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Thursday, August 1, 2013

How Far I've Come.

I feel like I've come a long way from where I used to be. In a lot of aspects. Mostly I'm talking about my weight though. I don't know how I ever let myself blow up to 192 pounds. I'm still trying to figure out what it is about food that has me struggling. It just seems so easy for me to lose weight when I put my mind to it and focus... Like, I'm just not meant to be big. One month of working out like I'm supposed to and eating clean and I can drop 10 pounds. Shit... when I DON'T try very hard... and I just try to maintain, I still end up losing a little. The past few weeks though... somethings going on. I have no focus. No motivation. Maybe It's Allen's schedule at work. He's been working Monday - Friday and gets home around 5pm and I feel that I need to be home so I can spend time with him and start dinner and junk. No time for Curves in my mind. I know if he KNEW I wanted to go, he'd push me out the door in a heartbeat. This past week he has been going to work at 11am and getting home around 1030pm. So, no Curves for me for sure. I wish I could take the kids with me, but unless they get a tv in one of those dressing rooms,... it won't happen. haha I can just see them attacking people, getting on machines, making me freak out on them in public. 
Not cute. 
Oh... My daughter is the biggest turd lately. I know for a fact I've been stressed out about her attitude. She's 3 1/2 going on 13. Foot stomping, back talking, door slamming... it's all already happening. Holy crap.
So, yesterday... I'm sitting down finally, relaxing for about 20 seconds and Et comes RUNNING into the living room upset. "Mom! Hailey is stuck in the tornado." My eye is already twitching. I tell him "What are you talking about? Tell her to come in here." Because, frankly.. I don't want to get up. So he says "No mom, come on, I'll show ya. Come on." Then I ask him "Well... can she walk?" "NO!!! Come on mom!" By then my curiosity is peaked, Lord only knows what this child is capable of. I go into her room... and find this.
Her hair is stuck in the "Curtain Tornado.".............................................. The hardest part about being a mom is when you have to act mad... when all you want to do is laugh. I know my nostrils were flaring, I know she probably saw the smirk on my face for a second... but she still looks terrified in this picture. I've told them 23094892385 times not to play in those dang curtains because I don't want the rod to fall down on them. I know it's in the wall pretty good... but still, It's one of those iron curtain rods and if it DID fall on one of them, it'd hurt. 
All I had to do was spin her the other way, her hair untangled from the curtain tornado and all was well with the world. I scolded her for doing what I told her not to do, and then ran to my room to laugh laugh laugh. 
Never let your kids see you laugh after you get on to them. Sends mixed signals. haha My days are so full of random ass crap I never know what to expect when I hear a scream, a bang or a crash. It's always something new. ALWAYS. 
I'm 100% convinced that they were supposed to be twins. Hailey was born 12/17/09 at 12:34. Ethan was born 12/17/10 at 9:34. God said "They can't handle twins... " Touche' God... Touche'. 

Anyways... I'm still down 55 pounds... despite the 2-3 pound yoyo sessions I've been going through. I'm going to lose at least 15 pounds these next 2 months. For mine and Allen's 1 year wedding anniversary we're going back to Mustang Island for a few days. That's in a little over 2 months. I can do it, but WILL I do it is the question. Time will tell I suppose! 
Happy Anniversary yesterday to Allen's parents. His dad needs a hat w/a feather and a cane. He looks like a pimp! :) Hopefully we can make plans to get down there to visit. Last time we were there was Jan 2013. uuugh...