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Thursday, August 29, 2013

On A Roll!

I busted ASS yesterday while I was at Curves. My calorie burn is climbing like crazy... and that damn thing keeps increasing my strength. I swear it should be decreasing it. haha Check out this awesomeness...
Ignore how I had nothing between July 18th and Aug 14th. Must have been a few busy weeks of Allen getting off work late or something. Anyways... 947 freaking calories burned in about 45 minutes! Right on! I should bust my plateau pretty quickly if I keep this up. I plan on going again today... if my ovaries let me. Stupid little bastards. I really don't understand why I still have them considering they give me so much pain. Just take those bad boys out man... So I'll have to take a pill for the rest of my life? so what? I'm down. At least I won't be glued to the couch and heating pad for 3 to 4 days doing absolutely nothing but crying and eating! Damn. 

I've been letting myself "cheat" a lot more than I should. Which is incredibly stupid. Considering I'll be in a wedding come March, I need to stop that shit. We have to go shopping Friday for groceries and junk and I'm going to be getting lots and lots and lots of healthy stuff again. I need to drink more water too... If I'd just do what Lea Anne says and drink up, I'd keep losing. I'm not drinking soda or anything, I just don't drink. period. Which is stupid. 

Well, I gotta make some chocolate milk for this little boy who's already awake,... and get some strawberry mini Wheats for him to eat. Kid loves those.