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Monday, February 27, 2012

Blowes Home Improvement

I will start by saying for those of you who are only interested in my weight loss, there will be hardly anything about that in this post. lol I didn't go to Curves Saturday or Sunday, *They're closed Sundays.* I do plan on going at some point tomorrow. Allen will be on his 3 days off starting Thursday, so I can work out then too. I've been doing fairly well with my dieting. I'm not snacking on fatty crap anymore and I'm  choosing from the "healthy" menu when we do go out. Thats pretty much it. Oh, I bought a jump rope at Wally World, and when I got it out of the box, I dropped it, because thats how I roll. Well, it broke the end of the handle, causing the two weights that were in it, to fall out and so, now I have to take it back and exchange it for one that won't cause my arms to look retarded.
"OMG why didn't you just rotate arms!!?" Me:"OH because I forgot which arm I had used last." I already know.

In the middle of washing a small load of new kids clothes yesterday, our washer decided it just didn't want to wash anymore. It would go through the whole cycle, except the drain didn't drain. The spin cycle also decided it didn't want to participate in the washing of the clothes either. Fun stuff... We bought a new washer at Lowes online. It said it was in stock at my store, so I bought it! Allen went up there to get it, *has to be at work in an hour*  and the guys are taking their sweet ass time. They don't have it in stock after all! So, they have to refund the card the original purchase, and we have to pay full price for a different more expensive washer. WTF. We needed something like, THEN so he did it. Hopefully they hurry up and credit that shit to my account. 
We ran to Sears today, and found the SAME washer, almost 150 bucks cheaper. 
I hate getting bent over. 

My friend Lauren gave me the MOST AWESOME website addy. If you LOVE coach purses, its a bookmark for sure.

Oh, I've been scouting out pics and crap to download to my Kindle Fire, and I'll be blogging more from there now. It'll take a little bit longer, but this laptop is about to take a dump. It's been a damn trooper though. 
I ordered Allen's ring. Now I just need to keep my mouth shut till he has a day off. I'm the MOST horrible person when it comes to keeping surprises quiet. I LOVE giving people stuff, and we aren't able to just give each other crap usually, so now I'm SUPER excited. Plus I know he has NO idea. 
He hasn't decided if hes going to use that as his wedding ring too, or if he wants to get another ring for a wedding ring and keep the gear ring as just, a cool ring. lol 
Anyways... I'm tired and I want to go murder some Angry Birds while eating some grapes. As ET would say, "BAH BAH! "