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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I got us a room booked for Friday night! After my chiropractor appt Friday Allen and I will be headed to Abilene! I can NOT FREAKING WAIT to run this 5k. 
Now... You guys know as well as I do that I haven't gotten on my treadmill since February when I ran the Funnel Cake 5k with Lea Anne. So, this is going to be interesting. However, This 5k is not timed. So, I feel slightly better. Lord knows I'll be timing it though. My last time was 33 minutes and some seconds. I am going to PUSH myself hard even if Allen doesn't. I haven't decided how I'm going to run with my camera and stuff yet though. I think I'll be toting my Run Or Dye swag backpack with me. I'll just have my camera and phone in a Ziploc baggy in the backpack to make sure the dye doesn't get in them. 

I'm super pumped to run this stupid thing... I hope I don't let myself down. I'm going to try my hardest. I hope that it's good enough. 
I booked a hotel room that offers free breakfast and has amazing beds.... per the reviews. I really didn't want to sleep on a shitty bed the night before the race. Because that would suck balls. 

So... I've been lazy as shit lately with my diet. I hate myself a little more every time I eat junk and I don't know why I'm doing it. It's stupid. I know What I need to be doing, I just... don't. Lame lame lame. 
I'm still doing my August challenge. I can't emphasize how much I hate planking. Crunches too honestly. I lay on my Yoga mat and just stare at my ceiling fan for a little while thinking about how much this is about to suck. 

My recent excuse is because of Allen's schedule at work. He gets home later than usual right now and next week is going to really freaking blow because He'll be going to New Mexico. He'll leave Monday around 10am and come home Friday around 10pm. or later. Thank GOD we have Skype and can text and junk. It's still not the same though. He hates going almost as much as I hate him to go. These kids really get on my last nerve when Allen isn't here. They push every single button I have and then more I wasn't aware of. They're jerks I tell ya. 
This was at the park the other day. They love that park so much. It's just so FREAKING HOT! 
She was SO mad. Ethan got on the chipmunk before she did... she stomped off so angry. Even though there was another one about 10 ft. away. 
It was super hot so we had Pecos Cantaloupe. They're super sweet and EXTREMELY juicy. 
Silly Jacob loves swinging. He kept wanting me to take pics of him. 

Awesome. My mom just called me on Facebook chat and told me they're picking up the kids tomorrow before lunch and they're going to Port A till Saturday afternoon! score! I'm slightly jealous but at the same time, kinda THRILLED! LOL 
Time to get started on laundry and lunch.