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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kids are so funny!!!

I didn't update anything last night.. I was tired after a long day of helping allen with a car hes working on, taking care of my wild ass children, and making a stupid 300$ grocery run to Walmart the day BEFORE the Superbowl. Thats almost as dumb as going on Black Friday or the day before Christmas. :-\

Two very funny things happened yesterday. They both involve Jacob. I was helping Allen in the garage tape up a car for a paint job hes doing, and he and ET were in the house playing Mario on the Wii. Well, he was playing it and ET was watching it. Hailey was taking a nap that she had been fighting for about 2 hours, so before we went into the garage we told him to be quiet as a mouse bc his sister was sleeping. He listened for about 3 minutes.... and then we hear cheers, and screams of anger coming from the living room. Allen goes in and sternly reminds Jacob to BE QUIET and goes back to the garage. About 5 mins later, we hear more screams and squeals.. this time from ET. Allen turns around and says "Watch, I'm going to go in there, and Jacobs going to say "It wasn't me, it was ET." before I say anything."
Allen opens the door, and Jacob says "That was ET Allen.".. The kid is such a goof. lol 

Also, I think he experienced his first feeling of deja vu yesterday. He was sitting on the couch, and Allen and I were cleaning up the living room a little bit. Allen walks across the living room with one of ET's shoes to put in the closet, and Jacob said "hey... thats like my dream Allen, why are you coping my dream?" I said "Jacob what are you talking about?" and he looked at us and said "Allens doing what he did when I was dreaming I think." He paused for a second... and said "I feel weird." LOL it made me laugh. :) The stuff kids say sometimes catches me off guard. 

Today is the SUPERBOWL!!! I'm going for the Giants I think. I love both teams, so either way, i win. LOL we bought some stuff to make Allens bean dip. Its just regular bean dip we put in a crock pot, and add special cheese and Bacon Flakes or bits whatever and heat it up. SOOO gooood.. Great dip to just snack on ALL day long. I have to remember I'm on a stupid diet though too. One chip an hour or something... 

I'll update more later I hope. Today Hailey is still running a fever so I don't know if I'll get to work out MUCH. I'll still try to do a little something though. I'm scared I'm going to gain all the weight I've lost. dang it.