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Friday, February 17, 2012

Its the fu*#ing Catalina Wine Mixer!

I went to my child support mediation meeting thing this early freaking morning. lol 8:15am is VERY early for me to be like, out of the house with make up and junk on. Being a stay at home mom for such a long time has me spoiled. I usually don't take my pj pants off till at least 10am. Dead Serious.
 Thats the cutest dog ever. Almost looks like Brookes Sweet Pea.
Jacob's "dad" got our child support established, its all legal and crap now. Once our income tax comes in, I'm going to spring for a lawyer, which should proove to be a little less expensive now that I've taken care of the child support portion. Less that they have to do type up I suppose. I wish I could just find a lawyer willing to go with me to court, because it's not like we're fighting for anything. We agree on everything, even child support.. I just don't see how its fair, for me to pay an upwards of $1200.00 for someone to type up a few papers, and go with me into the court house for a judge to say "ok, you're divorced." Ahhh... another one of those "If I would have known then, what I know now" situations. dang it.
Hey.... Does anyone know when another Alex Cross book is going to come out? I need to know. This is the last one I found... and I need it. Is there another book before this one?? Dang.

Ooh.. And here is a pic of Hailey's thumb tonight. This is after having it bandaged, and 3 doses of antibiotics..
Lookin better already!!! :-D