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Friday, February 24, 2012

Curves Smart!! IT HURTS!

The title to this post is kinda exaggerating, I'm not like, super sore. I am uncomfortably sore in several areas though. I felt like I was going to keel over this afternoon. That stupid little key chain is going to kick my ass. haha Its ok though. I suppose its for a good cause.

I had a great night with Hailey alone. Granna (my mom) came and snatched up Jacob and ET. We had a tea party, ate salads and pasta, and sang songs on spotify. :) She is a hoot to play with alone man. Shes so incredibly ... adult like, its weird! lol

I went out to lunch yesterday with my parents and Allen and the kids, and I ordered from the "health nut" Menu! I got a 6oz steak, baked potato, broccoli, and a roll! 550 Calories! I didn't even FINISH it. Now that I'm talking about it, I really want another one... O_o ugh. 

I'm SO glad tomorrow is Saturday. I just wont have time to work out tomorrow and Sunday Curves is closed... DANG! :) Damn Key Chain.

I'm going to see how it is posting a small blog on my new Kindle Fire here probably tonight or ...something. I just want to see how long and annoying it will be to do, I'm considering down grading in the cell phone and laptop area now that I have a kindle. It does EVERYTHING a computer does with WIFI... plus all the apps and games and junk PLUS THE BOOKS! If I can blog semi-decently from my Kindle, see ya lappy, and peace out dumb ass phone that freezes all the time!    

I'm about to go outside and kill my neighbor! WHY do you feel the need to rev up your truck at 10:35PM ??? I understand that your truck is NEW.. but IDGAF. If he wakes Hailey up, I'm going to be seriously angry. Shes in her new toddler bed, so that little hooker will be up trying to play with toys n junk. 

OH NO!!! I'm having a fat attack!!!