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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Man Keeping Me Down....

I'm sorry I haven't updated anything in a hot minute. Yesterday was the first day of Allen going back to work and me dealing with the kids, house work, dinner and baths/bed all alone. Well, since he worked in the oil field last July. Anyways.. There is a lot to say in this post, so I'm sorry if you're eyes get tired half way though. I'll try to keep it entertaining so you're not finding yourself picking your nose or something else more fun.

For starters.. I'm PISSED. I usually use Country Crock Original because its good,. period. Its just good... so to start my new diet and all that bullshit, I had decided to go with another butter that advertises "LOW FAT" and is generally supposed to be better for you because its NOT really butter......
I'm super annoyed with I can't believe its not butter! More like, I cant believe you're buying this because we're big fat stupid liars and the butter you're using is better for you than this!!!... let me show you an example. 
Country Crock Serving Size - 1 TBSP.
ICBINB Serving Size -  1 TBSP
same. same. same. seems cool so far right? well lets continue...

Total Fat CC- 7g per serving... eek! Kinda high...ok.. surely ICBENB will be different......
Total Fat ICBINB - 8g per serving. 

I know its just ONE Gram difference.. but 1 gram is A LOT when you're trying to CUT IT DOWN from what you're eating already!!!  That isn't all though,..lets continue again...
They have the same saturated fat, same calories, same numbers on almost EVERYTHING minus "Monounsaturated Fat" which ICBINB is the loser AGAIN for having 2g of that, and my CC butter has 1.5g. AND my CC butter has Vitamin A, D, and calcium! ICBINB DOESN'T. Fuck you I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! LIAR!

I'm done with that shit... Pissed me off. Now I'm going to eyeball my foods really well since I know they're lying to me now. 

I didn't go to Curves yesterday.. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off though, so I'm sure I got a little bit of exercise. The kids were playing out in the back yard while I washed a few dishes.. and I heard ET start SCREAMING, so I go to the garage door and look out, and there he is, butt in the air,.. and his head is stuck between the wall, and the dryer. (Dryer was not on. lol) I do not know what he was trying to reach for, or what he thought he was going to do once between these two objects... but he was good and stuck. I had to push the dryer over before I could get his head out. Hes got a nice little bruise on his cheek and ear! Not to mention all the bruises hes got in his shins from hitting them on these little plastic stairs he goes up to go down a little slide we have, it basically looks like I kick him in the legs all day. Not cool. 
I just KNOW this will be one of my kids some day.. Not Hailey though, shes too much of a little lady. She looooves lip gloss, lipstick, having her hair done, and making sure she has her hair brushed. lol. My little diva. <3 Shes come a long way from when she was a baby. :) We have another Dr. Appointment in March for her lip/ears again... I don't think they did everything that they could have done in regards to her 1st Cleft Lip repair. They didn't make sure her bones were growing properly or anything, now shes getting all these ear issues and her teeth are getting more and more monstrous... Here is a before and after of her little lip.
This was when she was a few months old. I really think she looks a lot like E.T. lol

This was right after :( I hated that SO much. 

This is my diva girl NOW. She's grown sooo much the past 2 years! Hopefully SOON we'll be DONE with her lip issues and we wont have to have anymore surgeries. 

I'm going to try to go to curves again tomorrow... I'll tell you what man, after not working out for 6 days, I thought I was going to die. ALSO, I had lost 4 inches before I didn't go for 6 days... Checked it today, gained it back! 
NOW that I wont have ANY breaks in going to work out, HOPEFULLY I can stay on track and TRAIN my body to NOT WANT these delicious foods that are sooo bad for us. O_o Right now, All I want is a Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell...  uuuuuuuuugh!