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Monday, August 19, 2013

Run Or Dye in Abilene 2013!!!

45 Minutes is the time it took us to run our 5k this time around. I'm not terribly disappointed or anything though. Considering I hadn't gotten on a treadmill or did ANY kind of running in the past 6 months, I don't think that's a horrible time! Allen, on the other hand, could have finished twice in the time it took me to run the course. I felt bad kinda, but my legs were about to fall off. It sucked because I wasn't out of breath or anything, it was just my legs telling me "if you don't walk for a second, I'll murder you." haha I kept a super brisk pace though, not letting my heart rate get slow. Here are some pics I took... This was the most fun I'VE EVER HAD while running I can tell you that! 
THIS was the awesome swag we got. Some dye packets, a shirt, this cool little bag, a head band and a bracelet. There is also a tattoo somewhere in there. We had bought a few extra dye packets too... 
This was us before all the dye! There are people in the back ground getting ready to do some Zumba. I freaking LOVE this picture of Allen too... 
This was the Starting Line! It got PACKED. 
We started off running, and the first dye station we came to was a Blue Dye station... and I got hit with that shit right in my face. It was up my nose, in my eyes, in my mouth... pretty gross. haha. The next Dye Station was Orange, and that one got Allen. hahaha You can't see it very well in this picture, but he's got Orange ALL OVER the right side of his face. it was in his mouth and everything. It's just cornstarch, but it feels like sand when you have it between your teeth. 
I'm kind of jealous of Allen... I was the one that was all freaking excited about going, I was the one that was PUMPED about doing another 5k... and HE'S the one that gets Dyed like CRAZY. Yeah, it's on me a little... but LOOK AT ALLEN! I WANTED TO BE THAT MESSY. 
My legs and shoes got a nice layer of color though. My toes were even colorful after I got home and took my shoes off. 
I can't stress to you enough, how many people were there. It was an ocean of people. The music was loud, people were having dance contests, there were people throwing dye everywhere. This was the after party. They were telling everyone to save their dye for the big 'dye throw'... and holy crap man... it was huge. The next few pictures are when we tie dyed the sky! I was holding my camera straight up in front of us, just like in the one above... but... you can't see ANYTHING. 
This was freaking fun. 
And then it got hard to breathe......

Again... I had my camera up, just like in the ones above, and this is all we could see! It was so freaking cool! The one with the kid, that was after some of the dye started falling down a little more... and this was behind me. That kid was having a blast I can tell ya that. I'd turn around and he'd be dancing on his dad's shoulders... Slapping the top of his head... 
This was after we tie dyed the sky... You car hardly see Allen's tattoo on his shoulder that crap was so thick! haha It was a freaking blast though. I keep saying that, but I can't exaggerate enough how much fun this run was. We're totally doing it again next year. Next year, maybe Allen will have a little more fun and dance with me and act a fool.... like I was, everyone there was. hahaha

Now... the next day, my hips were SORE AS HELL. I'm over it now... but Sunday was not a funday. hahaha. My brother Chris and my 2 nephews came over yesterday for a few hours and I was chasing kids around the house, and now my ankle hurts so much I can hardly put weight on it. No idea what I did. It felt a little better this morning when I woke up, but the more I walk on it, the more it starts hurting. I probably strained something or ... something. Go figure. I'm 27 going on 68. 

Allen left this morning for New Mexico. :( I HATE it when he has to go over there. I know it'll only be for a few days... He'll be home Friday for sure.. but still. It sucks balls. I'm so thankful that we can Skype and text and talk on the phone though. It seems like I'm on my computer a LOT more when he's gone and it always has to be plugged in. Skype takes a lot of my battery life I suppose. Hopefully he'll get to have a good 4 or 5 days off when he gets home. Jacob wants to build a bird house with him.. Which is awesome because I need some more birds in my yard. I really do, I have grasshoppers eating my roses and plants and shit and it's pissing me off. Before my roses even get a chance to fully bloom, a giant hole is eaten right though the bud!!! 
I'll show those stupid grasshoppers. 

Well... I'm off... I need to get lunch thawing out, I'm having some awesome grilled chicken and rice and broccoli, and the kids will be having some amazing pb&j sammaches.