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Monday, February 13, 2012

My Goodness!

It has been a few days since I've posted anything of any real relevance. lol. Today, I'm going to work out. I didn't go Saturday because they closed at 1 and Allen had to go into work early, so I didn't have time. I feel like on the days that I don't go workout, that I gain everything back that I've lost. Which SUCKS. I know its probably not the case, but I feel like it is. I'm getting better with my diet too! I'm not eating after a certain time at night, and also, I'm eating less food at a time. I'm also eating those smart ones that have lower fat and calories and stuff.. they're pretty good.
I think I've decided I'm going to go ahead and buy a year with our income tax. This way, I'll get the curves SMART little, key thing for free. It holds all of your info on it, how many calories you've burned, your heart rates, the reps you've done on the machines and stuff...
Plus, at the end of your workout, you go and plug it into the little computer system they have, and you can actually see the skinnier person thingy thats supposed to be your body. lol I for one, can't wait to see that person on the screen go from a huge big blob of crap, to a skinnier version. The Stephanie 2.0 haha 

Our income tax should be coming in soon... like, on the 15th soon. IT BETTER! I mean, I know that everything is telling me that it'll be this day and crap, but its STILL the Government. We have pretty much all of our income tax spent already too.. I'm sure all of the US does. I'm sure a good majority of the US is using it for what we're using it for,..Bills, and getting stuff caught up that we really need. 
 Our main issue was that we were out of work for about a whole month! If that wasn't the case, we could be using this money for some frivolousness. 

I've been telling Jacob since before Hailey was born that we're going to be going to Disney World when hes 8. This started when we lived in Austin and we used to go to the Disney Store at the mall a lot. Now there are Hailey and Ethan who would need to go too... Next year, HOPEFULLY, with the job Allen has now, we'll be able to set aside our income tax and put it towards going to a place like that! I know we would ALL love that. Even a Disney Cruise! They have babysitters and all kinds of stuff! 
 I'm thinking a cruise because they don't have the roller coasters and crap like they do at the park. Jacob isn't a... roller coaster type. We took him on a roller coaster at 6 Flags this past summer, and forget it., that kid almost pissed himself. He was screaming and crying... and it didn't even go upside down or anything. It was the Roadrunner Express ....

Now, I'm going to get on google and find out just how much a few tickets will be for a Disney Cruise. We're going to start saving for it! ESPECIALLY if we're going to be getting almost a grand a week with Allen's job! 
Right now, I have to call Hailey's dr. and see whats up with her ears... she's still saying that they hurt. This will be like 4 solid weeks of ear infections and I can only imagine that having them for so long isn't good for her ears. See you all later after I work out!