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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fixing the car in the RAIN!

Allen had to fix his car, and enlisted my help. =-| It was raining. Oh well though, rain is welcomed! lol OK, so I went to Curves this afternoon like I said I was gunna! I worked out hard today too. My heart rate is a LOT lower than it was. I think I said this previously too, but I'm proud of it! At first it was a good... 167ish... now it was around 150. I can't WAIT to start the Curves Smart too.. So I can see just how many calories I'm burning per day, and how many reps and crap I do on what machines. I think it'll help to SEE my progress day to day.
We had chicken tonight, with mac n cheese, carrots and corn! I ate a good amount of the veggies and about 4oz of chicken and like 1/2 cup of the mac. I drank sugar flavored water infused with Tea extract... lol that needs to change as well... not so much sugar in the tea. :-\ 
Oh, so I called the dr. today about Hailey's thumb, and shes got some kind of fungal infection or something... The bottom portion of her nail is clipped back but it looks like theres more under the cuticle. Hopefully the topical stuff they gave us will work on that.. Shes also taking an oral antibiotic as well because that was her thumb sucking thumb. If its not better in a few days, we have to take her back in, and they'll have to cut it open and drain whatever is in there, out. 

I have to be up early in the morning for my child support hearing thing. 8:15am! that means I have to be up by 6, get ready, wake jacob up at 7, get him ready and off to school by 7:25, wake the babies up, give them their milk, change their diapers, throw them in the jeep and drop them off with granna by 7:45 SHARP. Hopefully that will give me enough time to park, and find my way across that huge building. EEK!