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Friday, February 27, 2015

I Feel It Again!!!

I don't know if it's because I'm taking this One A Day Womens vitamin, or the workout I just had but I feel so good right now. I am leaning towards the work out though. This is the first workout I've done, where I didn't stop half way through to gather myself, and it feels really fucking good. I was so bummed when I first got the Elliptical because I couldn't make it through one program on it without basically dying. 

I did 2 today. 


Maybe it's a coincidence that I also charged up my IPod and had Meghan Trainor and Bruno Mars singing to me during my workout. I doubt it though. I think music has a giant impact on how I work out. I've tried watching TV while I do it and all I can think about is how bad it sucks and how much I want to sit on the couch with my feet propped up. With music playing in my ears I almost lose myself. I know I definitely lose track of time. Now, it helps that I have my IPod on the computer to the Death Machine so I can't see how long I've gone. 

Anyways... I was so excited that I did a substantial workout that I had to blog about it. haha Thats how long it's been! I'm gradually going to add more music to my playlist so I go longer and longer. maybe a song a week? That's about 3-4 extra minutes. Maybe 2 songs. Who knows yet. 

Super proud of myself today though! NOW... to plan a good filling and healthy meal for dinner that my kids will eat. hahaha and husband. Even bigger HAHAHA. O_o

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Time Is Now..... Right?

So... for the past few weeks I've been telling myself (and everyone around me) that once I get my elliptical I'm going to bust some ass and get back into shape. I got the elliptical!!! 2 weeks ago! O_o
Look, Don't get me wrong, I DO want to be skinny *ish* again... but damn that shit hurts my legs. LOL 
I watch that show on TLC called My 600lb Life while I'm on it, you know, for horrible motivation. It's really hard to do this at home though. I really liked the set up of Curves... working out different parts of my body constantly, but keeping my heart rate up for 30 mins seemed a LOT easier moving from area to area. I get bored as FACK on that damn elliptical....

Look at me... and all my excuses. I roll my eyes so much at myself it's pathetic.  

I've been logging all my foods and exercise for the past like month or so on MyFitnessPal app... 
Now if I could get my self control back, that'd be great. But I see oreos...and I'm like...

I need to get all the stupid sugar out of the house. Immediately. OH.. and WTF is up with all the damn GIRL SCOUT COOKIES?!! I can't handle those too. Stupid Stupid Stupid cookies.  But seriously... look at how freaking amazing they are... I mean.. the toasted coconut, the milk chocolate, the crumbly delicious cookie....
That stupid little cookie... I could have one if I wanted to... but I can't eat just one. I have to eat the damn box. lol... which really isn't funny.. and I know I shouldn't. If I had the same determination working out, as I do cleaning my plate... maybe I'd be skinny. Or at least in shape. 
UGH... This too shall pass... (Girl Scout Cookie Season I mean) bastards. 

Other than me being fat again, (159.. yep.. gained 20 miraculous pounds) We have internet again! So... I'll be able to update this more and get back into my groove. Maybe this was helping more than I thought. Because I was losing while I was blogging. Well, time to go to the store. Then, I'll come home, make lunch, put ET man down for a nap and get my fat ass back on this damn elliptical.