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Sunday, July 29, 2012


I'm not gunna lie, I love me some Chick-Fil-A. Now a days not so much with the dieting and junk, but still, Monday through Saturday, if I were to eat out, I'd pick them. Unless I had to eat something cheap.. then its Subway. Which is usually the case.
Anyways, the recent issues with the creator.... owner guy Mr. Cathy, have annoyed me beyond belief. Yes, I do disagree with him, I believe love is love, whether it's between a man and a woman, a woman and woman, or a man and man... It doesnt matter if you love them.

I'm just sayin... I'm going to be MIGHTY pissed off if all this crap gets either of the two in my town, shut down. There is only ONE that is a drive through! (It does have two drive through windows, but still.) and the other is in the "Food Court" of our stupid and stinky mall! I'm dead serious when I say, that I'll be very angry. lol
idiots. LOL

There is also the point that I don't think boycotting a family owned business is going to "teach him a thing or two." Its going to hurt our already crumbling economy, with stores already being shut down in areas, and being refused building permits in others. Thats a lot of jobs you freaking idiots. The jobs to build the joint, the jobs to create the staff to run it... I bet you're all the same people that voted for Obama. Just some morons going with the newest fad.

Get over it.. Its food.. and its SUPER good food. No, he doesnt believe in gay marriage.. but if you found out the CEO of Bank of America thought the same, would you pull all your money from them?? What about Walmart? I know not one person would boycott a damn walmart because of this. Get over yourselvs... Everyone has an opinion, and a right to it... and I guess you could argue the fact that boycotting them is your opinion to his opinion or something, but its stupid. :)

End Rant.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

32 Pounds and counting!

As of 7/20/2012 I am down to 160 lbs. Thats an overall weight loss of 32 lbs!  I've lost 28...almost 29 inches but I feel like im about to hit a wall.
 I put on some shorts today that are usually lose on me but they were kind of tight this morning. It's time to focus. I know I've been slacking off. Last night I ate more than usual, I could tell, I was stuffed. What makes it worse is that it was Spaghetti! I did only eat one slice of wheat garlic toast but I know I over did it with the spaghetti. :( That and I've been doing a shitty job of keeping up with drinking my water. I think I'm getting lazy because I know how hard its about to really get.
Thats what I feel like... ugh
I'm about to be super busy with Jacob going back to school, homework, Curves, my regular daily workout I do here at home, Hailey and ET being up my butt constantly, I need to find a better double stroller. One I can jog with. That way, I can drop Jacob off at school and then pop the babies in the stroller and jog around the block or something.

I'm discouraged already! I don't know whats going on with me or my motivation. I'm lacking it bad. :(
Thats what I have to remember. I've lost 32 Pounds!!! I know I can do it. I've been doing it for the past 7 months. I just have to KEEP doing it. My friend LeaAnne (also my Curves coach, but more like a friend now) has invited me to run a 5K in about 7 weeks. I really dont know if I have what it takes. So far, up to this point, my weight loss has been at my pace. I didn't really have a "goal" when I started, I just knew I wanted to be smaller. I'm scared of setting a goal and not being ABLE to finish it. 3.something miles is scary for someone who hasn't run long distance in like 10 years. and THATS NOT EVEN LONG!

For shits n gigs I ran to my moms house the other day to get the babies, and I want to make this clear, my mom literally lives AROUND the corner. I'm talking like, 4 houses maybe 5... and yeah, I was about to die when I got there. Talk about pathetic.

This whole blog feels like I'm trying to convince myself that I can keep up the good work. I'm more than halfway to where I want to be and I'm unhappy.. wtf... Maybe it's the hormone therapy I'm on.. Thats another blog for another time. =-\ Also, I'll be putting up pics and blogging about our family vacay to Mustang Island (Port A.) and Jacob's birthday is today. My biggest kiddo is 7 years told today. I can't freaking believe it.

Holy CRAP time is flying by.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

eh. just junk.

Allen will be gone for a whole week. I sure hope they change his schedule back the way it was woo. Lol Hailey and ET act like little hooligans when hes gone. Tiny Dictators walking around...ugh. I do kinda like when Allen's gone because I tend to do better with working out and diets when hes gone. When hes home, its easier to just sit and watch Tv or play with the kids instead of working out. Lol. With him gone I can play the wii active game without listening to him whine. :).
This is super hard for me to do on this kindle. I have to use HTML for crap and just pushing enter doesn't make a new paragraph. Ugh. I cant wait to get to Curves tomorrow. I wanna lose a little more weight in the next 8 days lol. We'll be headed to Port Aransas July 10th! And coming home July 12th. I'm super excited. Hopefully the kids don't stress me out even more while were there. Its totally possible. Id blog a lot more but its driving me crazy. I NEEDS A LAPTOP!!