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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thumb Sucking!!

So, I think it's time for Hailey to stop sucking her thumb. I'll post a picture of it later, but she has it really fudged up. On her right hand, on the outside of her thumb, by her cuticle, her nail is coming up and around her nail bed and everything is super red and just looks like it hurts. So, shes gotta quit it! I just don't even know where to begin. The paci with Jacob was so much more easy, when I was ready. LOL you throw them away, bam! they're gone! You can't really get away with doing that with a child's thumb. :-\.... well.. Unless you're Casey Anthony and in America!

I went to Curves today! Allen got home in time for me to swing by for the afternoon. I'm anxious to start using the Curves Smart thing, I'll get a better work out I bet! Plus, I'll be able to keep track of the calories I've burned and how many reps I've done on what machine. OH! I noticed today that my heart rate isn't NEAR what it was when I started as well. Which I can only assume is a really good thing! I checked my inches tonight though, and I'm only down 1. I think thats because I haven't been SERIOUS about my diet yet. I've started really, sticking to it and stuff today though. I have tons of Diet Dr. Pepper stocked up.. No calories, No grams of fat.. and tastes good. Also, lots of Smart Ones foods and 2% milk. OMG Smart Ones has these desserts, they're little cups of ice cream, with pecans, dark chocolate flakes and caramel sauce on it, and HOLY crap its SUPER freaking good. They're not skimpy on the amount either. Its probably, 4oz  or so! 

Going to bed now!