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Thursday, February 28, 2013

MS walk... and Other Junk

So.. I've been tanning lately. Which is stupid, I know.. blah blah, skin cancer.. blah blah... but lets face it, tan fat looks better than pale fat. While I know I'm no longer considered "fat" per-say .. I still see myself that way, and it's what I see that matters right now. Anyways, I tanned today for 10 minutes against my better judgement.... (Listened to my MOTHER!!!) and now my ass is "bed"burned. haha.. it sucks. I guess it'll keep me from sitting on my ass though. hah! 

April something I signed up to do an MS walk with Brooke and Lea Anne and My mom will be joining, she "says" we'll see. It's at 8:30 in the morning, so getting Brooke and my mom out and about that early will be interesting. It's on a Saturday, so I'll be taking my 3 demonoids. aka my children. It's only a mile walk, so They'll be fine. Speaking of my kids.. not my mom or Brooke. lol ;) I kid I kid. :) 

Brooke, Lea Anne, and I are doing a challenge...whoever loses the biggest % of fat in a month (starting yesterday) wins a t-shirt that will say something along the lines of "I got this shirt because I kicked ass" or something equally as funny. I'm sure between the 3 of us, we can come up with something killer. lol So far, Brooke has lost 2 pounds in the 2 days shes been on her stupid diet and Lea Anne has lost some retarded amount already... I might need to step it up. O_O damn it. Oh well... this was my idiotic idea to get me out of my lazy doldrums I've been in. I should have just started with something like,... hey, lets see if I can knock another 10lbs off this month.. noooo I had to go and start a contest with Lea Anne. LoL. ayyyeeee.
He Believes in me! lol

Tomorrow,.. I'm thinking about riding my bike to Curves though. It should be pretty, and Allen is home from NM so no worries on time restraints with kids and junk. I suppose we'll see how sunburned my ass is tomorrow.. because I'm not standing up to ride my dang bike. Nope.

Also, this weekend I'll be going to the good ole KOA to do some walking with Brooke and Lea Anne too. I used to walk that pretty frequently, but then I got lazy and it got hot so I stopped.. but I'm not talking, like, warm, it gets EFFING HOT walking out there. Especially when I had to push a stroller if I want to walk. Which was good exercise. Unless you're my mom,.. then it becomes an obstacle. haha Hopefully some day I'll be one of those girls that go out there and run that shit for fun. There are super stupid steep hills out there, so I don't envision that being any time soon, but I'd like it to happen.  I'd also like my arms to magically get toned. These meaty hooks are getting annoying. All I see is flab flab flab when I look at them. O_o I think I am way over critical of myself though.. Like, maybe I don't really LOOK as bad as I THINK I look... I don't know. eh... I still want them to have definition. 

I hadn't updated in a while so I figured I'd get on here and lollygag and put something about something. My wedding ring already needs to be re-sized... which is kinda cool. My fingers ALONE have lost 2.5 sizes. I think I'll take the advice of my friend Aubreya and get a spacer on it until I'm where I want to be, THEN get it sized, because it takes Kay Jewelers a good 3 freakin weeks to get that crap done, and by then, I could be another half size down! 

Can you believe I already have the tattoo itch again? I've got big plans guys... My mom is going to hate them.  (sorry....) but I love them. Brooke and I have been friends for going on 21 years, and what better way to celebrate that than to get a "friend" tat. We're thinking some roses or something. Also, I want either a dream catcher or a peacock on my other shoulder, and I also want a sea horse somewhere.. I'm picky with the placement because I want to be able to look at them. I don't get tattoos for OTHER people to look at, I get them for me to look at, and I just don't feel that I'll be able to enjoy say, a back piece. However, I'm terrified of getting them on my thighs. That shit looks painful. Also, I really love the idea of a foot tattoo, but I'm scared to death of that too. My feet are bony. 
Welp... I guess I'm done on here for now... I'll post again after this weekend is over possibly... 
Oh, good news, I'm down to 139... bad news, that's down from 143 on 1/31/13. I've gotta kick it up a few notches  if I want to win that damn challenge. (BAM!....Emerill reference... couldn't pass it up.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Ink!!! Who Needs a Dooney?!

So, I was going to reward myself with a new Dooney and Bourke purse after the Funnel Cake 5K, but instead... I decided to celebrate my weightloss, and 5k goal by getting a new damn tattoo! I FREAKING love it. Thats an understatement. It's amazing. I knew it would be because the guy that did it is fucking AWESOME. Got it done at Trufant Bros. tattoo here in Angelo.. by Aubrey. He did my very first tattoo about 7 years ago, and it still looks brand new and I still get compliments on it.
 Here is my new edition......
It took a little under 3 hours for him to do, and it didn't hurt NEAR as bad as I anticipated. I can't wait to get another one already. O_o Sorry mom. 
I'm not super thrilled with this pic though I have to admit... My arm looks a lot more meaty than I'd like. Time to start toning again. I've seriously slacked off a lot since running the 5K with Lea Anne... I've actually only gotten on my treadmill ONCE. yikes. I'm getting a little lazy again. Lame. 

Speaking of Lea Anne... she's been down in the dumps this past week due to some bullshit Chemistry professor she had run three 5ks in 3 weeks!! Anyways, she ended up pulling every muscle in one of her feet and might not run again for a while. :( I feel like that would be equivalent to someone telling me, I couldn't listen to music anymore. Running for her was a big deal... but I hope she knows it didn't define her. She's an amazing coach and an inspiration to me still. I can PROMISE you that had it not been for Lea Anne, I wouldn't have ran that 5k. Her motivation and encouragement has been a big deal in my weight loss journey.  I sure hope she knows how awesome she is!

So.. Tonight my mom took Ethan and Jacob out to her place and is keeping them for the night.. THANK GOD. Allen has been in NM for work since Wednesday and when hes not here, these kids just run all over me like crazy. It's not like I don't spank them and junk, trust me I do. Today within the first 20 minutes of Ethan getting out of bed I had to spank him for yelling at me "I don't want it!!!!" that's his way of saying 'no' to me when I tell him to do something.. i.e. "Go to your room!!!" "I don't want to go to my room!!!" Sometimes he'll even slam his hand down on the coffee table or something.. Man hes a shit. Tomorrow shes taking Hailey to the mall, so she can get her nails did and go see the water fountains. That kid loves those water fountains. 

Tomorrow I'm starting my weights again. I need to tone up these arms... At least I don't look like this anymore!!!!
Where did my boobs go!? Look at that big ass tub man... I'm so glad I won that membership at Curves last year. Only a little weight left to get off this tiny frame, and I'll be good to go! <3

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My First Race!!! 32 Minutes!!!

I ran my first race today! It was the 1st Annual Funnel Cake 5k. I ran it in 32 minutes! I'll be back next year for SURE. I just hope next year its a closed course and we wont have to run around horses and shit. Literally... shit. I didn't mind the smell of the animals so much, but that stretch with all the food carts and junk almost killed me. Nothing like the smell of bacon and grease to pump you up while you're trying to run. Oh.. If I haven't mentioned it yet, we ran at the carnival. They set up the course within the carnival area, so we were running past people walking, eating, drinking, whatever. 

I did NOT eat a funnel cake. I didn't want one, and to be honest, I still don't. I ate some awesome bagels though and that was enough. I'm just super stoked I finished. I did speed walk for a few minutes because it was WINDY AS SHIT out there and the dust and the head cold I'm already battling started getting to me. BUT I still finished! And I wasn't last! 
My number! 

Lea Anne ran with me of course and she kept my pace the whole time. She didn't even talk shit when I had to walk a little... she was just encouraging me and lying to me telling me we were almost finished.. I met her wife, Whitney for the first time today too, she's hilarious. She didn't run. She was smart and just clapped for us when we finished. :) They're both fun people. 

However.... I drove home and when I got out of my car, my legs basically turned to dust. Running for 30 minutes, and then sitting in a vehicle (with a butt warmer) for 15 minutes do not go well together if you need the use of your legs for, say, walking. I'm sure they'll get used to it. They better get used to it. 
Lea Anne is already telling me about a 5k Trail Race next weekend. I think she's trying to kill me. 

I'm going to be staying with my mom tonight... The landlord is actually doing something with our tub today. Not sure what hes going to be doing yet, but I don't care, he said it would be done today and that's all that matters. There are going to be storms and crap though, so instead of freaking out at home by myself, I'll go stay with my mom and freak out over there. I HATE storms. I start getting sweaty, and I pace a lot and get shaky... its crazy. Or maybe I am....

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Very Special Place...

I've been running on my treadmill to get ready for the 5k coming up TOMORROW, and let me tell you.. I have to go to a very special place in the corner of my head to do it. Not because its hard, but because my treadmill is in the garage, facing the wall, and next to a refrigerator. I used to have it to where I could open the door and see outside while I was running, but my husband decided it was in his way right there, and moved it. Check this shit out..

I've got my fan up high enough so I can feel the wind blowing on me... I usually have my water bottle up on the fridge so when I need a drink I just reach up and grab it. My husband is a mechanic so that's why there is tons of just...random looking shit on the fridge. lol (the fridge is stocked with WATER....and milk for the kids, but mostly water!) Anyways... that's my shitty treadmill and my shitty area. I ran for 30 minutes yesterday and hit 2.2 miles. woot! 

I was going to do what I had been doing, run for 5 minutes and walk for 1 minute, but I felt like I could keep going... so I did. I ran a full mile before I thought to myself.. ok i'll walk now. I remember when I first started to run, that shit was hard. I was trying to just bust out a mile no stopping, yeah, that sucked and was stupid. The run 5 walk 1 is a lot easier. I've noticed I'm able to run for longer periods of time now without wanting to stop. Which is cray cray. :) I never EVER thought I'd enjoy running.. but I think I'm starting to. Thats a foreign concept to me. I don't think I can call myself a "runner" yet... but I'm definitely a person that likes to run occasionally. haha! 

I personally think I have a super weird playlist of songs that I listen to while running... Here are the top songs on my list...

Rock Me Gently - Andy Kim
As Long As You Love Me - Bieber
One More Night - Maroon 5 
We Are Never Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
One More Drink - Ludacris (haha) 
Love Shack - B52's
Sugar, Sugar - The Archies
I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

I've actually come up with alternate lyrics to One More Night... lol It's a song between me and my treadmill. haha Running on a treadmill is really a love / hate relationship. I mostly hate it, but I'm starting to love it. I like the fact that I can look down, and see my stomach getting flatter and flatter, and thats all the motivation I need to get my ass on that thing. Yesterday I went from not wanting to do ANYTHING, to running for 30 minutes and then going to work out at Curves for 30 mins. 

OH I'm so excited! I ordered myself a watch from Amazon the other day, should be here Monday or Tuesday... and it tells your calories you've burned, and keeps track of tons of junk. plus, its pink and girly. Love it. And speaking of pink and girly... I've got the tattoo itch BAD. I want an owl... maybe... or a dream catcher, I want a big one and I want it on my arm. I know my mom won't like it, but its my arm, and I'm 27! No shit, I had to do that on a calculator... I forgot how old I was! LOL Thats bad.

I'm trying not to think about the crap thats going wrong right now and just focus on the race tomorrow. But I have to touch on it a little... I got Jacob up for school this morning, went to start the car to make sure it was warm for the babies, and it wouldn't start. I fought it for 10 minutes at least before it decided to start... and then chugga chugga for a minute before it started idling normally. My husband is my mechanic and hes in New Mexico till the 13th! He says it sounds like my fuel filter is trying to take a shit.. woohoo! Just what I like to hear. Not only that, so, a few nights ago, my bathroom flooded. Allen told our landlord that the drain pipe was rusted and bad and he needed to fix it... well the landlord sends some booboo ass plumber over here who resets the toilet for some reason, but says theres nothing wrong with the bathtub. Last night, it happened again! So, my landlord comes out today, and looks for himself, and low and behold, he says the drain to the bathtub is rusted out, and hes going to have to put a new tub in. Well.. thats what Allen told him a week ago dang it. =-\ I'm super irritated at this point. I woke up this morning with a giant headache and possibly a sinus infection. SO STUPID! I'm running tomorrow dang it. regardless. 

I wonder if I'm going to get a number to wear. lol All I know, is I'm going to eat a turkey leg and a funnel cake before the day is over. THAT is a Promise. Bout to text LeaAnne and figure out where we're meeting and junk! I'll post again tomorrow if I haven't died. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

4 Days and Counting!

So.. I have 4 days till my 5k and I'm pretty excited. I think. Maybe I'm mostly excited and partly scared... Maybe mostly scared and partly excited... I'm not sure. I just hope that I can eat the funnel cake Lea Anne is going to buy me after we're done running. lol I'll take it home. :-D But I will NOT be sharing with my kids. It's mine. MINE
Thats a picture of me, and my son Jacob, at his 4 year birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I don't know what I weighed at this point, but it was in July of 2009. I might have been around 4 months preggo with Hailey but still... under all that fat, you wouldn't be able to tell anyways! 

I can NOT believe I let myself get that huge. Food is a horrible horrible thing. Actually I'm lying... Food is delicious. :( Ok, I have to stop thinking about food. lol it's making me hungry. 

So I weighed and measured the other day. I don't remember exactly which day, but my BMI is now under 30. I set that goal a while back and kinda forgot about it until the other day. lol Scoooorrrreeeeee. 
OH! I'm already going to have to get my wedding ring RESIZED. I just got this thing in October! I want to take it and have it sized again, but I don't want to be without the damn thing for 2 weeks. lol I should take it off next time I weigh in, it's probably throwing off the scale. HA! 

BAM! listen to her! she's damn smart. (also.. listen around 4:08) 
Go Get It! :D