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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I keep getting distracted!

I kept meaning to update this blog and then things would happen and I would get distracted, only to come back needing to change EVERYTHING to add IN what had just went down. SO. Here we are. Starting again. lol

So, TODAY I went and worked out again. I was going to buy the key chain thingy Curves Smart, so, she gave me the key chain and showed me how to plug in everywhere... OH and btw, I burned 241 calories doing the circuit once hardcore. I'm sore all over again! I think the Curves Smart thing is going to kick my ass..
Thats the screen you see at the end of your workout, and it'll have little pin points on where you're body got an awesome workout, and where you need to kick it up a notch. *Another Emeril Reference* The love handle machine that I HATE says that I suck, basically. After a few workouts, Leann said that the person on the screen will get smaller too. haha thats AWESOME. I can't wait to see that.

OUR INCOME TAX MONEY FINALLY CAME IN TODAY! We got a lot of shit taken care of too! Bills caught up, Allen got a new (used) truck. (THAT story, is a blog within itself. I'll get to it tomorrow.) Got a Kindle Fire, and some clothes and junk for the kids. ALSO, got Hailey her toddler bed. 
hahahah does that picture really surprise you? I'll try to get that done asap :) Once done, a pic will be up lol.

I'm playing Farkle with Allen on his new Kindle Fire. He LOVES it. I'm glad that he'll have something to do in his truck other then just sit there. He can download movies or books and not be bored out of his mind. lol There is just no way hes going to start buying shit up with that Amazon business. lol He wants to start reading the Alex Cross books from the beginning... so tomorrow hes going to download Along Came A Spider and start! Books are SO CHEAP! well... Technically, you're only buying the license to read the book. You're not actually BUYING THE BOOK. Did you know that? Yep, it's in their user agreement. So, if anything happened with the movie, or ... just for whatever reason they wanted, they can UNdownload the book from whatever device you have. Read it! ITunes is the same. Cross my heart!