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Thursday, August 29, 2013

On A Roll!

I busted ASS yesterday while I was at Curves. My calorie burn is climbing like crazy... and that damn thing keeps increasing my strength. I swear it should be decreasing it. haha Check out this awesomeness...
Ignore how I had nothing between July 18th and Aug 14th. Must have been a few busy weeks of Allen getting off work late or something. Anyways... 947 freaking calories burned in about 45 minutes! Right on! I should bust my plateau pretty quickly if I keep this up. I plan on going again today... if my ovaries let me. Stupid little bastards. I really don't understand why I still have them considering they give me so much pain. Just take those bad boys out man... So I'll have to take a pill for the rest of my life? so what? I'm down. At least I won't be glued to the couch and heating pad for 3 to 4 days doing absolutely nothing but crying and eating! Damn. 

I've been letting myself "cheat" a lot more than I should. Which is incredibly stupid. Considering I'll be in a wedding come March, I need to stop that shit. We have to go shopping Friday for groceries and junk and I'm going to be getting lots and lots and lots of healthy stuff again. I need to drink more water too... If I'd just do what Lea Anne says and drink up, I'd keep losing. I'm not drinking soda or anything, I just don't drink. period. Which is stupid. 

Well, I gotta make some chocolate milk for this little boy who's already awake,... and get some strawberry mini Wheats for him to eat. Kid loves those. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day Of School...and Another Zoo Trip.

Yesterday we made one last road trip to Abilene to take the kids to the Zoo. They LOVE it there. They just added a lot of new animals too, so it was extra cool this time. Of course I got some awesome pics too! haha! Also... today was Jacob's first day of 3rd grade. He's getting so big. He didn't even want me to walk him to class this year. I don't know how I feel about that. I guess it's ok... considering I hadn't brushed my hair or really put clothes on. I just threw on some random crap that was laying in the floor when I got up. 6:45am is early guys. Like, way early. 
He was way excited. I went in to wake him up this morning, and he was standing in the hallway already dressed and going to brush his teeth. When I asked him if he was excited, he just looked at me and tried not to smile, because GOD FORBID he's happy or excited about going to school. Dork. 
I hate his lunch box. He wanted this stupid lunch box/backpack combo.. where the lunch box clips onto the backpack. That thing doesn't hold ANYTHING. I'll have room for a sandwich and a box of juice. Period. Nothing else will fit. The thermos we got him won't even fit if he's got a sandwich in there... Which is stupid. And then I don't know how I'm supposed to keep it cold, because the ice pack won't fit. THANK GOD my mom got him a different one that's like the one he had last year.. Except it's Iron Man and not Mario. At least I know it'll fit everything I put into it!!! Stupid Igloo crap. 

This week I'll be going to work out EVERY DAY... Minus one, we may be going to a funeral sometime this week. Only time will tell. Allen's great great grandmother isn't doing well at all... Anyways, It'll have to be a day trip, which also sucks. Hopefully my mom can watch the kids or something when we go. If it happens this week... We'll know later today sometime whats going on. 

ALSO... I have a little more motivation now too! I've been asked to be in a wedding March 29th. Thats long enough for me to get where I want to be. If I do what I'm supposed to do. I did a minute and a half plank the other day and I'm almost positive I almost died. I need to work on my stupid belly fat and my arms. Those are the two things I hate. Not for long though. :-D 
At some point today Allen and I will be moving in the treadmill too, FINALLY. 
So, here are the zoo pics. 
These Flamingos are so pretty. The last time we went to the zoo, this grey guy had just hatched! He was a lot smaller and super poofy! Look at him now!  

Jacob and Ethan were so happy. Hailey was being a giant turd because just before this, Ethan had sat in her spot on the wagon we rented. So, she wanted nothing to do with the sea turtle picture. She's a butthole.

These fish!!!! They're crazy! They have fish food you can buy for a quarter and feed them, and it's like they KNOW. They follow you from side to side of the bridge and there are hundreds of them! It looks that way anyways! There are a few gold ones that make an appearance every once in a while too. Their lips crack me up.

The Lions! It's hilarious that even big kitties sleep like this. This is how Skeeter sleeps a lot of the time. haha 

Here is Alex the Lion. Thats what the kids call him anyways. From Madagascar. Look at those paws!

This is the kids favorite part. When Melman the giraffe eats his crackers they crack up. Here pretty soon they're supposed to have a new giraffe enclosure where when you feed them, they're eye level. THAT will make the kids day. FOR SURE. 

For it being in the 90s yesterday, the animals were out doing stuff! The monkeys were climbing around like ... monkeys. 

Look at this guy! Giving me the stink eye! What's that about? Owls are my favorite birds for sure. and this guy is looking at me like I look at my kids after hearing them say "mommy" for the 498234rd time in a day. This is basically what I look like at the end of every day. 

The peacock! He's so pretty! I wish I could have gotten him parading his feathers out. He kept following Ethan around and freaking him out. Pretty funny. Can't wait to get my peacock tattoo.


All three kids, acting as normal as we could get them.

Hailey after being told we were leaving. She was not happy. What a turd. 

Allen will be off this week, and I've already gotten him to do one thing on the Honey Do list... I have a few more that need to be done. I'm sure I'll have to start doing it before he takes over because I'll be doing it wrong again. :) 
So... recap... 1st day of 3rd grade for Jacob, being in a wedding in 7 months, possible funeral, zoo trip... gah! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

To The Moon And Back...

I don't know where the saying came from.. I don't know if it came from like, a book, or a movie... or whatever, but the saying "I love you to the moon and back" has been floating around on the book of faces for a while now. I can't for the life of me figure out why it's so popular. I think it's kinda dumb... But to each their own right? The following is a conversation between myself and my 8 year old son Jacob....
Me: "I love you to the moon and back Jacob.. did you know that?" 
Jacob: "That's not very far mom... Why not Venus? Or even Mars...? Is that too far for you?"
Me: "Are you serious right now?"
Jacob: "Well.. yes. "

BAM! I have an awesome kid man. LOL I can't wait for his teenage years. 

So... I'm pretty happy with myself right now. I read in the news where the owner of Progressive ins. like, super supports Obama... We have Progressive Insurance.. and hearing that is a problem for me. Whatever though, Went right over to Geico and signed us up. We just saved $109 dollars by switching our car insurance to Geico. 
And a big giant SUCK MY BALLS to Peter Lewis..
If you don't believe me... Google it. 

I will be going to Jacob's meet the teacher tomorrow at Lunch. I'm pretty excited. I know he is. Thank goodness! I can't do another year of him being upset about going to school. I can't wait to take his picture before we leave, with him wearing his new clothes and shoes...with his new awesome backpack and lunch box. I always print it out and put it in his baby book. Now, I have a filing cabinet with individual folders in it for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd....and so on. Saves on space that's for sure. Plus all of his cool art work, or projects are filed away neatly so I won't be like "shit... when did he do this one?" I also have his mothers day cards he makes me at school, or Christmas ornaments he makes at school go onto the tree first... of course, but when we take everything down, they get filed in the corresponding folders.

Guys... talking about Christmas just got me super excited. I can't wait till Winter season gets here! This Texas heat is some bullshit. I hate melting my ass on my leather seats when I get in my vehicle. O_o At least I have a butt heater in my seats for when it's cold. 

K, gotta go get dinner ready.. yay! 

(I'll be going to Curves tomorrow hopefully... I need another 700 calories burned.)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not Joking... Even a Little....

I don't know how single parents do it. I really don't. Allen left yesterday at 9:30am, and since then, these kids have been running all over me. It's not like I give in and let them do whatever they want. I hand out spankings more than once a day. They might listen to me for about... 30 seconds, but then they're back to the annoying ass shit they were doing before. Hailey and Ethan fight like cats and dogs. About the stupidest crap too. So far this morning, Ethan has yelled at me for not putting sugar in his cheerios... which I had already done, he just didn't SEE me do it. Hailey was yelling at Jacob because Jacob was sitting on the same couch as she was. Ethan got mad because he was out voted on what to watch on tv during breakfast, he wanted to watch Brave... the other two wanted to watch Tangled. Now, he is sitting eyes glued to the TV watching Tangled with no issues. Hailey got mad at me because I didn't have her clothes laid out before she was done peeing. She wanted to get dressed immediately upon coming out of the bathroom. My bad. 

Jacob keeps running from his room to the living room shoving the same lego character in my face over and over and over and over again showing me the different arms he put on it... or showing me a helmet he's put on the head so zombies can't eat it's brain. Also the cool sword he's holding now, and now the thing has body armor on. Look, now he can talk underwater with his mouth open. He can do it without even getting water in his mouth, and without choking. 
It's never silent during the day... even during nap time, Jacob is running back and forth telling me the new coolest thing he did with his legos. I'm not saying that I don't care... but I wish he would tell me ALL AT ONCE so I could have 5 minutes of peace and quiet. One day last week, I had a BAD headache, the babies were sleeping finally, and I was laying on the couch... I told Jacob, 'I'm going to try to take a small leave me alone. My head hurts.' 
I guess what he heard was "My eyes will be closed, but still please come talk to me and if I don't answer right away just keep saying my name over and over till I open my eyes." 

My mom is coming to town today to sit with the kids while I go to Curves. THANK FREAKING JESUS. I'm not sure from the run anymore, but even if I was, you can bet your ass I'd go workout anyways just to get away. haha 
Lea Anne changed my program at Curves too, so it's not just a 30 minute workout anymore. It's more like a 40-45 min workout depending on how long I can handle it. Last Friday I burned 680 calories... Today I plan on burning at least 700. That's my goal anyways.

I had a crappy breakfast of Raisin Bran cereal, and coffee... My lunch will be the same as yesterday since I have to finish the rice and broccoli... Grilled chicken is yummy though. I have to eat it earlier than I ate yesterday though, Granna will be here at 2. That means I have to have lunch done, naps started and dishes washed before she gets here. 

Man I hope Allen can come home tomorrow! 
This alarm system does make me feel safe though. Better than not having one I suppose! :) 
yay... gotta go, Ethan decided it was time to take his diaper off and now he's naked. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Run Or Dye in Abilene 2013!!!

45 Minutes is the time it took us to run our 5k this time around. I'm not terribly disappointed or anything though. Considering I hadn't gotten on a treadmill or did ANY kind of running in the past 6 months, I don't think that's a horrible time! Allen, on the other hand, could have finished twice in the time it took me to run the course. I felt bad kinda, but my legs were about to fall off. It sucked because I wasn't out of breath or anything, it was just my legs telling me "if you don't walk for a second, I'll murder you." haha I kept a super brisk pace though, not letting my heart rate get slow. Here are some pics I took... This was the most fun I'VE EVER HAD while running I can tell you that! 
THIS was the awesome swag we got. Some dye packets, a shirt, this cool little bag, a head band and a bracelet. There is also a tattoo somewhere in there. We had bought a few extra dye packets too... 
This was us before all the dye! There are people in the back ground getting ready to do some Zumba. I freaking LOVE this picture of Allen too... 
This was the Starting Line! It got PACKED. 
We started off running, and the first dye station we came to was a Blue Dye station... and I got hit with that shit right in my face. It was up my nose, in my eyes, in my mouth... pretty gross. haha. The next Dye Station was Orange, and that one got Allen. hahaha You can't see it very well in this picture, but he's got Orange ALL OVER the right side of his face. it was in his mouth and everything. It's just cornstarch, but it feels like sand when you have it between your teeth. 
I'm kind of jealous of Allen... I was the one that was all freaking excited about going, I was the one that was PUMPED about doing another 5k... and HE'S the one that gets Dyed like CRAZY. Yeah, it's on me a little... but LOOK AT ALLEN! I WANTED TO BE THAT MESSY. 
My legs and shoes got a nice layer of color though. My toes were even colorful after I got home and took my shoes off. 
I can't stress to you enough, how many people were there. It was an ocean of people. The music was loud, people were having dance contests, there were people throwing dye everywhere. This was the after party. They were telling everyone to save their dye for the big 'dye throw'... and holy crap man... it was huge. The next few pictures are when we tie dyed the sky! I was holding my camera straight up in front of us, just like in the one above... but... you can't see ANYTHING. 
This was freaking fun. 
And then it got hard to breathe......

Again... I had my camera up, just like in the ones above, and this is all we could see! It was so freaking cool! The one with the kid, that was after some of the dye started falling down a little more... and this was behind me. That kid was having a blast I can tell ya that. I'd turn around and he'd be dancing on his dad's shoulders... Slapping the top of his head... 
This was after we tie dyed the sky... You car hardly see Allen's tattoo on his shoulder that crap was so thick! haha It was a freaking blast though. I keep saying that, but I can't exaggerate enough how much fun this run was. We're totally doing it again next year. Next year, maybe Allen will have a little more fun and dance with me and act a fool.... like I was, everyone there was. hahaha

Now... the next day, my hips were SORE AS HELL. I'm over it now... but Sunday was not a funday. hahaha. My brother Chris and my 2 nephews came over yesterday for a few hours and I was chasing kids around the house, and now my ankle hurts so much I can hardly put weight on it. No idea what I did. It felt a little better this morning when I woke up, but the more I walk on it, the more it starts hurting. I probably strained something or ... something. Go figure. I'm 27 going on 68. 

Allen left this morning for New Mexico. :( I HATE it when he has to go over there. I know it'll only be for a few days... He'll be home Friday for sure.. but still. It sucks balls. I'm so thankful that we can Skype and text and talk on the phone though. It seems like I'm on my computer a LOT more when he's gone and it always has to be plugged in. Skype takes a lot of my battery life I suppose. Hopefully he'll get to have a good 4 or 5 days off when he gets home. Jacob wants to build a bird house with him.. Which is awesome because I need some more birds in my yard. I really do, I have grasshoppers eating my roses and plants and shit and it's pissing me off. Before my roses even get a chance to fully bloom, a giant hole is eaten right though the bud!!! 
I'll show those stupid grasshoppers. 

Well... I'm off... I need to get lunch thawing out, I'm having some awesome grilled chicken and rice and broccoli, and the kids will be having some amazing pb&j sammaches. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

I'm very excited and have been waiting for a very long time for it to get here! 
Of course... when I bought our tickets, I had fully intended on running up until this point... 
Yeah... that didn't happen. 

I have a goal. My first 5k was 33 minutes and some change. I didn't really prepare myself for that one either, but at least I was running about a mile or more a day more than once a week. 
I want to do this in UNDER 40 minutes. 

That Funnel Cake 5k was rough though man. Lea Anne and I had wind blowing like 25 MPH in our faces.. It was at the rodeo, so there was dust and hay and horse shit everywhere... Hopefully this one will be a little.. less fucking windy.

I have a lot to do today... I have to go to the bank and get out half of our rent and half of our insurance premium. Then I have to go to Curves and start my new program Lea Anne put me on. Technically it was Shea that brought the idea to her attention, so if I die, I'll punch her in the throat first. haha
Shea showed me the ladies chart that she just put on this same program, and she went from burning 3-400 calories in a work out to 700, and then 800. Uh... yeah. I like that shit.

Hopefully when I go today it kicks my ass enough to where I'll want to sleep tonight at a decent time. I'm super excited about tomorrow! I have my finger nails all different colors, I got our shit packed for the night already and after my chiropractor appointment, we out! We have to go get our Race Day Packets today, (which will have some Run Or Dye swag I'm excited about) and Allen has to get a hair cut. He's scared of stroking out because his head is too hot. lol puss.

We are taking his truck to Abilene because he's YET to change the oil in my Mountaineer. I told him if he doesn't do it the week he's back from New Mexico, I'm fucking taking that shit to WalMart. Thats the ultimate insult to a mechanic. But shit!!!! It's been since February. IT NEEDS to be done. Bet your ass when it's time for his truck to have an oil change or whatever, he's on top of that shit like white on rice... With my car..not so much. This shit needs upper AND lower ball joints, the Oil Change, I have an oil leak that needs a fixin, plus some cosmetic shit that needs to be addressed... The plastic holding my sun visors up has cracked, and broken, thanks to the AWESOME Texas heat, and now I can't use the one on my side because...if I pull it down, I won't be able to put it back up. Period. Same with the passenger side. The fucked up shit about THAT is that I wear glasses... and we can't afford for me to have transition lenses, and the ONLY clippy sunglasses things I had fucking broke when we were going to Junction a few weeks ago. So I have to pray that it's freaking cloudy whenever I drive... I need the back quarter panel driver side pained.. it's all freaking bondoed up lookin ghetto because of the previous owner... and AND don't get me started on the BLEACHED LEATHER IN MY BACK SEAT AND BACK CARPET. Allen is to blame for that and I threw the biggest fucking bitchfit anyone has ever seen. He left a bottle of bleach in my vehicle when we moved, upside fucking down in my seat... it leaked and long story short, the carpet under the back seat is WHITE instead of tan, and the middle portion of the seat is JELLYISH thanks to the bleach sitting on the leather IN THE TEXAS HEAT. 
I can't get into that... It makes me angry still to this day. 
And then he was all "it was an accident"...................
IDGAF.... he knows DAMN WELL that if I would have done something that like to one of HIS vehicles... HOLY SHIT... 
He had an 89 Honda CRX, I was rolling the window down in, (yes... it's an old car.. rolling the window down) and the little knob at the end of the rolly thing broke off, and he STILL hasn't let me forget that shit. He was even able to pop it back on like nothing happened!!!
You can bet your happy ass I'll be riding this for the next 39 years. 

Well.... this sure got off subject... Anyways.. I have to go throw some clothes in the dryer.. along with the ones that are still in there from a few days ago. I hate folding laundry. O_o 

Here is to tomorrow!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Doing It Wrong.

I'm happy I've lost 55 pounds. Scratch that. 50 pounds. I'm extremely disappointed with myself this month. I've let myself go. I gained 4.5 pounds back and I'm pissed. I have no one to blame but myself. I try to blame the kids during the day for not letting me work out, but what about that hour of nap time? I could be busting ass then. Allen would let me go to curves if I wanted to when he got home. But I don't even bring it up. It's my fault and that's what pisses me off. 
Yeah... it's just a few pounds this month... 
Next month it could be a few more, and a few more, and before I know it I'll be right back where I started. a whopping 194 pounds of grossness and unhappy. 
Fuck that. 
Fuck this! 

I've GOT to get back in the groove man. 
I want it. I know I do. 
I just need the discipline back. 
I've got to start taking it one day at a time again. 

I know what I want. I just have to freaking GO GET IT. And drink water. 

I started this blog as something to hold me accountable... and I have failed last month. I have to get back on the wagon damn it. Stop stacking shit on my plate and stuff my face till I can't breathe. Food is the enemy. It's a damn addiction. 

I'm addicted to food. I can't control myself around it. From now on, Allen is fixing my plate. I want nothing to do with it. 
Not until I get this shit under control. 
Man.. I'm just super disappointed in myself. 
Here are a few of my excuses I've come up with as to why I'm not working out as much... they're pretty lame. 

1. We moved further away from Curves, so gas is an issue.
2. No one to watch the kids
3. No time to go. Have to get stuff done when Allen gets home from work.
4. Had to go grocery shopping..
5. I have a bad headache
6. I'm so tired from dealing with the kids all day I just don't want to do anything.


I'm running this 5k. the whole fucking thing. I'm mad... and I'll take my anger out on myself by punishing my body with a nice, healthy run. damn it. DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I just have to GO GET IT. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I got us a room booked for Friday night! After my chiropractor appt Friday Allen and I will be headed to Abilene! I can NOT FREAKING WAIT to run this 5k. 
Now... You guys know as well as I do that I haven't gotten on my treadmill since February when I ran the Funnel Cake 5k with Lea Anne. So, this is going to be interesting. However, This 5k is not timed. So, I feel slightly better. Lord knows I'll be timing it though. My last time was 33 minutes and some seconds. I am going to PUSH myself hard even if Allen doesn't. I haven't decided how I'm going to run with my camera and stuff yet though. I think I'll be toting my Run Or Dye swag backpack with me. I'll just have my camera and phone in a Ziploc baggy in the backpack to make sure the dye doesn't get in them. 

I'm super pumped to run this stupid thing... I hope I don't let myself down. I'm going to try my hardest. I hope that it's good enough. 
I booked a hotel room that offers free breakfast and has amazing beds.... per the reviews. I really didn't want to sleep on a shitty bed the night before the race. Because that would suck balls. 

So... I've been lazy as shit lately with my diet. I hate myself a little more every time I eat junk and I don't know why I'm doing it. It's stupid. I know What I need to be doing, I just... don't. Lame lame lame. 
I'm still doing my August challenge. I can't emphasize how much I hate planking. Crunches too honestly. I lay on my Yoga mat and just stare at my ceiling fan for a little while thinking about how much this is about to suck. 

My recent excuse is because of Allen's schedule at work. He gets home later than usual right now and next week is going to really freaking blow because He'll be going to New Mexico. He'll leave Monday around 10am and come home Friday around 10pm. or later. Thank GOD we have Skype and can text and junk. It's still not the same though. He hates going almost as much as I hate him to go. These kids really get on my last nerve when Allen isn't here. They push every single button I have and then more I wasn't aware of. They're jerks I tell ya. 
This was at the park the other day. They love that park so much. It's just so FREAKING HOT! 
She was SO mad. Ethan got on the chipmunk before she did... she stomped off so angry. Even though there was another one about 10 ft. away. 
It was super hot so we had Pecos Cantaloupe. They're super sweet and EXTREMELY juicy. 
Silly Jacob loves swinging. He kept wanting me to take pics of him. 

Awesome. My mom just called me on Facebook chat and told me they're picking up the kids tomorrow before lunch and they're going to Port A till Saturday afternoon! score! I'm slightly jealous but at the same time, kinda THRILLED! LOL 
Time to get started on laundry and lunch. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Parenting..... WTF.

So, Ethan and Hailey sure know how to push buttons. I don't know how parents with actual twins do it. I know that God is punishing me for something. Some days these two make me want to pull my hair out... and theirs. 
Now, don't take that the wrong way.. I love these little assholes, but shit man... All I hear for most of the day is squealing or screaming because someone touched something that might have been theirs at one point. Ethan just threw a 20 minute bitchfit because Jacob had a toy from freaking Sonic Drive In that looked like something that he had last month. Seriously? I was trying to pee... and they ALL bust in the bathroom door freaking out. Ethan is screaming because Jacob has this toy, Jacob is yelling that it's not Et's and he can't have it. Hailey is in there just to piss Et off by saying "It's not yours Ethan!" I love dealing with this kind of thing before 9am. It's pretty awesome. 

Now Ethan is following Jacob around with some fake guns shooting him over and over saying "I'm gunna krill you!" Jacob turns around and tells him "STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!" so he does for a second, and then he's right back on his heels. Literally... trying to step on the backs of Jacob's feet... Clicking those stupid little guns my mom gave him annoying everyone within ear shot. Those little bastards are loud.. (The guns... not the kids)... well those too.. but I was referring to the guns this time. 

Hailey has been a giant turd since she's felt better.. I'm talkin...HUGE. She's mean and hateful and just...ugh. Last night her attitude aged her about 10 years. I felt like she was already about to get a visit from Aunt Flo. If she's THIS bad now... I can't freaking WAIT till she's hormonal. No WONDER stay at home moms in the 70's were either drunk or on pills. ahaha... I can't wait to be Kitty from That 70's Show. 

Again last night Allen didn't work out with me. Whatever though. I'm not going to try anymore. He can just be flabby. We're considering going to Abilene Friday night and staying the night for the 5k the next day. The packet pick up is on Friday anyways... We can do it the day of, but we'd have to leave the house by 5:45AM to get there in time to get the crap and that doesn't seem doable to me at ALL. I'd have to freaking wake up at 4 something. Who wants to wake up at 4am before a flipping race? Not this girl. Plus parking is limited and we'll need to get there in time to secure a parking spot. I found a motel 8 that's pretty close to the Expo Center that's only 60$ a night. Not too shabby. It all depends on Allen's side work though. If he gets a side job this weekend or this week sometime, we'll be able to swing it... if not.. looks like my ass is rise and shining at 4am. >=-\
Kids are screaming again! yay! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Feckin' HATE Planks.

I've been doing my August challenge like I'm supposed to. I tried to get Allen to do it with me last night, but he wouldn't. Freaking wuss. It's push-ups, crunches and a plank. Wiener. Whatever. He can stay flabby and bitch about how he wants to tone up while I'm actually doing it. I'm slightly irritated with the way he acted about it last night, like I was asking him to go run 30 miles in the 105 degree weather. O_o Whatever. Again.
I LOVE that I'm getting some guns. I'm actually getting definition in my biceps! I can't wait to have some bangin arms man. 
I'm super excited about how easy planks are getting too.. I'm adding 5 seconds a day to the length of time I'm planking and it might not sound like a lot, but 5 seconds while you're planking seems like fucking forever. My tight tummy will thank me later. 
Maybe... If I can get my eating under control. 
I don't eat from Mc Donald's or Burger King... but we do eat fast food way more than we need to. Our usual places are just as bad though. Chick Fil A, Wendy's, and Rosa's... Mexican food is my Achilles heel... that's for damn sure. Stupid freaking rice and beans... and enchiladas... ugh. bastards. 
It doesn't help that we live in West Texas and the Mexican food is AMAZING. 
I've got my motivation back now I just need to get my portions under control again and eat clean. 

This week I had fully intended on going to Curves, but Hailey got super sick. She had a fever Tuesday when she woke up of 101... and through out the day it got higher. Even after I gave her medicine. It got up to 103.1. She was drinking lots of water though, and eating a little bit so I figured it's just a viral thing like always. Then Wednesday when she woke up she was throwing up, but had no fever. I'm talkin... I would give her a drink of water, turn around to set the cup on the table, and she'd be puking her little face off, and then dry heave for 3 minutes. It was sad. So, after about 5 times of her doing that, I called the Dr. office to make an appt for her that day,.. but her Dr was out for the day. Go figure. So they wanted me to take her to the Urgent Care... which would have been a good 100$ visit. I had to wait till Allen got home from work to do anything because Jacob's "dad" still has my freaking insurance card from when Jacob was in Austin for the summer. Idiot. 
She looked pitiful guys...

In the mean time, my mom came and took the boys to see Despicable Me 2. Hailey woke up from a quick nap she was taking on the couch and was a new kid. She wanted to try to eat some crackers, so I gave her one. It took her about 5 minutes to nibble it down, but it stayed down! So I let her take small tiny sips of water, and she kept that down. Then she started talking.... and wouldn't stop. THATS when I knew for sure she was feeling better.  
So we met my mom at the Mall and got her some new clothes and crap. Some jack ass little kid stole her "baby kitty" though. A small little black and white kitty she takes everywhere. 

Those are my turds. Just after this Et thought.."I'm going to try to get in that water."....jerk.

Hailey still feels good today.. Hopefully no one else in the house gets whatever she had. Thank GOD I didn't take her to the damn Urgent Care. pshhhh

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Run Or Dye!

Allen and I will be going to Abilene 8/17/13 to run the Run or Dye 5k. I'm very excited. Not sure if we'll run the whole thing, but I'm going to try really hard. I know we'll be able to push each other along. If I want to stop, he'll encourage me to keep moving.. If he wants to stop, I'll encourage him to keep going too. I can't wait to post pictures of that too! It looks like it's going to be a freaking blast! Have I started running yet? Nope. I probably won't start today either. 
Hailey woke up this morning with a 101.6 fever, so she's been up my ass all morning so far. I don't see that changing for a while. She's a GIANT mommy's girl when she's sick. 
So, I got my Diamond Candle the other day, and it smells amazing. I got the Honeysuckle smell... I love it. 
I didn't find an expensive ring though :( BUT the ring I got was pretty! 
and it fits! Which is cool. Had I still been 190lbs with sausage fingers, I'd need to trade it on the Facebook Diamond Candles Ring Exchange page for a bigger size. Thank GOD I have normal fingers again. haha
The ring is pretty... but it doesn't even compare to my wedding ring. lol duh. considering it's just a little costume ring that will probably make my finger turn green. I get so many compliments on my wedding ring. Allen did an AMAZING job picking it out. Everyone ALWAYS says it reminds them of the Eiffel Tower.
I freaking love it. <3 

So... I've decided that by Christmas time... I'll be nice and toned. I've got a special hater I want to thank for giving me my motivation back too. I'll see her around that time I hope. She thinks I have no idea who has been sending me fake Facebook messages... Jokes on her...It's super easy to find out that kind of thing when you're using a mobile phone to do it. Cell phone towers are pretty amazingly accurate. It's amazing at how some people (especially people who are supposed to be family) can try and tear you down and hurt you by calling you names or telling you lies. All it's done for me is provide me with some entertainment and give me that extra push I needed to get my ass back in check. 
 I'm watching my diet again, and keeping up with my working out while I'm home with the kids during the day. Hopefully I'll be able to sneak away after Allen gets home from work a few days this week to go to Curves. Depends on how early he gets home today. He's working 2 hours away right now, so even though he gets off work around 3, he doesn't get home till a little after 5. Then I feel guilty for going because it's time to start dinner and crap. ugh. 

I'll tell you what man.. Subluxation freaking SUCKS. My back is so sore sometimes when I workout. I'm only going to see Dr. Smith *my awesome chiropractor* once every two weeks now, and I can definitely tell. I'm only doing the muscle stimulation once every other visit too, to kind of keep the bill down. My next appt is just before the 5k so bet your ass I'll be doing the stimulation that day. lol
The numbness is almost gone.. today I have COMPLETE feeling in my back. It's so cool to have an itch on your back, and be able to feel it when you scratch. haha stupid vertebrae. Although, because it's not numb anymore.. I feel more pain. And today it's at least a 6. :-\ 

Well... I better get off here and make something for these kids for lunch. I'm thinking some Bagel Bites... or Totinos Pizza rolls. They all 3 love both of those. Then it's my favorite time of the day! Nap time! <3 
and MEEEE TIME!!!! I'll get to work out a little while they recharge. 

I've posted this before... but holy shit it's never been more true. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me realize that losing weight is hard work and something you have to work on constantly. You'll never be on my level. :) 

Friday, August 2, 2013


Tomorrow Allen and I are going to Junction. Going to hit up a BBQ restaurant that's been there for years. I better be able to get some good ass chicken. Or some sausage. Hopefully by the time we get there I'll be hungry. Probably not though. 
I'm waiting on the mail to get here. I got some free prints from Shutterfly developed and per the tracking info, they should be here today. I'm excited. They're pics that my mom took of the kids and stuff when they were at Sea World. I have an idea I'm going to do with a few of them... I can't say much on here though because my mom reads this and I don't want her to know yet! lol 

I'm doing an August challenge with Lea Anne and some other women on our Facebook "Operation Transformation" page. It's not too bad. 
IDK how I'm going to make it through the hundreds of crunches I'll be doing by the end. haha I guess we'll find out. Maybe they'll get easier. Right now I just want to take a nap when I'm done. I think that's because I'm already laying on the floor on my awesome yoga mat. Who wants to do anything after doing push ups and planks? Not this girl. 
Thank God for Lea Anne though. I've been lazy and feeling crappy the past few days. Between her and Allen... I'm pretty confident I can lose these last stupid pounds. It might take a freaking year, but they'll come off. haha 

My mom has the kids tonight so Allen and I can get on the road early in the morning... so we're going to go have a date night tonight. Not sure what he's got planned. Hopefully it's not something that involves spending a lot of money. We haven't been bowling in a while... Last time we went bowling, we both got pretty shitfaced and ended up going through a Taco Bell drive through with Brooke. lol That's also why neither of us will ever drink Bacardi ever again. 

Hopefully tomorrow will take a load off of Allen's chest. I'm not sure how it's going to end.. Shit... I'm not sure even what he's going to say/do. 
My palm was itching earlier, I should get a Mega Millions lotto for tonight. Hells yes. THAT would be pretty awesome. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How Far I've Come.

I feel like I've come a long way from where I used to be. In a lot of aspects. Mostly I'm talking about my weight though. I don't know how I ever let myself blow up to 192 pounds. I'm still trying to figure out what it is about food that has me struggling. It just seems so easy for me to lose weight when I put my mind to it and focus... Like, I'm just not meant to be big. One month of working out like I'm supposed to and eating clean and I can drop 10 pounds. Shit... when I DON'T try very hard... and I just try to maintain, I still end up losing a little. The past few weeks though... somethings going on. I have no focus. No motivation. Maybe It's Allen's schedule at work. He's been working Monday - Friday and gets home around 5pm and I feel that I need to be home so I can spend time with him and start dinner and junk. No time for Curves in my mind. I know if he KNEW I wanted to go, he'd push me out the door in a heartbeat. This past week he has been going to work at 11am and getting home around 1030pm. So, no Curves for me for sure. I wish I could take the kids with me, but unless they get a tv in one of those dressing rooms,... it won't happen. haha I can just see them attacking people, getting on machines, making me freak out on them in public. 
Not cute. 
Oh... My daughter is the biggest turd lately. I know for a fact I've been stressed out about her attitude. She's 3 1/2 going on 13. Foot stomping, back talking, door slamming... it's all already happening. Holy crap.
So, yesterday... I'm sitting down finally, relaxing for about 20 seconds and Et comes RUNNING into the living room upset. "Mom! Hailey is stuck in the tornado." My eye is already twitching. I tell him "What are you talking about? Tell her to come in here." Because, frankly.. I don't want to get up. So he says "No mom, come on, I'll show ya. Come on." Then I ask him "Well... can she walk?" "NO!!! Come on mom!" By then my curiosity is peaked, Lord only knows what this child is capable of. I go into her room... and find this.
Her hair is stuck in the "Curtain Tornado.".............................................. The hardest part about being a mom is when you have to act mad... when all you want to do is laugh. I know my nostrils were flaring, I know she probably saw the smirk on my face for a second... but she still looks terrified in this picture. I've told them 23094892385 times not to play in those dang curtains because I don't want the rod to fall down on them. I know it's in the wall pretty good... but still, It's one of those iron curtain rods and if it DID fall on one of them, it'd hurt. 
All I had to do was spin her the other way, her hair untangled from the curtain tornado and all was well with the world. I scolded her for doing what I told her not to do, and then ran to my room to laugh laugh laugh. 
Never let your kids see you laugh after you get on to them. Sends mixed signals. haha My days are so full of random ass crap I never know what to expect when I hear a scream, a bang or a crash. It's always something new. ALWAYS. 
I'm 100% convinced that they were supposed to be twins. Hailey was born 12/17/09 at 12:34. Ethan was born 12/17/10 at 9:34. God said "They can't handle twins... " Touche' God... Touche'. 

Anyways... I'm still down 55 pounds... despite the 2-3 pound yoyo sessions I've been going through. I'm going to lose at least 15 pounds these next 2 months. For mine and Allen's 1 year wedding anniversary we're going back to Mustang Island for a few days. That's in a little over 2 months. I can do it, but WILL I do it is the question. Time will tell I suppose! 
Happy Anniversary yesterday to Allen's parents. His dad needs a hat w/a feather and a cane. He looks like a pimp! :) Hopefully we can make plans to get down there to visit. Last time we were there was Jan 2013. uuugh...