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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pretty Random, A Bit Closer to the Birth Day....

I'm not doin too much... That's why I haven't updated. I've been "under the weather" lately, and haven't moved much in the past 2 days. My birthday is in 5 days. 4 If you don't count today! I told Allen I don't really want anything other than some flowers, a card, and a new travel coffee mug since Ethan knocked mine off the table, AGAIN, and broke it for good. A WEEK after buying it. Little jerk.
My coffee went everywhere. the lid broke off the top and coffee spilled all over the floor and side of my couch (luckily it's leather). Here is what happened the same day during lunch time.... Right after I told him.. "DON'T SPILL YOUR JUICE."
yeah.... now the grout is stained reddish brown in those areas. Which means I'll have to get on my hands and knees with a damn tooth brush to clean it. Yay! I'm so excited. 

October 11th Allen and I will be on our way to Port Aransas again! yay for 1 year wedding anniversaries! I can't friggen wait. 
It's always been a joke that Allen is the chosen one... and last year I took this picture of him and it made me LOL. 
It looks like the heavens are placing a halo on him... the Chosen One. 
We had so much fun those few days we were there. I'm sure we'll have just as much fun in 2 weeks! <3 I'm very VERY excited! 
The drive there freaking sucks balls though. It takes for freaking ever. 

I love being at the beach in the morning when the sun comes up. We get out there when you can still see the stars. and as soon as the sun is up about like this, we start combing it. Last year we found a few pretty weird things. I couldn't really get much in the water though... since I had just gotten a tattoo on the inside of my right leg. I didn't want to mess it up or have the salt water burn it! haha I don't know if that would have happened or not, but I also didn't want to find out. Plus.. there were jelly fish out on the shore line like no bodies business. That's all I wanted, was for a damn jelly to wash over my foot and sting the shit out of me. Can't wait to take some more pics this year. We both sure love the beach. If I could live in Corpus I would! Maybe when we're older and the kids are out of the house and doing their own thing, we can rent a little efficiency room on the beach for a month. Provided Allen doesn't have to work for the rest of his life. 
THIS is what I want for my birthday... some day. A little English Bulldog girl puppy. I will have her a pink bling collar and I will name her Lola. I think they're the cutest things I've ever freakin seen. Even as wrinkly slobbering snoring adults. They're freaking precious. And they're AMAZING with kids. I'd put her in a tutu and she could be a princess for Halloween. That's how she'd be treated. Just look at that face! 
Flippin adorable I tell ya! I know they have some health issues... but that comes with the territory I suppose. Thats why Vets have jobs. Plus... I think Skeeter would be ok with a dog as long as we got her as a puppy. When we almost got that other cat Bacon, he was ok with it... Bacon was the one being a freak. Jumping walls and junk, growling at the kids... thats probably why Skeeter didn't like her. She was acting weird towards the kids. haha
You guys have no idea how hard it's been not to turn this blog into an "I hate president Obama" blog. I'm not fond of him or any of his policies. Especially when he's causing my health insurance premium to go up. Dumb ass... I'm probably on some kind of watch list.. IDGAF. The president is a freaking MORON. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Can't Stick To Anything.

I'm sad today. 
I think I'll have to give up my Curves membership. Since we moved across town, I put 40 miles a day on my car dropping off and picking Jacob up from school every day. So going to curves would be another 20 miles a day! I'm terrified that I'm going to explode again. I've done that workout Lea Anne gave me, and HOLY SHIT... My legs, apparently, have never had a workout before. I'm going to throw in some push ups, crunches at the end. On days I don't do that leg torture, I'll do some arm workouts with my dumbbells and run on the treadmill. I have to do WORK to make sure I don't get fat again. We don't have the money to buy me new fat clothes... I done got rid of all my other ones. hahah
Speaking of clothes, I have 2 weeks to get rid of some inches before we go to the coast. Time to suck down the water, and super watch my portions. Speaking of portions... I'm doing super good with that shit. Yesterday I had some cheesy broccoli rice and some garlic chicken... and 1 cup of prepared rice is 200 calories... I couldn't do a whole cup. That is a lot of freaking rice guys... Plus the broccoli and chicken... gah... So I just did like, 1/2 a cup. my 3oz of chicken and broccoli and it was delish. 
Today was a 600 calorie day... and I gave that up already. Hence the name of this post. I just can't do another day of it. My ovaries are kicking my ass and putting me in a murderous mood... and paired with only 600 calories I'd for sure go off the deep end. That wouldn't be good for anyone. 

Here is an example... This morning dropping Jacob off at school.. I pulled into the drop off line and stopped like 4 foot short of a sign that says "drop off" and there happened to be a teacher standing out there... Jacob took off his seat belt and out of the corner of my eye I see the teacher waving at me to pull forward... There were no cars behind me. I've dropped him off right in this very spot 2039 times before. Don't ask me to inch forward because you don't want to move from the sign to open the door or whatever. I ignored her, said my goodbyes to Jacob and pulled away while she gave me the stink eye. I'm sure her whole day is ruined now that I didn't pull up 4 foot to the sign that said "drop off".... THAT little thing, irritated the SHIT out of me. 
The reason I shouldn't do the 600 calorie thing anymore. For now anyways. Maybe I'll do it again later, but not right now.. for the sake of humanity. 

So... it's what? Like.. 9 days or something till my birthday? How exciting. O_O I'll be 28 or something. Unfortunately I hate to admit that I already forget my own age. I can't even tell you how many times I've asked Allen "How old am I?" Pathetic. I bet I get that from my mother. 
My mom is going to keep the kids the night of my bday so Allen and I can go see that "Gravity" movie with Sandra Bullock... I really want to see it... but I'm slightly scared that it's going to be an hour and a half of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney floating around in space crying and crap. Thats what it seems like on the trailers anyways. I guess we shall see. I should say we MIGHT to go the movies... depends on our $$ situation. Lots of awesome bills are coming out of our check tomorrow. O_o L.A.M.E. 
I hate being a grown up...  
Till whenever I decide to blog again guys.... see ya! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

So Much Going On.

I haven't posted in a few days, and there has been a lot that's irritated me over the past few days, so please, bare with me. haha 
First.. My Amazon store is GROWING! I have tons of stuff in there. Check it out for sure. Also, If you're looking to make a little extra money by doing nothing other than sitting on your computer, sign up with Survey Savvy. 
You basically take surveys for money. They don't flood your mail box with trash and crap either which is my favorite part. I get like, 1 survey a week or sometimes go a week without getting anything. You take 5-20 minute surveys for 50cents up to 20$. The surveys are about random crap.. shopping, electronics, online shopping vs. store shopping. Simple things. I've got about 28$ saved up in my account so far... You can request a payment whenever you want, and they send it in the form of a check to your house. I'm not cashing out till I get 100$. 

Yesterday we went to get Hailey some new shoes, and I've come to realize that she's definitely the diva I never was. After trying on about 14 pairs of shoes she finally decided on 2 she liked. A pair of Minnie Mouse sneakers, and the most sparkly pair of little flats she could find. 
Yep... and here it is, 7:59am and she's already wearing them. It came down to either these, or a pair of bright pink boots. She's already informed me that when daddy gets paid, we have to go back and get the boots. ayy yi yi. 
So... if you haven't watched the last season of Dexter, I suggest you not read this next paragraph.. Because there may be some spoilers that you don't want to read or see. 
I'm so freaking disappointed with how they ended this series. Allen got me HOOKED around season 4. We watched 1-4 on Netflix and then kept Showtime around on the months that Dexter was showing... I feel like this last season was a giant waste of my life. Seriously. I mean, To end a series is one thing.. I understand wanting to go out while ratings are super high... but why do it in the lamest way possible? They were saying "it's going to be emotionally satisfying" well I call bullshit. Nothing about that ending was satisfying. To kill off one of the BEST characters in the damn series!? SERIOUSLY?! not happy. I feel like they rushed it and didn't really give a lot of thought to the fans. O_o

So, I got my second dumbbell yesterday. Somehow I had lost one in the move from the old house. So I haven't been able to start the workout Lea Anne made for me. I'll start it today though. I'm pretty excited. As of the other day I was down 3.5 pounds. Pretty crazy what a new diet can do for you. This 600 calorie diet is not easy... Thank God it's only 2 days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my angry days. hahaha 

Yesterday Allen and I cleaned out my SUV... It's only been a year coming. jeez. It wasn't too bad. It's amazing how dirty kids can get leather though. Also... The other day, Allen, the kids and I were walking around at WalMart picking up a few food things we needed, and 25 mins into the trip he comes to me and says "You know whats funny?" we're at walmart... I'm thinking he's about to point someone out to me. "What?" I said.... and then he goes "Your shirts on inside out." 
I was going to just try to hide it by taking my hair out of the pony tail and hiding the tag in it... but there was also a tag on the side of the shirt. Moral of the story... Never put clothes on directly out of the dryer when you're in a rush.. and NEVER count on your husband to let you NOT look stupid in public. Thanks for that. 

Oh! yesterday I got the prettiest birthday gift ever from my mom and step dad. It's a sterling silver necklace with a sand dollar pendant on it. The sand dollar is a cast of a real sand dollar too, but with original artwork done by the guy that makes them here in San Angelo. It'll be the perfect necklace to wear when we go to the beach in a few weeks. <3 

Jacob lost his first big front tooth the other day! He was so excited! There was quiet a bit of blood so he was a little.... iffy at first, then about 5 seconds later he realized losing a tooth means money! Apparently the tooth fairy has deeper pockets now too... She gave him 5$. I used to get 1$. Damn inflation. 

Tomorrow I have my breakfast and lunch all planned out already. 
For breakfast I'll have 1 scrambled egg... and my coffee. 
for lunch I'll be having a chicken breast with a small potato.
and I have no idea what I'm eating for dinner yet. Allen's work schedule
sucks fat balls this week and he works from 10am - 5 or 6pm. It doesn't sound like it sucks, but he
has an hour drive out there, and then an hour drive home. so he wont REALLY be home till after 7 sometime. 
Holy crap... I just did my calories for yesterday... and I ate 2162 calories for the day! Damn that Logans lunch!!!! That alone was just about 915 calories! Breaking it down like that makes me want to barf. ugh. No wonder I was so bloated afterwards. O_o

Hoodie weather is on it's way! We walked outside this morning to a brisk 55*! Time to bust out the kids small jackets and get some feety pjs. (for them... not me. That is not cute.) OH and I need some damn boots with fur. I found some I want so bad.. they're water proof and they're pink and furry... perfect for slipping on to drive Jacob to school in the mornings. Speaking of driving Jacob to school... I almost hit this freaking moron walking across the street today and he flipped me off... There was a crosswalk about 20 foot away from him yet he decided to cross in the middle of the block. Did I feel bad for almost hitting him? NOPE. Did I slow down at all? NOPE. I was super tempted to stick my arm out the window to slap his face. I don't have a good enough temper in the mornings to deal with that kind of shit. I just flipped him off and honked. I hate people in the mornings. Especially ones that do stupid shit and try to act like I'M the one to blame. lol That's what wrong with Murica these days. Everyone wants to act like little freaking idiots and blame everyone else. I can't wait till Obummer is out of office. He's the biggest freaking idiot of them all. ACTUALLY.... The people that VOTED for him the SECOND TIME are the BIGGEST freaking idiots of them all. Damn morons. 
Say you have a fantasy football team, and your guys not doing too great the first 4 games... are you going to keep him around for another 4? or TRADE HIS ASS?! 
Way to go Idiots. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

600 Calories Today... Not Too Bad

Allen and I went yesterday to San Antonio for his Great Grandmother's funeral... It was a nice service. I was slightly annoyed at one point, and I don't know if it was just me... or if anyone else was annoyed by it as well... I sat in the front next to Allen's Grandma... it was her mom who passed away... She asked me to sit with her because Allen was asked to be a Pallbearer, which was super cool... Anyways... so the service was over, and the people would line up and pay their last respects to Agnes... and then walk over to the family and give condolences and whatnot... well Allen's Grandma's brother was first in the pew, then his wife.. and then Allen's Grandma. They'd walk to her brother, his wife, and then turn around and leave. Now... I know that a lot of the people that came were from Her brother's wife's family... and I understand that her brother's wife was very close to Agnes... but shit. It was HER mom too. It just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Other than that, it was a very nice service... the burial site was super nice minus the 390 air planes that went over in a 20 minute time period. I'm aware they can't control air planes... I'm just sayin... 
Like I said earlier, Allen got to be a Pallbearer. He said it was very hard to do it, but he was happy to do it at the same time because he got to be apart of her service. He for some reason, wasn't able to attend his Great Grandpa's funeral so it made him feel really good to be involved in this one. Plus he got to leave his boutonniere on her casket when it was lowered down.  
OK... enough of that, 
Foggy Smoggy San Antonio

Today is a 600 calorie day... and I have a plan this time. I had an egg for breakfast, 80 calories. I'll be having some chicken breast and a small potato (no butter or anything) for 210 calories, and then some pasta and marinara sauce for dinner for 300 calories. I'll be sittin pretty at 590 calories for the day! Tuesday when I did this I lost a pound. Yesterday I kind of ate shitty... but It was unavoidable considering the circumstances. 

Allen's mom has a super cool coffee maker... she's got one of those Keurig machines. It looks nice... makes coffee fast... has neat flavors... but I can't hang. I need my regular coffee pot guys. LOL I like putting 6 scoops for 5 cups of water... We've been told our coffee is so strong it could stand without a cup. With my kids... we need it like that. haha I'll stick with my Black and Decker 25$ machine that I have to do everything with. I'm ok with that. Don't get me wrong, the Keurig is fast... and pretty cool looking.. and less to clean up it seems... but those little cups are... well... little. haha 

Ethan is wearing undies right now... and he better get up and use the potty if he needs to. I'm so dang tired of diapers I could scream. This kid will be just at 3 months. He's stubborn and lazy and I'm annoyed. Hailey needs to get the heck out of diapers at night! She thinks it's ok to just sleep in diapers for the rest of her life. O_O NO... no it's not. My money needs to go to other things other than diapers. Like you know, food and gas. Gas isn't super expensive here right now... we paid 3.14 a gallon yesterday... But I remember when it was 2.14. gah dang man. 
I remember when putting 10$ in my car would give it half a tank. 20$ would just about fill it up. ugh

Jacob is about to lose his first top tooth... it's super freaking loose. I'm thinking maybe,.... 1 to 2 days max. Especially if he keeps jacking with it the way he has been. We'll see I guess. He's being really brave about this one too... no crying or anything yet. haha we'll see what happens when we're actually pulling it. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life Alert, Unicorns, and Sitting On Jacob.

Today is my 500 calorie day... I don't think I've posted the new diet I've put myself on yet... It's pretty simple. The sugar thing was kind of a bust. 25g of sugar is really...really hard. Maybe I'll give it a try another time, but right at this moment, I'm not strong enough to do that. So... Here is my new diet. 

I'm allowing myself the original 1200-1300 calories a day... Except on Tuesday and Thursday, where it drops down to 500. I know a lot of people are going to be like "That's not going to work..." or "That's not good for you" but I've done a lot of reading on it... and I've heard some personal testimony from people so I have high hopes. I'm giving it till October, and I'll reassess what I want to do, but for now... This is it. Today is my first 500 calorie day... I'll be throwing down on some celery and lettuce till later, where I'll have an amazing Subway sammach that's only about 460 calories. woot woot! 

I will tell you this though... Making food for the kid's breakfast was hard. I want some cereal so bad. or these new Bagels I got... they're lookin so tasty right now. Bastards. I'll just drink my water and immerse myself in house cleaning and getting ready for mine and Allen's road trip later. We're headed to San Antonio today to attend his Great Great Grandma's funeral tomorrow morning. We weren't sure how it was going to play out for a few days... I'll tell you why...

My mom decided Sunday afternoon, that she and my step dad wanted to go out riding on their Mule in the pasture. (You know, those big 4-wheeler type things but, better.) Well... she saw something she wanted to go look at or something, got out of the Mule, and ended up slipping on some mossy cement and bashing her face into the ground. Hard. My step dad said it looked like someone had dropped her body out of an airplane when she hit... So he runs to her aide and ends up slipping on the same mossy area and lands on his back... I know right!? Old people....*Shaking my head....* so, he gets her up and shes ok for a second, then he said she started acting funny and said she felt sick. Long story short, She thought it was Christmas, ended up staying over night in the hospital so they could watch her brain just in case, and now has a super super super bruised face. I was pretty worried... I mean, she's old. haha! :) I told her she needs to come up with a more... interesting story than "oh I was walking and fell on my face"... O_o Maybe something like.... She was being chased by Big Foot and she tripped over a baby Unicorn and fell on her face. 

I know what she's getting for Christmas... Life Alert and a Helmet. :) 

Anyways,... she is home now.. She's got a concussion and like I said before, a pretty bruised face. But she'll still come over this afternoon and watch the kids for us so we can get on the road. We're going to make sure the kids are bathed that way she won't have to worry about that. At least we'll be in San Antonio earlier than midnight... like it was going to be pre-fall. 

Side note... I have my own Amazon Store now... the link is over under my BIO.. Freaking sweet right? I think so. 

OH so... I'm up to 147lbs. That's right bitches... Gaining weight like crazy. I think it's because I had kind of given up. I stopped drinking water as much, I started ignoring my portions... I kind of lost sight of what I wanted and WHY I wanted it. I want to be healthy, and I want it for me. I have a great trainer that gives me AWESOME advice... The last time I did what she told me to, I lost 10 pounds in a month... I don't know why it's so hard for me to just suck it up and do what needs to be done. The worst part, is that I KNOW what I'm doing... and I know it's not what I need to be doing. Pathetic. Lea Anne has written up a workout I can do at home on the weeks I can't go to Curves because of Allen's schedule... It should be excellent. O_o

It's called the Magic Eraser... 

Dumbbell Lunges x 15 each side. 
Squat Press x 15
Burpees x 15
Dead lift Rows x 10... each leg
Mountain Climbers x 15
Jump Squats x 15
Chair Pose Hold for 30 seconds.

"Repeat this badassery 5 x's " 
Sounds excellent right? Shouldn't be too bad.. I'll start it Thursday. 

well... I think that's all for now... My kids haven't really done any shenanigans lately.. 
Nothing that stands out at me as freaking ridiculous anyways. 
Their favorite past time.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sugar Challenge Day 3.

So, here we are... day 3 of the sugar challenge. It's not going too bad. I was under goal yesterday by 5g. I'll probably bust today though... I broke down and had some Strawberry Mini Wheats.. 8g of sugary goodness right there my friends. I'm full though, and didn't have to cook.. so it's more of a win / win in my book. 
mmmmm delicious. 

We have a funeral to go to Wednesday. Allen's great great grandma passed away yesterday morning. They said she took one last big breath and then just, passed. Which is cool... Thats how I want to go. Peacefully and in my sleep. We'll have to leave Tuesday night around 8:15pm.. which is AWESOME O_O.
We'll be driving to San Antonio and staying with Allen's mom.. we probably won't even get there till... midnight. I'm thrilled. THRILLED!
Hopefully we don't die on the way considering Allen falls asleep driving almost immediately.. plus we're taking his truck so not only can I not drive because I can't see at night, but I can't drive his truck.. so it's up to him. 
You're probably thinking "So.. just talk to him the whole time, or play games or something." yeah.. Been there and tried that. This is the same man that can fall asleep 2 minutes after putting his feet up in his recliner. While we're in the middle of a conversation. 
While the kids are screaming.
Talking is not going to work.

My birthday is in like... 21 days or something... I don't know.. I'm not really counting... :)
If anyone wants to get me anything... I'll take a freaking Kindle case... they're cheap on Amazon. Thats where I got Allen's. My poor kindle screen is getting little scratches and crap because I had to take the screen protector off. Well.. it's been off for a few months, but it was getting all... stupid looking. My case has been gone since I dropped the whole thing in the toilet. LOL I'll tell ya what... Kindles are pretty resilient.. I've dropped it several times and even submerged it in water... and nothings wrong with it. It still works just fine. At first it was a little... jumpy, but after it got dried out.. everything is A-OK. I'd recommend Kindle to anyone. and Samsung. Allen says my cell phone looks worse than some peoples work phones. haha I'm just klutzy... I drop stuff a lot. It's not my fault.  I'm joking... You don't have to get me anything. 
I'd be ecstatic with someone keeping my kids for a day. haha *this does not apply to family... MOM*

Eh... considering we'll be headed to Port Aransas on the 11th, I'm not TOOO worried about what I'm getting for my birthday. haha I would really much rather have my toes in the sand... and kids 6 hours away for 4 days. :-D 

OH OH OH!!! Last year, Allen and I got to go on the Lexington's haunted house thing.. "Haunting on the Blue Ghost" and they're doing it again this year on the 12th of October. I'm excited. Last year I basically hid my face in his back the whole time screaming and taking tiny baby steps. One of those scary bastards even said to me "LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!!" .... yeah... totally not looking. 

I don't know what gets me about that crap. I know it's all fake.. duh. Some of it is so fake it's cheesy.. but I just can't get over it. I'm spooky I guess. 

I don't know if I ever put this up here... but a few weeks ago I got a random text message from a number I didn't know... Here's what happened. 
They were not as amused as I was. 

Lunch time! Hope you all are making healthy choices! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sugar Challenge ... fml

I'm doing a Sugar Challenge this week. Starting today, Lea Anne, Shea and I are only having 15g a sugar a day. Considering my usual cup of coffee in the morning has 3 tea spoons of sugar, which equals out to 12 lovely grams of sugar in one awesome cup of coffee. Probably why it makes me so happy in the morning. Today I had 1/2 a teaspoon... which makes about 2g of sugar. I'm off to a good start! Right?! ........
These kids are TESTING my patience already too. So far there has been screaming, door slamming, fit throwing, and refusals to eat breakfast. Thats pretty damn amazing for before 8:30am. 

Lord help me make it through the day without beating anyone. Amen.

So, today is the 12 year anniversary of 9/11. I would love nothing more than to watch the news this morning. However, Mickey Mouse and Doc Mc Stuffins and Sophia The First will dominate the freaking TV till lunch time where I change it to my Fox News to watch Live! With Megyn Kelly. I watched the retard we have as president give a speech last night on why we should bomb Syria... and he had a booger up his nose whistling the whole time... I asked Allen... "Is it just me, or does he have an Eagle in cave one?" ... We watch too much The Love Guru apparently. It was funny though. Anyways... He keeps talking about how he doesn't want to put boots on the ground over there, but what he doesn't realize is that there will be boots on the ground. Most likely over here though. If we bomb them, they're probably going to do something to retaliate. Whether it's against our troops who are already fighting overseas, or against US here at home with people who have been living here like those little Jack Asses who did the Boston Bombings. Unfortunately the only way to bomb them and not have them retaliate is to drop a damn atom bomb on their asses. I mean, what would us bombing them do anyways? Other than kick the ant hill and piss them off at us even more. It's not going to sway the Civil War they're having... Whatever we decide to do, that civil war is going to continue, and it's none of OUR business. ...... OK I'm done with that.

So, I got on the scale this morning and I'm down to 144.4. which is AWESOME considering Monday when I got on, It was 145.6. I burned 739 calories yesterday at Curves and then we had Subway for dinner... and for some reason, I felt the need to get on my treadmill after dinner.. So I ran 1.3 miles. That shit is like running in sand. The belt slips a lot when you are running, so it moves forward a little before it goes back... yeah, A LOT like sand. Allen and I have decided that we're going to run in the afternoons on the beach too. Not in the mornings because we like to walk on the shoreline and pick shit up. haha I'm so glad our Hotel is RIGHT ON THE BEACH. We'll be able to wake up, have our coffee, and be out on the sand before the sun comes up. I can't even stress how excited I am to be going back. If we could live at the beach like, permanently we would. Allen has even been talking to the company men he works with in the oil field about positions open in other areas... there are a few positions open in Corpus, but he needs a little more experience under his belt before anything like that happens. Like 2 more years of experience. ugh...

Well... I have to get off here now.. I have to do some Maid Of Honor recon. 
Looking up bridal shows and getting stuff lined up! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Treadmill is Back.

Ran a mile today. Tomorrow I'll run more. Later I'll be going to Curves to hopefully burn another 1000 calories. We'll see... Depends on the time I get there. I had one of those Kellogg's To Go shakes for breakfast this morning... for 180 calories they're pretty filling. They have 10g of Protein and 5g of fat. I had it about 3 hours ago, and my stomach is already growling though. Even after my cup of coffee. Can't wait for my Curves Meal Bar....O_o How stupid. For dinner I'm making Spaghetti Squash. Even though Jacob hates it. Maybe I'll make him regular noodles. Maybe he'll get lucky. 

Jacob has started his first fundraiser for school... and this PTA must think us parents are made of freaking GOLD. I'll be ordering some because, he's my kid... but damn. Lord help me when Hailey and Ethan start selling crap too.. We'll be broke as a joke. 

This year he's selling all kinds of stuff.. including magazines, gift wrap, home decor stuff...snacks...
If you want to help Jacob raise money and get some cool prizes, you can go 
His Student Online ID is 22DPMLL after you hit 'next' on the left side of the screen are all the options of crap you can choose from. Magazines are up at the top... and the good stuff, like the home decor and gift wrap and jewelry.. 

We really appreciate any help he gets. Thank you in advance to anyone who purchases anything through his ID! :-D 

OK... I'm done whoring my kids fundraiser crap out now... 

So, this morning... everyone woke up SUPER happy.. which was weird. I should have known it was the calm before the storm. This is the first day since school started that I've had to take the kids with me to drop Jacob off, because Allen's schedule has been stupid and he's been home till later in the morning... Anyways, He went to work at the normal 4am today so the kids had to go with. They were super happy and singing songs in the car on the way home, so I thought. "Holy crap it's going to be a great morning!" 
I came in the house, made them their cookies and creme cereal they wanted... and then shit hit the fan. 
Ethan offered Hailey a spoon. 
He had the audacity to OFFER HER A SPOON FOR HER CEREAL!?!
............... -_- ............
She FLIPPED SHIT for a good 10-15 minutes about it. Long enough to make her cereal soggy. And like the Texas weather, almost as quickly as it started, it was over. 
I'm shocked a lot more than I should be sometimes by how these kids act. Hailey's attitude amazes me sometimes. Yesterday while we were at HEB doing some grocery shopping, Ethan decided to use his head as a weapon of mass destruction against Hailey's face. He busted her lip good and hard. There was blood going everywhere and Allen's all "I need a napkin Stephanie!" .... 
Let me just pull one out of my ass really fast in the middle of the pasta isle of HEB. wtf. 
Luckily I had a random napkin in my purse of mom shit. 
I still had to take her to the bathroom so she could rinse her mouth out... There was blood everywhere. People were looking at me like I punched her. I wasn't even next to her when it freaking happened. 
When we went to the bathroom, the water was HOT. So I turned it all the way over to cold and waited for about 3 minutes... and it kept getting hotter. yay... so when we walked out, I saw a water fountain she could use. SIKE! It didn't work. I ended up having to buy a bottle of water so she could rinse her mouth out. UGH. 

Well... that's all for now. I'm going to get lunch ready for these demons and them put them down for a nap. All I can say is PRAISE JESUS Allen comes home at 1 this week. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Coupons And The Treadmill.

We finally brought in the treadmill yesterday... This better be the start of something. I've noticed lately that I'm getting a little fluffy again. lol Not really, but I feel like I am. I'm still around the 145 mark... This is the hardest freaking 15 pounds I've ever lost. Seriously. I can't believe I was down to 139 not to long ago.. and here I sit... a few months later... 145... lame. 

I'm scared I'll end up this fat...unhealthy... gross person again. I was so unhappy with everything about myself in this picture. Gah man... 

Not to mention I've already gotten rid of all of my "fat" clothes and we can't afford for me to buy new anything right now. lol Gotta focus on the kids winter/fall clothes and crap for Christmas! 

I've got to start Couponing. I've been reading blogs about it... but apparently Texas has some pretty stupid Coupon laws... HEB seems to be my best bet as saving any amount of money though. They do their regular store coupons plus manufacture coupons plus when things are on sale... I'm sure if I pay attention I can get some good deals. 
Key words here... "Pay Attention" hahaha

HEB has a policy called "Fresh or Free"... if you find something on the shelf that's expired, and take it to the cash register, You get a free fresh one of whatever it is. Milk, Yogurt, stuff like that... bet yo ass I'll be checking my stuff now too. You only get one free item per trip... so I'll be looking for important things like Milk...Eggs,.. Cheese... stuff we use a lot of. I swear we buy a gallon of milk every 4 days. 
Sucks balls. 

Jacob was yelling "I can't breathe!!!!" and Hailey said.."Yes.. you can." 
She's so mean. 
No idea where she gets it. 
Probably her daddy.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Plateau.... You Suck.

31 days till my 28th Birthday!!!! 

I'm so excited. Now that we have the tax crap taken care of, Allen and I are planning our trip to the coast for our 1 year anniversary! :-D Everyone says the first year is the hardest.... seriously? It FLEW by! I guess when you're married to your best friend it's not much work. 

I'm extremely excited! We usually stay in a little motel that is right next door to this place, and every time we pass by we talk about how "Someday" we'll get to stay there. I had no idea it was so inexpensive during the Fall Season! I almost wanted to call them and ask if they were joking on the website. It'll be an efficiency room, but it's got a full kitchen set up, which is what we really need. I don't want to eat out the whole time we're there. So we're going to hit up the local grocery store, buy a few things we need for a few days... milk, eggs, salad stuff..chicken... maybe we'll catch some fish or something?! who knows! I'm just excited that we can actually go! 

We HAVE to change the oil in my vehicle before we go, and hopefully get the stupid suspension fixed...finally. 
If not, We might have to take Allen's work truck because I really don't want my freaking wheel flying off while driving on the interstate. The dang tool to press the ball joints into place is almost as expensive as all the parts we need. O_o It'll pay for itself with the first suspension side job Allen gets, but that's IF he gets one any time soon. 

I'm super annoyed right now the the lack of weight loss going on. I'm not over eating, I'm not cheating on my diet... a lot. (a few oreos a day to kill my sweet tooth, by a few I mean like 3.) I'm eating a lot more healthy, and drinking a lot more water,... Not to mention I BUSTED ASS at Curves last week. I went EVERY day... and burned a SHIT ton of calories! I made Lea Anne check my body fat and I've lost a pound of body fat... but my actual weight on the scale is going from losing one to gaining one. I can't freaking break this dang plateau. I don't know how much I'll get to go to Curves this week since Allen's schedule is really freaking stupid. He goes in at 10, (meaning he leaves at 8:45) and gets off at 6 (Gets home around 7:30.) So, unless my mom comes and sits with the kids I'll not be going. He's off on Friday.. By the Grace of God... unless they decide to pump this weekend... then he'll be working this weekend again. O_o NEXT WEEK though, He goes in from 5am-1pm so I'll fa SHO be going every day next week too before I have to get Jacob from school. I have to weigh and measure on the 9th-ish so I need to squeeze as much in between now and then as I can. I just don't know whats going on with this stupid ass plateau. I haven't even been drinking my sweet tea like usual! 

Well... I have to get to the bank.. get out the other half of rent and take it to my landlord. Better get off here and go deal with putting the car seats back into the car. O_o blah. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

100 Posts!!!

This is my 100th post! 

There is an awesome kid story at the end of this blog too... 

I had a goal of burning 1000 calories at Curves... and I hit it. woot woot! Now I have to keep it up. Hopefully! Allen's schedule is SUPER FREAKING STUPID the next week for sure... Not sure how long it's going to be yet. He'll work 10-5 which means he'll get home around 630 so I probably won't be going to Curves unless my mom comes to town. Hopefully I can get him to GET THE FREAKING TREADMILL INSIDE like he was supposed to do LAST week... 

My mom is keeping the kids tonight, which is SUPER because Dexter only has 3 episodes left, and I want to make sure I hear EVERYTHING that happens. It looks freaking intense and I have no idea whats going to happen... I love Dexter.. I wish this wasn't the last season. He's the coolest serial killer ever. Plus he's a ginger. The cutest ginger I've ever seen that's for sure. On the show they always have him in some kind of pastel button up shirt and tan or khaki pants. Brooke and I usually bet on what color he's going to be seen in first... purple? pink? light blue? maybe even light green?
Michael C. Hall is awesome.

I have a few theories on how the season is going to play out.. I'm hoping that Dexter gets Vogul on his table... She deserves to die so much... and I want Deb to shoot the Brain Surgeon so she feels like she's done something good by getting back on the force. I sort of want Deb and Quinn together again too.. They made a weirdly odd good couple. If that makes sense. I don't really care if Hannah McKay lives or not.. But I want Dexter and Harrison to get away to Argentina. Like he planned originally. 
If you follow Dexter you know what I'm talking about right now, if you don't... you're probably confused and bored and losing interest. haha sorry.. 

So we played the lottery again last night because Allen found 2 pennies on heads yesterday, we got two numbers. Which means nothing. 2 numbers basically means "you suck... thanks for the money." ugh.

I've been a little discouraged lately because I gained a pound last week... but I checked my body fat and I'm down a pound in body fat.. so hopefully it's muscle that I'm putting on. I'll take gaining weight as long as it's muscle weight and not FAT. Fat sucks. 

I'm currently at 145. I know I'm bloated and probably am retaining water weight... which sucks. I'm supposed to weigh and measure with Curves around the 9th of September so I guess we'll see wtf is up then. I know I busted ass all last week. I'll try to bust some serious ass this week too.. I need to start doing my Yoga again... I felt sync with myself when I was doing that on top of my work outs. I did a 2 minute plank the other day and thought I was going to die. That shits cray. It doesn't seem like doing that position would do anything really... but damn. after 45 seconds I'm ready to just lay on the floor and take a nap. 

Today for lunch, I'll be having some chicken salad that I made last night.. I'll be having it with some Crackers.. I love the way the apples make it all crispy. Allen took some with him for lunch today too. He didn't think he'd like it at first.. then I made him try it. Jerk. ha ha. I've also been eating my Curves Meal Bars.. I had one for lunch yesterday, and I had one for breakfast this morning. I couldn't even finish it though. Which is crazy. I thought to myself.. "I'll end up eating some frosted mini wheat's after this.. " hell no.. I couldn't even finish the whole thing. I'm still pretty full and I had that around 8:30am. Score. 
180 calories and like 15g of Protein, with 7g of Fiber.
Score. Score. Score. 

OMG we were at Walmart shopping on Friday afternoon... and Hailey was sitting in the little seat thing in the basket.. and I'm pushing her around, we're just about to leave but I forgot cereal, so we're headed to that area... and We passed some Halloween stuff and she was talking about Halloween and junk. Then she goes "Mom! there's a witch!" not thinking anything about it I just said "Yep... theres a witch!" and I guess she could tell I wasn't fully paying attention to what she was saying, so she said "NO! mom! Theres a witch!" so... I said "Where? theres no Halloween stuff around here." and then, the most embarrassing thing ever happened. She pointed to a lady that was walking behind me pushing a basket full of groceries... and said "RIGHT THERE!!! PUSHING THE BASKET! A WITCH!!!" .......
and then I died. 
Turned onto the cereal isle... 
and died. 

Kids suck... the end.