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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exercise..?. Id rather eat....

I'm going to start jumping rope every day. I will have to use Jacob's little plastic green one for now but that's better than nothing. Also I'll have to do it while hes at school. Otherwise I'll never get to use it. Lol
I think were going to have to take my kindle back and get a new one. Its already frozen on me three times and that's SUPER annoying seeing as how this things like a week old. What really pisses me off though, is that ive saved a lot of pix on it for this blog. That cant be what's up tho... there's still tons of space. ANYWAYS.... I'm having issues with my diet. I wish I had a personal chef to cook healthy foods for me. It's way too easy to order take out or delivery when u don't want to cook, or get the kids out in the wind and rain. Why can't that nutrisystem diet be more affordable?? I guess I'll just have to start taking Ally again, and force myself into a better diet.
O.m.g Allen is trying to sleep because he didn't get home till 6am and ET is being the biggest ass. Hes screaming constantly, and making Hailey scream by taking her damn balloon. They're testing my patience. Uuuuugh I need a cookie!!