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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rain Rain, GO Away!!

I LOVE all the rain we've been getting lately, but man, I have stuff to do, and getting a 1 and a 2 year old out in this weather only leads to disaster.
So, Allen got a phone call last night, and apparently, if he wouldn't have e-mailed whoever he emailed yesterday about his check, he wouldn't have received one at all! They told him "someone, somewhere, dropped the ball, and the two new guys weren't issued checks at all. " Allen, of all people, is of course one of them. They also said "Please don't think this was taken lightly, we have your check on route to San Angelo right now. Someone will call you when it comes in, so you can go get it." AWESOME .... too bad it didn't get in till 11pm, and he had to wake up at 4am to be on location on time. lol.

Its all good though, he went last night and got the check, now, all I have to do is go deposit it. Easier said than done. O_o
I'll not be going to Curves today. Its raining HARD right now, and they're only open till 1 today. Its not happening. I'll have to do something at home... like, play the kinect adventures game. lol Jacob will like that, the babies will like it, and I'll get to jump around and do squats! lol
I have to clean up this living room and get ready to head to the bank. Mickey is coming over to sit with the kids while I run to deposit Allen's check! WOOT!!!