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Monday, July 29, 2013

Jacob's 8th Birthday!

We had so much fun yesterday. Jacob was a little cranky because he got hungry while we were in the cavern.. but he got over it pretty quick once he saw we were buying him stuff too. lol Turd. 
Ethan and Hailey missed their bubba a LOT. 
As you can tell by these pics. 
This was Jacob at the Sonora Caverns. He was standing close to the popcorn wall. Ethan did SO GOOD not touching anything. It's a 3rd degree Felony to jack with an active cave in the state of Texas... so, lets thank GOD he didn't mess with anything. haha
This was the butterfly area. Some jack ass broke away from the tour group just long enough to break off a 4 inch piece of it's wing. Which is now why they don't allow you to bring any kind of bags, or down there. It's also why it's now a felony. The Sonora Caverns is still an active cave. The tour guide said that in order for a cave to be considered "active" 3% of it has to still be alive... This one is 97% alive. Or 98%... I don't remember. haha
I'm incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful husband. I can't imagine being with anyone else. He supports me in everything I want to do, and I support him. He's my best friend. 
The kids got to do a fossil dig in an underground Classroom. They found some shark teeth. 
Here is a very excited ET man after he found some shark teeth. The tour guide was getting a kick out of him too. Some of the strangest stuff comes out of this kids mouth. 
These were live geodes! You can see the holes in the walls, and inside the holes are round rocks. Some big, some little... pretty crazy. There were hundreds. 
This was the Horseshoe Lake... It went back under that room and to the left... The tour guide said it was 5ft deep in some places. TOTALLY doesn't look that deep though! Those ripples are from drips of water falling from the ceiling above. I got dripped on a lot. The deepest spot we went to was 155ft. and it was crazy dark. The guide made everyone turn their cameras, phones all that off, so we could see what total darkness looked like. IT WAS FREAKING DARK! ET loved it. Hailey was PISSED. She was sitting with Allen softly whimpering. Bitch held a grudge the whole rest of the tour too. haha She was not a happy camper about the lights being off. They were only off for a whole minute though. The tour guide said that when people first found the cavern, they'd be down there for weeks because they'd get lost or whatever.. and when they or IF they finally made it out, they'd be completely blind and have no color in their hair or skin. So, without the sunlight for 3 weeks, you'd turn into a blind albino. YIKES. 
Look at that mad face. She wouldn't even let me take a picture.
They had to make a man made wishing well to keep idiots from throwing money into the natural springs and stuff in the caves. Some fool threw a 20$ bill in that bitch. Serious? If they wanted to throw money away, my hand was right there. damn.
This is one of the natural ponds that people would throw their money into. The copper from the pennies is what made it this blue/greenish color. 
This was the Whales Belly or something. It was a long hallway leading out of the cave. When we were walking through it, Hailey goes "It's like our living room!" ... Maybe that means I need to put more crap on our walls... lol
They had peacocks walking all over the place. This guy was all up in our grills too...
They're definitely not scared of peeps.
This one came right up to Ethan and I while we were watching another one in front of my moms truck eat the bugs out of her grill. lol Lazy peacock. 
Two of my favorite boys. Jacob said "It's not bunny ears... it's alien ears because they're are 4." LOL Aunty teaching our kids well. O_o Hailey is also poking freaking holes in peoples foods. hahaha she poked a giant hole in Ethan's fig newtons. He had 4... and each one had a hole right in the middle. Jerk. ha! 

Well... That was Jacob's amazing birthday. I can't believe he's 8 already. It's going to be no time and Hailey and Ethan will be going to school. Next year Hailey goes... and the year after that, Ethan is off. I'm sad and excited all at once. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Eff You New Mexico!!!!

No New Mexico for Allen!!! I was so excited when he came home yesterday and said "I get to keep my ass at home!!" SCORE! I know he hates going over there too... They should send the guys that have no wives or kids. Problem solved. 

Jacob comes home tomorrow! I miss that little turd so much! I was talking to his "dad" yesterday and I'm REALLY FREAKING ANNOYED with his dumb ass. Jacob had been asking to go stay with Aunty (Allen's Aunt) for about 2 to 3 weeks,.. so when they got home from their cruise (and over sun Jacob went and spent the day. Aunty had some coral for him that she got while snorkeling on their cruise, also some tins from London and a teddy bear from there as well... and some awesome rocks from Jamaica or Cozumel... and a GIANT 2ft smiley face pencil.. and this was all in a Green Nike backpack for him... well Fern's brother picked Jacob up from her house that day and Fern now has to go try and find all of his stuff at his brother's house because he wasn't responsible enough to make sure Jacob got back to Fern's house with it. O_O The only think Jacob made it back with was a transparent man Aunty got him that had bones and rubber guts and junk they put together while he was there. That kinda crap really grinds my gears. Not only that, but of course, I'm trolling Fern's gf's Face book... and they're going out and drinking like, every weekend, and a lot during the week... and I'm like.. WHO THE FUCK IS WATCHING MY KID!?
 He's down in Austin to spend the summer with HIS DAD.. but I just have a gut feeling that he's been getting pawned off on his uncle. Which wouldn't normally be a problem if his uncle's parenting skills were worth a shit. I'm not a fan of his "parenting." Jacob's nephew acts like a spoiled rotten little shit. I know this because I've kept him before. He cried when we made him eat the dinner everyone else was eating, he threw a fit when I made them a PB&J sammach because it wasn't on the right kind of bread, he wouldn't drink the juice I gave him because it wasn't the kind he wanted.... If he were my kid... I would have busted some ass. When I skyped with Jacob not too long ago, even he said "Jason's such a crybaby...." lol ayyyy... When an 8 year old tells you that his 8 year old cousin is a crybaby.... there is an issue there. 

He's trying though. He's was a single dad for a really long time, so I'm guessing it was just easier to give in to everything Jason wanted. I'm just glad my kid notices how that makes you act in the long run. We're doing something right. 
I wanted to post some pics of Aunty's Cruise trip because the pics are sooooo cool. Allen and I have decided we HAVE to go on one. I don't know how soon it'll be... but we'll be kid free when it happens. I don't want my first cruise to be with kids.. Just in case anything goes wrong. Those things have been in the news for more bad than good lately! lol
that's a big friggen ship man. Also... a man DIED while they were on their cruise. He was drinking and got up on his balcony... and fell 3 stories to an open deck. yikes. 
This is Aunty.. this pic cracks me up EVERY time I look at it. lol
Thank GOD the slides are covered... wouldn't it be some shit if you were all... 'lets go have some fun...' get up there and go slide right off the ship. hah 
Look at this water!!!! This was when they were at a beach party in Jamaica. 
IDK about you... but I'd be ALL OVER that rock climbing thing over there. That looks hella fun. and hard as shit. 
She won BIG at the casino.. and they had this towel monkey and a free pina colada drink waiting for her by the time she got to her room after cashing out. Freaking sweet. They also got FREE champagne just for being on their first cruise. 
Tiki Beach... I like this pic because my kids watch the Backyardagains and Tiki Beach is a song they sing. lol
Sunset on the ocean looks amazing. 
I can't freaking wait to go on one of these things. 
she said.... it started getting bright around 5:30am. YIKES. That's hella early. 
Anyways, those were some of my favorite pics of her trip. 
Her Karen and Jan *Karen's sister* had TONS of fun. I'm so glad they got to take this trip together. They definitely deserved it. I can't WAIT to go to the coast with Allen this October. 
We're going to Port Aransas for about 4 or 5 days for our 1 year anniversary. Everyone always says the first year of marriage is the hardest... but this one sure did FLY by. No fights, No arguments,... So glad I have someone like him :) He and the kids are totally my everything. 
k... chucking deuces. Hailey has decided she wants to be naked. Um... no. 


Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Don't See It.

I woke up this morning to Skeeter meowing like an idiot and then laying on my face until I got up. That was at 7am on the dot. Allen has to stop giving this fat ass treats before he leaves in the mornings because they make him freaking stupid. Every time I see him asleep today, guess what? I'll be poking him or pulling his fur till he's annoyed enough to wake up. If I can't sleep...neither can he. 
I can't believe he'll be 1 whole year old in 2 days. 
Pretty big transformation. Our vet thought it was soooo tiny and wouldn't get very big... Here we are and he's almost 13 pounds. 
Fat ass.
So, we found out last night there is a huge chance Allen may be going back to NM next week. O_o We both HATE when he has to go to New Mexico. Hopefully his boss remembers he's got an appointment Aug 1st for his wisdom tooth. If he's not here to run that Run Or Dye 5k with me, I'll be super disappointed. When I bought the tickets I told him... put that shit on the calendar at work so you'll have the day off for sure... and he says 'Oh no, I'll just swap days with someone it won't be a big deal.' Maybe if he would have put that he needed the day off, his boss wouldn't consider him when making the schedule. We'll see after today I guess. He's going to get the schedule when he gets off work. I have my fingers and toes crossed that he doesn't go. Damn it. 
Not to mention... if he does go, He'll have to be there super early Monday morning (5am) So, He'll have to leave here Sunday afternoon... which means he'll miss Jacob's birthday AND I wont be home to tell him bye. Sunday we had plans to go to the Sonora Caverns for Jacob's birthday and I can't just not take him. He's been looking forward to it since May! If we go, Allen will have to leave before we get back :-( uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh... 
Now I'm annoyed. I'll have to do school shopping alone with 3 kids and that just sounds like freaking torture. Speaking of torture... people are always telling me, 'you're going to miss these days' or 'you're going to wish they were little later in life.' and I honestly just don't see it happening. I don't miss Jacob being a toddler. I'm glad he's turning 8. He does stuff on his own now, he's SUPER smart and funny... best of all, he wipes his own ass. Maybe I'm just... weird as a mom, but I can't wait till these babies go to school. Or just... grow up a little bit more. I loooove them right now, they're fun to cuddle with sometimes, but I'm also looking forward to getting my time back. Sleeping past sunrise, not having the tv on Cartoons on during the day, not having gigantic car seats taking up my whole middle row in the Mountaineer, not having to change someone's stinky hulk.... Thats what Ethan calls his crap diapers, and I'll tell you what, it's a REALLY accurate name for them. 
It'll knock you out. 

Now... about my weight. I'm at 138... again. Last week was rough, Allen and I tried a few new places to eat and ... I didn't do well. lol I started this Monday at 141. Now I'm back to 138... I'm SERIOUSLY considering a NO SUGAR... Period.. diet. I'm pretty scared though,. Maybe if Allen goes to NM I'll get a chance to try it. But that brings us back to the hulk smash stuff... I'm afraid no sugar, will make me angry. I don't have TONS of sugar in my diet right now, but it'll be a challenge to give up what IS in my diet. Plus I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up. So, If I lost weight because I cut it out, as soon as I started introducing it again I'd gain it back. O_o. Especially because it's getting harder and harder for me to get across town to work out. I wish I could take the kids with me, but they're too nosy and would try to get into everything or climb on the machines and crap. Another reason I can't wait till they're just a little bit older. 
Well... I'm going to make some pancakes for the kids and some coffee for me... so, till next time! 
à plus tard!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jacob's Birthday and Other Shi...Stuff.

Jacob comes home this Saturday!!! We're all so excited! It seems like he's been gone for EVER. 
We're taking him to the Sonora Caverns for his birthday on Sunday. He's going to love it. He loooooves rocks and sciencey stuff so I think he'll have a blast. 

I weighed in yesterday morning and my scale said 141. I've had a week of bad choices in eating and drinking beer. I worked out though, so that probably saved me from gaining 5 instead of 3. I ate good all day yesterday and drank LOTS of water,.. this morning I'm down again to 139. Thank God. There are a few things going on in my life right now that are really stressing me out too, so I'm sure that has a little to do with the fluctuations. I don't understand why "family" can be so .....fucked up. 

Someone has been sending me horrible messages on Facebook about some crap... and see, only a handful of people know about the stuff they're talking about. And those people are supposed to be family. Allen and I are trying to get to the bottom of it, but when they're being little pussys about stuff... like giving me fake phone numbers to call them to talk... and deactivating their account after sending me some bullshit, it makes it hard to any real info. 

I can't for the life of me understand why someone would try to break us up. ESPECIALLY when kids are involved. The stuff they're saying in the messages is so ludicrous and absolutely stupid that I can't wait till I find out who it is... Once we know who it is, we can press charges for harassment and set up a no contact order. woot woot. and then for Christmas, if it's who I THINK it is, I'll fucking punch the bitch in the face. 
oh well though... Haters gunna hate...right? Not my fault her relationship is a trustless wasteland. Grow up.

So... My Run Or Dye 5k is coming up on Aug 17th! Whats that... like... 24 days? Who STILL hasn't started running? >>>>this girl right here<<<< fml. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

They're Baaaaaack.

The kids are back! My TV is back to cartoons and I'm not able to drink coffee in peace. Damn. Oh well. They had a GREAT time with Granna and Pawpaw, and my mom took some really good pics with my camera! Thank GOD Allen got me this for ... whatever holiday it was. They all kinda blur together now. haha It might have been for my Birthday, or perhaps Christmas... I don't remember, but whatever. Here are some pics of the kid's vacation! 
My mom and the kids...
My mom said they got sprayed by the dolphin's blow hole thing and he also splashed ET with his flipper. haha 
Ethan, when I showed him this pic, said "I was touching a shark!!" and Hailey promptly corrected him saying "No you didn't. That's glass." She's so mean.
My mom said they ran over to this thing at the same time, and after a few seconds, ET was gone! lol You can see by this pic how much further up he was than her. Pawpaw had to save her about half way up because she couldn't get down. ET is a freaking monkey though. He'd still be up there right now if he could be. 
Silly Kids.
My mom told me that Hailey had her head hidden in her lap for the first few turns of this ride. haha That doesn't surprise me. Also, ET was trying to rock the egg back and forth. I know who our thrill rider will be! 
Flipper!!!! Needs a tooth brush. If you're not whitening, you're yellowing. hahah

Well, time to start cleaning the house... yaaaaay............ O_o

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just A Few More Hours.

My freedom only lasts for a few more hours... The kids will be leaving San Antonio in a few hours and they'll be on their way home. I miss those little boogers but I sure have enjoyed all the silence. 
This was their first day... That's how I feel after a day of driving too... haha They look EXHAUSTED. They sure did have fun though. I sent my mom with my camera so when they do get back, I'll have tons of pics. I can't wait to see them all! 

So.... I've been having the weirdest dreams lately... Ranging from a super elaborate wedding with me and Allen, to my chiropractor trying to come on to me, and a death in the family. I'm thinking it has something to do with my cutting sugar out of my diet. haha I don't know what else it could be. Usually if it has anything to do with being stressed out, I have dreams of tornadoes. Thank goodness I haven't had any of those recently. I hate having dreams of stupid tornadoes. 

Allen and I have been getting the most annoying "private" prank calls the past few weeks.. or "unavailable." Not sure who it could be, but it's getting old and aggravating. I'll answer, and it'll just be silence. I thought we had grown out of prank calls but apparently some people still get their kicks from it. Whatever though. Now I just answer, and set the phone to the side, or up next to the TV and let them listen to what I'm watching. Idiots. 
Went to Curves yesterday and Monday... I think I've gotten my motivation back! I don't know how that happened... but here it is. lol I can't believe it's back but I've missed it. I'm down 55 pounds and have like 10 more to go. I REALLY need to do more muscle toning though. My belly would be flatter if I paid more attention to it. Like right now, if I were doing yoga, or something, other than this.... Maybe I'd see more results! But... it sure is hard to want to do stuff like that when this is the first vacation I've had in a LONG time. hahaha
Oh well... I need to get on some lunch. I'm thinking some rice of the brown variety and some beans.... maybe cheese of some kind.... Maybe I'll throw some grilled chicken in there too? Who knows. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm Free!!!

My mom just left with the kids, they're going to New Braunfels for the next 3 days to have some fun! My parents are taking them to Sea World tomorrow, they're going to have a blast. Also, it's my mom's birthday today! I'm so lucky to have my mom in my life. She's healthy, happy and helps me with so much. I don't say it much, but I sure don't know what I would do if she weren't in my life. I've had to throw away any hope of having any kind of relationship with my dad. I've lived in the same town as him for the past 3 years and he's never come to see our house or anything... He's only seen my kids 3 maybe 4 times. Fuck he didn't even make time to come to mine and Allen's wedding last year. Even though I had talked to him 2 weeks before asking him if he was still going. Fuck it.. Fuck em. I'm so bitter about it. I wish I wasn't... Hopefully time will heal my heart. I get pissed thinking about what a douche bag he's turned into. Once upon a time, he cared. ugh.. WHATEVER. 

Now.. I weighed in today and I'm down another pound and a half from July 9th. woot! I'm finally starting to feel my motivation again... My friend Brooke was over last night watching Dexter with Allen and I, and she said "You need to stop losing weight, you're starting to look like skeletor." Most people wouldn't take that as a compliment... but considering I used to be 55lbs heavier! Only a few more pounds to go and I'll be at my goal weight. If I would just suck it up, eat clean like I'm supposed to and tone up a little, I'd be right where I want to be. But I'm just lazy. O_o 
I TRIED to get Allen to eat clean with me last night, but he threw a hissy, so I ended up making him meatloaf, mac n cheese, corn and green beans. I make my meatloaf in a muffin pan though, so I don't over eat. Best idea I've ever had. Actually it was because I broke the glass pan I usually use for my meatloaf while washing it... and I didn't think to get another one before I had to make it again.. and the muffin pan was all I had. haha Oh well.. it works! 
I wish I would have thought of this with Ethan... That kid made some of the most amazing faces as a baby.

I'll be going to Curves today even though it's raining like crazy. I won't melt, and I don't have the kids so I have no excuses. My hair will poof out like a feckin cotton ball, but that's no reason to not work out! 
OH oh! Allen's Aunt Denise has been on a cruise for the past 7 days or so... They left on the 7th... I'm so excited for them to get home so I can see some pics! That and Jacob is soooo excited to go spend a few hours with "Aunty and Aunt Karen" lol He's such a goofball. I sure can't wait for him to be home. When he's at his dad's during the summer things are so different. I hope he doesn't come home all big and junk. He already sounds older over the phone! I still can't believe he's going to be in the 3rd grade this year. Next year Hailey will be going to Kindergarten and after that, ET will be going. YIKES! 

I know the end of this post is kinda all over the place,... Welcome to my thought process. haha
Gotta go! Gotta go deposit my Avon money! 
You want some Avon? Go here....

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stress and Cookies.

Stress is not good with losing weight man.... and My left eye has gone back to twitching again.... It's crazy that crap happens when I'm over stressed. I need to find a way to relieve some because the twitching is pissing me off. The stupid landlord situation is super annoying. That fool has 30 days to send me an itemized list of what our deposit went to. 
I'm so not getting into that again. My eye is twitching up a storm. 

I've made the BEST cookies... They're Vanilla Pudding cookies. I used the instant vanilla pudding with no sugar and no fat. They were like freaking soft fluffy clouds of awesomeness that just MELT in your mouth. I am addicted. fa sho.

I worked out 3 times last week like I was supposed to! I wanted to go on Thursday but Wednesday night I didn't feel good, and took some NyQuil and passed the hell out... Apparently I slept on my left arm (left again....smh) wrong and Thursday morning I couldn't hardly lift my arm. So stupid. I was told to ice it.. take some Advil and rest it. Still hurt Friday but I went anyways. I'm done being lazy. And I sort of have this 5k I'm supposed to be getting ready for. Allen is going with me... and Hopefully he doesn't die. haha I can't wait to run and DYE! 
I'm not going to take this 5k super serious though, I want to have fun and take some pics. At the dye stations I'll probably catch my breath, and snap a few. I still don't know how we're going to get home without getting the inside of my SUV completely rainbowed out. haha... awww hell. 

Did I already mention I lost 6 pounds last month?.... By accident? I wasn't trying. At all. I was just moving and dealing with MORONS. Thats probably what did it. Although, I was drinking more water too... but also, more beer... Redd's Apple Ale is the bomb diggety. 

So, Allen's aunt Denise has been on a damn Carnival cruise for the past 6 days! I'm NOT JEALOUS AT ALL... bitch. haha She comes back soon and thank goodness because Jacob, who's been in Austin with his dad for the past few weeks, really wants to go see her and Aunt Karen. I can't wait for that little turd to come home. I miss him!!!

Till Next time bitches! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Karma Will Come Back Around....

And when it does... I hope I'm there to see it or at least hear about it. 
We currently moved out of a rental house we'd been in for about 2 years or so and we royally got fucked in the ass when we left. Let me lay some stuff out first... Our landlord works for the fire dept here for one... and he has way more rental properties than he can handle. I can't count the number of times he needed Allen's help to go paint something at another house, or fix something at another house.. When there were things at the house we were in that needed to be fixed. Anyways... we found this house we're in now.. couldn't pass it up and thank GOD too. The landlord at the other house was about to raise rent on us plus, there was STILL shit that needed to be done to fix that house.. Not just minor shit either. 
There were 2 LARGE pecan trees in the back yard that hung down onto and over the power lines leading to the house from the alley,.. We get a LOT of strong winds here in West Texas too.. Every time a storm or something would roll in, branches would fall onto the power lines and he never did anything about it. The roof was bowing in in some parts of the house and you can see it from the streets. Shit, for the LONGEST time, there was a large window in our dining area that would leak when it rained... and it was right over an electrical outlet. I'm assuming if water got into that outlet it wouldn't be a good thing. 
We finally got him to change that window out, but it was like pulling teeth. 
There was a busted door leading out to the garage, so Allen tried to get him to fix it, but he never would... so we went out and bought a new one finally after the door handle pretty much fell off. We bought a 20$ door from Lowes, installed it on our own and gave him the receipt. We kept 20$ out of rent for it and he was pissed. At first. Allen had saved the door thank goodness and showed him what a piece of shit it was and he changed his tune. 
Needless to say, we are excited about living in a rental home that the landlord actually cares about. He said if we need anything, just get it.. and save the receipt and he'll take it out of rent. 
Anyways... we had a $600.00 deposit at the house when we moved in, and up until today, we were told we would be getting it back. We BUSTED our asses cleaning that house before we left. We cleaned base boards, toilets, walls, light fixtures, windowsills, carpets, walls, doors, door jams, ... everything. I even swept out cabinets and wiped out drawers. Just in case! 
 The freaking electricity was already turned off, so we had to use an extension cord and borrow our next door neighbor's electricity to vacuum and steam clean the carpets. 

Yesterday Allen texted our old landlord to ask about the deposit. He said we'd be getting it back if the house was left clean. Allen even went back over there on the 1st of July and mowed the yard and trimmed everything up. Today... Allen got a text message from that piece of shit saying that we never paid the pet deposit (which I have proof of) and that he had to go in and clean the house. So we're not getting a deposit back....
What the FUCK could he have possibly needed to clean?! Ok... Not to mention when Allen was there on the 1st, he already had people moving into the house. He told Allen "oh well, I haven't gotten any money from them yet." How is that OUR fault? You're the one letting them move in without getting any money from them.
It's ok though. If a few weeks, I fully expect an itemized list of what our deposit was used for. If he can't come up with one, with proof, he's fucked. I've already spoken with several people about it. I've spoken with someone at the city about the house not being up to code, and I've spoken to a small claims lawyer about our issues, and he says we have a good chance at winning.... except he might have the judge in his pocket because he's a Fireman for the city. I'm going to wait till next month... and see what happens. I'm super annoyed with it though!!! We went above and beyond to make sure that house was clean and damn near spotless before we left. Yet he STILL wants to bend us over... I can't even count how many times he said "We don't want to lose you guys as renters, ya'll are the only ones that pay on time." Now... I almost understand why he had other tenants who owed him money. No WONDER people would fuck him over so much.. it's because HE fucks people that are good to him. It's ok though... Like I said... Karma is a gigantic bitch, and it WILL come for him. 

I'm going to Curves today.. thank goodness.. and I have a chiropractor appt today after that. I'm super sad I wont be having those appts much anymore. I guess it's a good thing though, $45 a pop is racking up quiet a bill. Thank goodness they let us make payments as you can. 
I'm getting weighed and measured today at Curves too... so ... That should be good and depressing. LOL Hopefully Lea Anne's scale shows what mine does... 137/138ish. 

I just ate some damn Mexican food though. faaaaack. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where is my Measuring Tape!?

I can't flippin find my measuring tape anywhere. I got on the scale today and I weighed 137.6. Pretty cool. Unless the batteries in my scale are going bad... I'll be going to weigh in at Curves on Tuesday, so I suppose we'll see if it's right or wrong. haha I'll be pissed if I go in and Lea Anne is all "145!" O_o 

Yesterday, I let someone get the better of me, and I shouldn't have. Allen and I have decided I should leave my post from yesterday up... So, up it shall stay. I will say that I am not going to address that situation on my blog anymore. This is my blog for my weight loss, and my random crap that goes on in my life. Period. 

This is the funniest video I have ever seen. I have probably watched it like... a billion times, but I laugh like a wheezy old man every time. Maybe because I've done close to the same thing with my own webcam? IDK...

That shit cracks me up like crazy. Here are some pics I took like, 2 years ago when I had my old laptop,.. Warping pics is hilarious. 
I sure was giant. My goodness I'm fat in this pic. So glad I'm not that big anymore. 

Anyways. I don't know if I have the same awesomeness with the computer. I've tried but I can't find any warping buttons. haha 

My left wrist has been acting up today. I wouldn't be surprised if I had carpal tunnel in it. I haven't been properly diagnosed, but Web MD says thats what I probably have. haha All I know, is when I put pressure on my palm, or push my wrist back or anything HOLY CRAP it hurts. I'll probably end up needing some kind of wrist brace. 

Today Allen has to work from 12-7. Which is a super weird schedule for him. Usually he works 5am-3pm. This schedule works for us today though, because DEXTER comes on tonight! Which means he needs to stay up past 10pm tonight. I'm so sad this is the last season for Dexter. How are they going to end the damn series?! I hope they don't make Harrison an orphan. Are they going to kill Dexter? Send him to jail for life? Put him on death row??? What if they just let him go? Since he has been killing bad guys the whole time anyways. Well... Minus LaGuerta.... and Doakes. ayyy!!!! 
Not to mention... he's the sexiest Ginger I've ever seen. <3

"Cameron is so tight, that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in 2 weeks, you'd have a diamond." 
I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

THIS is getting ridiculous.

Look... your feelings getting hurt are your own fault. You stick your nose where it doesn't belong and this happens. I haven't said anything on here that wasn't already known. You know it's TRUE that Allen and Cody haven't been on the best of terms lately, and TRUTH BE TOLD it's BECAUSE OF YOU. You read something on here, and what do you do? You call someone and start shit. I'm SORRY if you can't act like an adult and stop snooping around. THIS IS MY BLOG MISSY... I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT.  Obama hasn't fucked up the constitution THAT much yet. 

Get over yourself. 
Leave our family alone, and MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS. 
If you don't like something I say on my blog, CALL ME. by all means, please. PLEASE call me.You probably still have my number.. We can hash this shit out like adults. Instead of playing games. seriously. 

What did I say on my previous post that was a surprise to you? Or to anyone for that matter? Should I just, pretend that everything is a-ok with everyone? 
 I'm not going to put on a front for my own damn blog. Every time Allen and Cody fight about something, it's because Cody is hurt or mad or upset about something that you have told someone about something that someone else has said. Aren't you the one that is CONSTANTLY saying all the he said she said needs to stop? It's amazing that it all begins with you. 

I'm sorry you have MS. I truly am. I can't imagine how much it must suck to go through life with the issues that you have...but that doesn't give you the right to be a bitch. And it damn sure doesn't mean that I have to keep my opinions to myself and off my blog. They're MY OPINIONS. MINE. 

 I'm sorry Allen wants nothing to do with you, I'm sorry.. YOU chose to lie to Allen for YEARS about his dad, YOU chose to lie to him when he confronted you about it, YOU decided to blame everyone else for shit you yourself have caused. 
I'm sorry. 

You have problems with anything I say, you call me. Otherwise, Mind your own damn business. 

I'm sorry to anyone else who may come across this post. It's directed at one person and one person only. This is the one and only time I'll have a post like this on here. This blog is about MY weightloss, MY life and MY family. If you don't like what I have to say,... it's super simple. Don't read it. 

God, I already hear it now... "Stephanie posted this.... she said that... shes so mean,... I've done nothing to deserve this.. I don't understand why Allen is so mad," 
Here we go. 

First Shopping Trip.... WTF.

So, if you read the last post, you know that we needed to get some groceries at a new store we've moved close to. The trip did NOT last long. We went in there thinking, prices are going to be pretty good because it's kinda like a newer version of Super S Foods...OH HELL NO. 
I don't know where the hell this store thinks we are... or maybe they think their shit is made out of gold., who knows. BUT I REFUSE to pay $1.39 for a can of corn!!! When I can go across town and pay .69 for the same shit. wtf. Their milk was NUTS too! They had the STORE brand at 2 gallons/$7.00. WHAT?! I can go to Walmart and get name brand milk for $2.79. Fuck this store. We went in, got VERY few things... just what we needed immediately... and got the hell out of there. The cantaloupe was ok priced at 2 for a dollar. I can handle that. My kids are addicted to Strawberries too, and I usually get a 3lb thing of them at Sam's for about 4.99-5.99... At this store of golden shit, 5.99 for a 1lb case. WTF. we WILL not be going there again. Unless it's for Cantaloupe. Period. I'll drive the 4 miles down the road to HEB. They have GREAT prices and in-store coupons... and GREAT produce usually. The ground meat at Lowe's Grocery was ok... we got a pound for 4$... but I don't know how it's made. I like getting HEB meat because they don't put any additives (like Walmart openly does) into their meat. Fuck Lowe's Grocery fa sho. 

Ok... done bitching about that. Lets move on. 
My brother in law's wife is expecting a baby next month. I love babies. Especially when they're NOT mine. lol 
(I love my babies, but theres nothing better than handing a screaming baby to it's mom and not having to worry about wtf is wrong with it.) 
I have to get their address from his daddy so we can send them a gift. Allen and his brother aren't on the best of terms right now... and lord knows he can't stand his brother's wife, but I've seen some of the cutest baby crap on Amazon lately... and with Allen's raise, we can afford to send them something. It should be a boy... so I'll get boy things. 
Dr's can overlook things though. Just like with Hailey. We had NO idea she had a Cleft Lip till my C-section. The scariest words I've ever heard were while I was laying on that surgery table with Allen by my head. "Ok... theres a small problem." Scariest words I've ever heard. Ever. 
Anyways... Sending baby things will be fun. I like spending money and buying baby stuff is fun.. so win win. 
Man... I found out for the first time yesterday that Robin Thicke is white. Everyones like "It's the son from the dad on Growing Pains!!! of course he's white!" .... 
1. I had never heard of Robin Thicke till Blurred Lines... lol and 
2. I had NO idea that guy on Growing Pains had a son. I definitely didn't know his real name. He's Dr. Jason Seaver. Period. 
Oh well.. anyways.. My kids LOVE his song. They sing and dance every time it comes on. Hopefully I can catch some video of them because it's hilarious. Till then I have pics. 
Hailey, as you can see, is getting down. Ethan was jumping up and down and spinning in circles while singing the "hey hey hey" part. It's pretty much the only part he can get on time while the song is playing, but hey...he tries. :) He'll be my little singer for sure. Following in his mommy's footsteps joining choir and junk. lol He'll be one of those Jocks in High School that juggle tons of stuff. I see it already. 
He also REALLY enjoys Neyo's "Let Me Love You" song. Check him out... Singing along, watching the video. haha... Sweet boy. 
We were in the car a few weeks ago, and Blurred Lines came on.. I've already established that I really like this song... So I started dancing and singing at a red light... Jacob was mortified. :-D I can NOT WAIT till he comes home from Austin. He's been with his "other dad" (his words) since Father's Day and comes home a day before his birthday (July 27th). Thats much too long for my taste. 
For his birthday this year, we're going to take him to the Sonora Caverns. Jacob LOVES to collect rocks, and stuff like that so I figured taking him into a gigantic cavern will be pretty neat for him. 
Every time we go to the zoo, he buys those bags full of rocks... every time. 

Allen is off from Tuesday through Friday this week, so I'll be going to Curves every day. Especially now that I'm not going to the chiropractor a hundred times a week. The pain and numbness has gotten a LOT better. But Dr. Smith says to get rid of the numbness completely I need to get a good massage to release that muscle that goes along your shoulder blade.. He said as soon as that muscle calms down and stops getting so knotted up, the numbness will go away altogether.. which will be awesome. I do like that Muscle Stimulation they do though. I'll miss that the most. 15 minutes of uninterrupted awesomeness. oh well... 

Hopefully going to Curves again will start to tone me up... Well.. not hopefully, I know it will. I just have to get the motivation back to get off my lazy ass and go. Now it'll be even HARDER that we live further away. I'll have two more excuses. "it's so far." "I don't have gas."... lame. 
I'm still at 138 though... says my scale anyways...
yeah... it's upside down.. I don't have time to fix it. (I can't find a way to mostly...) Ignore my ogre feet. The number is what you're looking at.