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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Curves Camp!!!

Well... Today was the last time I'll work out for the next 5 days! Not because I'm going to laze around though. There is only 1 Curves here in San Angelo, and they're all going to a "Curves Camp" till SUNDAY.
Hopefully I can motivate myself enough to do something each day that will take up that gap.

I think I have decided depending on how much we get back with income tax, I'm going to get a membership at Curves for a year. Plus, by doing a year, I'll get a discount and an extra month free.. so, essentially i'll be paying for a year membership, and getting 16 months instead of 12. I'm VERY excited to start the Curves Complete diets too... I will lose this dang weight! 

Today we had a really fun day. It was sunny and cool. I think it was in the lower 70s or so. We played outside in the backyard a little bit, then went to the park till about lunch time. Then brought the kids home, fed them Chicken N Dumplings, and put them down for a nap. They were plum tuckered out too. LOL 
Thats ET...Allen was laying on his back on this cement slab in the backyard, and ET kept trying to do the same thing.. It was funny because he can't just, lay back yet.. his arms aren't long enough. So he would lawn chair himself, lean forward and roll sideways then land on his back. Crazy kid.
He enjoyed himself I think... There was a seesaw he and Hailey would bounce each other up and down... 

Hailey... acting just like her daddy.. He NEVER lets me take pictures of him. She would rather be behind the camera watching the screen than actually be in the picture.
This is when Ethan was rolling onto his back being like daddy. LOL Hes a little copy cat. 
The only thing missing was Jacob. He was at school, and hes grounded for not listening in class... again. Every day that he gets a gold star, he gets a toy back. (We took 5 of his favorite toys away as punishment.) When he gets 5 golden stars in a row, he will have earned all of his toys back. Hes excited about that situation right now.. we'll see what happens when he gets his first "canteen" and he gets them taken away again. aye...