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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Staying On Track... For Real This Time.

I've been slacking off a lot. I feel like I'm letting myself down. This means, I'm going to start being SUPER serious on my diet. I've got a food tracker on my phone, I've signed up at, where I can count my calories, fat, sodium, protein, carbs, water intake and exercise throughout the day., I've switched my soda from ...regular, to diet.. I'm still eating stuff I want to eat, as long as I can find the nutrition facts on it, and it fits in my "calorie budget". I've also posted a new widget from my livestrong account. Over to the right I do believe, should be how much weight I've lost. (it's starting from today I do believe since well, I put in today's weight.)
Where is my easy button??

OH so, I was talking about Hailey sucking her thumb in the previous blog post... well here is the pic I said I would put up.. I honestly have no clue what to do. I could try vinegar I suppose.. since I need something that will taste bad, but not burn it...
See, its horrible looking! Its red because I guess the nail is coming up from the bed and out of the cuticle. It looks like I'm squeezing her thumb because its purple.. I'm not, I was lightly holding it, but trying to turn it to get a better picture. Its gotten bad in like 2 days. I noticed it was a little red the other day, but didn't think anything of it.. NOW it looks so sore and bad. I feel bad for not doing something about it then. 

I AM going to Curves again later this afternoon. Allen didn't have to be at the yard till 10, and he gets to leave at 3 or 4, but he'll still get that 12 hours of pay. Gotta LOVE salary. I LOVE it compared to him getting paid FLAG hours.. I guess its a good way for a dealership or shop to get away with saving money on employees though. ONLY pay them when they're working on a vehicle. I tell you what man, if CONGRESS or the IRS or any gov't agency for that matter, was paid by FLAG hours, they'd be GETTING SHIT DONE and not sitting around talking about it. 

I'll update again later on my Curves experience later this afternoon, as well as anything else that may happen. :)