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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Austin TX

Jacob is in ATX till July 27th. Hes been there since the 10th of June. Stupid custody orders say hes gotta go so I suppose I have to let him. Although I'm 100% sure I miss him WAY more than he misses any of us.. Monday I have to go take some 'for kid's sake' class for the divorce to get finalized. Its only been 3 and a half years coming. Ugh.

My friend Rachel made that awesome picture for me. Whoever watches Impractical Jokers knows that reference.

This was APRIL!! Ill post a newer pic of me ...whenever. I'll try tomorrow- but I'm not making promises. I had a mini breakdown... lol that's all I can think to call it. All of our bills are paid, and July rent is paid already. But for some reason, I was freaking out. I still don't have stupid AC in the Jeep so the kids and I are home. ALL DAY. We have NO shade in the yard or id let them play outside but at 103* outside its too hot to do anything without shade. We also need to finish paying off Allen's tires before they charge all kinds of interest. O_o

well lookie there folks… its 7. That means its tome for the babies to take a bath and get the bowel to Bsd. LOL ...Oh I did Wii active today, kicked my ass. Like my legs were wobbly as shit when I was done... I loved it. <3 I love being sore from working out. It hurts like hell but feels goooooooooood. :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekends are the worst...

Maybe not for much longer though. I play my Wii Fit a lot because it also keeps the kids entertained. Lea Anne is letting me borrow a Wii Active game with the thigh strap for the remote and the band thingy. I'm definitely trying it out tomorrow.

I really REALLY hate blogging on my kindle. If only they HAD AN APP FOR KINDLE!!!! Stupid Blogger...

I burned 500 calories today! I wasn't even on an "alternate workout" day. On an average, I'd guess that I burn between 400-450+ calories a workout... ive only hit 500 one other time. I didn't eat very good today though. Well WHAT I ate was good... I just didn't eat MUCH today. That gets me in trouble. Lol "That's all I have to say about that." -Best movie ever....

I did this whole stupid blog in HTML. Ugh.... Anyways, the kids really miss their daddy. At subway today Hailey said she missed her daddy then asked ET if he missed him too. Lol killed me.
The reason hes gone is that the job he got in the oil field, is now sending him to NM for a week at a time to get their wells up and going. Apparently he got hired on at the perfect time..because the company is expanding like crazy. Everyones really impressed with him. His boss's boss sends him text messages telling him how good hes doing and crap. I'm just glad hes found a place that hes happy with and gives recognitions for hard work.
ok going to bed!!! I'll blog tomorrow maybe about where Jacob is and will be till the day before he turns 7!!!

I miss it

I really miss blogging. I have done really good on my diet so far. I'm down 26lbs. And like 20.5 inches. My weight is at 166 now. I've met a lot of really inspiring people over the last few months too. LeaAnne- a coach at Curves, is just the bomb diggity. She finished a half Ironman, she rides her bike like 60+ miles a day, goes to the gym and busts ass. She is someone I definitely look up to when it comes to weight loss and advice on foods and fitness. "Water is the key" she says... and its the truth!!! When I weighed in a few months ago I set a goal with her to drink 64oz of water a day. The first month I started doin that- bam! 10lbs gone! It felt AWESOME to watch the scale go fro. 187 to 177 fa sho! I have given up on diet soda. They're the devil. Ive pretty much replaced all soda with water. I did slack off last month...which is why I think I only lost 5 lbs. Its on though..I'm back on track now dang it. I also got an awesome cruiser bike. Yes... it gets ridden. We even got a trailer for allen to carry them in on the back of his bike!