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Friday, February 3, 2012

Turning Point.

So.. Allen had an interview for a big big job today.. Hes been out of work since before Christmas really... Hes had a few odd jobs, and mechanic type jobs at the house.. This job though, is going to be awesome for us. We'll be able to catch up on all of the bills we're behind on and also hopefully pay some people off that we owe money.. (Family members have been helping keep us afloat.) It's going to feel really good actually having money in our bank account again.. I'm sure the bank will appreciate that too. :)
 I'd really like to come across this tree.. Maybe instead of 1's.. it can be holding 10's.. I won't be super greedy and ask for 100's or anything.. LOL just 10's.. and that they continue to grow. I don't have a green thumb though. :( yikes.

I didn't do anything that resembled exercising today. Well.. I chased the kids around the house today and I also helped Allen clean out the garage so he can paint this Nissan 350z tomorrow. I didn't do anything else though.. I couldn't really eat anything today either. I don't know if it was the stress getting to me about our financial situation or what, but I hadn't been able to eat anything all day, and at dinner, nothing changed. Allen made sweet and sour chicken with eggrolls, and usually on a regular day, I can eat more than I'm supposed to of this stuff. Tonight, nope. I ate like 6 bites and not even HALF of one eggroll.. Which is really good im assuming.. but the not eating for the rest of the day could be an issue. 

Did you know, that a human can only live 7 days with out water... and a whole MONTH without food? It's crazy how important H2O is to our bodies. I wonder if Kool-aid counts...?

That picture bothers me. I DO NOT like the idea of throwing my baby into the water like that. I had a hard time being pregnant just thinking about the baby not being able to breathe. I think it comes from my fear of drowning? IDK. 
An even Bigger Fear.......
Tornadoes and Strong Thunder Storms scare the CRAP out of me.. like I'll have a full on panic attack if I'm alone and sirens go off... Its hard to get the kids safe when you can't breathe, your chest hurts and your head is spinning,. 
It happened to me when we lived in Seguin, funny thing, no tornado. The sirens went off because of a flood. We lived in a booboo ass house on the Guadalupe River, and that bitch came up QUICK... like 26ft or something in like 3 hours? I don't remember.. it was ugly though. I damn sure didn't need to break my neck getting down the stairs to hide in a probably spider filled closet with 2 kids. (Before Ethan... but during the morning sickness) AND trying to stay calm as to not scare said kids, is even trickier. 
If someone... anyone knows how to have a panic attack, and still look and sound completely normal, please comment and let me know how.