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Friday, February 10, 2012

Not my usual post.. Sorta weird.

OK... now, let me explain a little about me. I have an overactive imagination, and I get REALLY freaked out by a lot of things. Paranormal shit scares the living hell out of me.. as does alien shit. Conspiracies get me all riled up and I think about them for days. I believe FULLY in GOD and do not doubt for one second that hes  with us,.. however.. I do let things get the best of me. Right now, I'm tripping balls. Like... woah. Just, take a gander at this video a friend of mine posted on her Facebook. I knew I shouldn't have watched it, but against my better judgement, I did it anyways. Some of these clips, are really really bothersome to me, and I was all, clammy, and almost shaky while watching them!

See, now this stupid video... at the 8:19 mark has a phone call from someone who says that they are a former employee of Area 51. On the phone hes sobbing, and sounds, genuinely frightened, to me, anyways. Hes talking about the Government knowing all about this stuff going on, and he says there are safe places in the world where we could be evacuated to, but no ones doing it. Could these places be the FEMA camps popping up everywhere? FEMA is Emergency Management yes? Disaster relief or some crap? I no longer think that its because the Government is "out to get us" I'm not sure thats what I ever really thought to begin with really. I do believe the Government knows a LOT more than they tell the public. I would assume it would be to keep from having people FREAK OUT. Seeing shit like this, and not knowing what the heck is going on is worse in my opinion. For me anyways. 

And then, they're are all these videos of these creepy ass sounds being heard all OVER the world.. Allen says it sounds just like the War Of The Worlds movie... Hes right, they do. But that doesn't mean they're not real right? I mean, what if we just coincidentally made a movie about aliens, and made up some noise that we thought a UFO might emit and we were right? Its a far fetched idea... I know, but hey, it could happen. Here is a video of Amarillo Texas, I listen to this radio station ALL the time, and the guy has to YELL over the noise to be heard. Yes, a lot of the videos seem fake and could very well be dubbed over with a soundclip or something playing on a cd player / ipod / iphone or whatever while the video was being taken.. however, this one seems legit. Here is one for you...


I mean, it could all totally be a huge hoax.. people like me getting carried away, freaking out about natural phenomena occurring around the world.. Whatever the facts, its CREEPY. 

 Also, side note to this weird blog im posting tonight, I did go to Curves today. I talked to the trainer there and she said I'll be getting weighed and measured again within the next 2 weeks or so. I didn't cheat anymore today. I only ate a small low fat low calorie pizza for supper, and I haven't eaten anything since about 7pm. Which could also be contributing to the paranoia I'm feeling right at this moment. Time for a bottle of water and some MiO liquid.  

December 21st, 2012 i'll probably end up having some kind of anxiety attack or panic attack. I'm not really like, scared for me or anything or whats going to happen, IF ANYTHING does happen. I think my fear is legitimate. I don't want my babies to be alone or scared. I don't want to be powerless to protect them. Thinking of THAT is what scares me. Stupid youtube. 

Have a good night! :) <3