in another direction. thanks for that.
Thats what it seems anyways...

We're actively playing the Texas Lotto, I'm hoping someday to hit it big... make some paper.. lol, I plan on opening the coolest charity helping families and children in need, not with just food or clothing, I'm talking, birthdays for kids, paying utilities, car payments, car insurance, all that crap.

Welcome to one of the first of many blogs... This isn't a blog about happiness and  flowers and shit.. Its mostly going to be a blog for me to sit and write. I need somewhere to vent and bitch and I do that best when in front of a keyboard. So, to all of you lucktards who get to read these... I'm sorry and you're walcooome :)