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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Feckin' HATE Planks.

I've been doing my August challenge like I'm supposed to. I tried to get Allen to do it with me last night, but he wouldn't. Freaking wuss. It's push-ups, crunches and a plank. Wiener. Whatever. He can stay flabby and bitch about how he wants to tone up while I'm actually doing it. I'm slightly irritated with the way he acted about it last night, like I was asking him to go run 30 miles in the 105 degree weather. O_o Whatever. Again.
I LOVE that I'm getting some guns. I'm actually getting definition in my biceps! I can't wait to have some bangin arms man. 
I'm super excited about how easy planks are getting too.. I'm adding 5 seconds a day to the length of time I'm planking and it might not sound like a lot, but 5 seconds while you're planking seems like fucking forever. My tight tummy will thank me later. 
Maybe... If I can get my eating under control. 
I don't eat from Mc Donald's or Burger King... but we do eat fast food way more than we need to. Our usual places are just as bad though. Chick Fil A, Wendy's, and Rosa's... Mexican food is my Achilles heel... that's for damn sure. Stupid freaking rice and beans... and enchiladas... ugh. bastards. 
It doesn't help that we live in West Texas and the Mexican food is AMAZING. 
I've got my motivation back now I just need to get my portions under control again and eat clean. 

This week I had fully intended on going to Curves, but Hailey got super sick. She had a fever Tuesday when she woke up of 101... and through out the day it got higher. Even after I gave her medicine. It got up to 103.1. She was drinking lots of water though, and eating a little bit so I figured it's just a viral thing like always. Then Wednesday when she woke up she was throwing up, but had no fever. I'm talkin... I would give her a drink of water, turn around to set the cup on the table, and she'd be puking her little face off, and then dry heave for 3 minutes. It was sad. So, after about 5 times of her doing that, I called the Dr. office to make an appt for her that day,.. but her Dr was out for the day. Go figure. So they wanted me to take her to the Urgent Care... which would have been a good 100$ visit. I had to wait till Allen got home from work to do anything because Jacob's "dad" still has my freaking insurance card from when Jacob was in Austin for the summer. Idiot. 
She looked pitiful guys...

In the mean time, my mom came and took the boys to see Despicable Me 2. Hailey woke up from a quick nap she was taking on the couch and was a new kid. She wanted to try to eat some crackers, so I gave her one. It took her about 5 minutes to nibble it down, but it stayed down! So I let her take small tiny sips of water, and she kept that down. Then she started talking.... and wouldn't stop. THATS when I knew for sure she was feeling better.  
So we met my mom at the Mall and got her some new clothes and crap. Some jack ass little kid stole her "baby kitty" though. A small little black and white kitty she takes everywhere. 

Those are my turds. Just after this Et thought.."I'm going to try to get in that water."....jerk.

Hailey still feels good today.. Hopefully no one else in the house gets whatever she had. Thank GOD I didn't take her to the damn Urgent Care. pshhhh