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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Measurement Day!!!

So, I went to Curves yesterday and they did my measurements and weighed me and crap.. I have not lost as much as I'd LIKE, but I'll take it... I weigh 187, and I've lost 2 1/2 lbs of body fat. I've lost 1.5 or 2 inches from my waist....I don't remember how many really its on the paper I got before I left, so I'll update it later. LOL Anyways, I'm proud that I've lost 5 lbs without really changing my diet at first... Now that I'm really focused on the working out part, All I have to do is get the eating under control and I'll be good to go. 
That pic really makes me laugh. LOL Oh, Jacob has a Teddy Bear picnic Friday during lunch.. We're all going to go and have lunch with him picnic style, and he'll get to stuff his own teddy bear. I wish I got to do stuff like that when I was in grade school...  I just never remember there being cool stuff like that happening during school. lol
Hes been doing better in school lately too, only because now at the end of the week, if hes gotten a golden star every day, we can go get a small toy Saturday... That kid will do anything for some Legos. We're also teaching him how to vacuum and once a week hes going to do his room. He can choose whatever day he wants, but it has to be done, and IF he does it without being told, he'll get a dollar. lol He actually really enjoyed picking days of the week he would vacuum. Silly little kiddo.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I burned 459 calories with my workout yesterday. A whole 33 minutes and I burned off a MEAL. :D well in calories anyways. Not to mention all the extra stuff I did yesterday too... NON stop movement lol. I even had a kid sized plate for my dinner! :) No, I didn't just make it into a mountain. LOL
Watch out, he looks serious about that food! LOL .... Why do men always feel the need to eat like that? I remember when I was a kid, and we would go to like, Taco Bell or something, my dad would order like 10 crunchy tacos... just for himself. I'm good after like, 1 1/2 (not anymore. :( ) I just think that is CRAZY. Maybe that is why I used to eat tons of food at a meal, it's what I saw growing up. lol 
I think its because food is so damn good though. O_o

I don't know what Jacob got on his project yet. He said he did good and that the teacher liked it. We'll see. 

I'm going to try and go to curves today. Depends on if my mom will watch the kids for a little while again. If I go, today I'll be getting measured and weighed and everything so I'll finally have some results. I weighed myself at my moms house yesterday, and IT says I've lost 11LBS. I'm scared it's wrong and I've gained weight. That would be more like it. I feel like I've lost weight though. Kinda.. In some areas. I am just proud that I haven't given up yet! woohoo! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jacob's Science Project!

I'm pretty annoyed with myself right now. I left Jacob's "Insect Discovery" sheet in his room last night thinking, surely nothing will happen to it in just a few hours. I was wrong. I have NO idea where that thing is right now. He is supposed to have it tomorrow with his Mosquito. He named it the Colorful Texas Mosquito. It only lives in Texas, and its furry and colorful because it wants to trick you and make you think it's a good bug. I sure hope he remembers everything we went over the past few days. lol I'm sure he'll freeze up at first. His mosquito is dang cool though man. 

My left side has been hurting me a lot lately. I had a really bad Kidney infection when I was pregnant with Hailey, and it feels like that almost. I hate this feeling too... it's just, super uncomfortable like your lower back hurts and you can't get comfortable. Hence 'uncomfortable' I suppose. I was going to do this on my kindle tonight, but I had to get on here to print some more pics anyways, so I figured I'd go ahead and get it out of the way. :)

I didn't go to Curves today because they're closed! I did some jump roping yesterday, and running around with the kids in the back yard though. Not like, a lot though because my side/back hurts super bad. 
I'm going to bed now! Allen is working nights again so he'll be out till like, 4 or 5am at the earliest. Suuucks! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Against my own wishes, I went to Curves and worked out yesterday. I thought about just doing a light work out because I didn't feel like, super great, but then I figured I might az well get a good work out in since I'm going. By the time I was done, I wanted to throw up. Lol. Seriously, walking to my Jeep, I was trying to think if there was any way to look normal throwing up on public... I kept my cookies though. My heart rate wasn't super high or anything, I didn't get hot or anything. My face apparently was red though. All I know is that it sucked big balls and I don't want it to be like that every time I go. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact we've eaten out a lot more. Healthy menu or not, I'm sure there's lots of sodium and grease. Ewwww. I ordered a jump rope on amazon instead of the other I got back (that's going to take a while) it should be here today. Then tomorrow our Kindle cases and the kids clothes should be here. Its like Christmas! Lol
Man I hope that's not me. Haha! Jacob has a science project due kn Monday. He had to choose a bug from a list and we have to make a model of it. Then he has to tell about the 4 stages of life...egg,pupa...whatever and adult bug. He chose a Mosquito. He could have chosen a beetle, lady bug, ant... even a butterfly, but noooo... now we...I have to make a mosquito. I say I, because I'm a control freak and I want it to look good. He needs a good grade! But really..... a mosquito?
Ugh. If there are any like major word malfunctions in this post its because I'm on the kindle and it chooses what ot wants me to say. I don't have time to proof read.