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Friday, August 16, 2013

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

I'm very excited and have been waiting for a very long time for it to get here! 
Of course... when I bought our tickets, I had fully intended on running up until this point... 
Yeah... that didn't happen. 

I have a goal. My first 5k was 33 minutes and some change. I didn't really prepare myself for that one either, but at least I was running about a mile or more a day more than once a week. 
I want to do this in UNDER 40 minutes. 

That Funnel Cake 5k was rough though man. Lea Anne and I had wind blowing like 25 MPH in our faces.. It was at the rodeo, so there was dust and hay and horse shit everywhere... Hopefully this one will be a little.. less fucking windy.

I have a lot to do today... I have to go to the bank and get out half of our rent and half of our insurance premium. Then I have to go to Curves and start my new program Lea Anne put me on. Technically it was Shea that brought the idea to her attention, so if I die, I'll punch her in the throat first. haha
Shea showed me the ladies chart that she just put on this same program, and she went from burning 3-400 calories in a work out to 700, and then 800. Uh... yeah. I like that shit.

Hopefully when I go today it kicks my ass enough to where I'll want to sleep tonight at a decent time. I'm super excited about tomorrow! I have my finger nails all different colors, I got our shit packed for the night already and after my chiropractor appointment, we out! We have to go get our Race Day Packets today, (which will have some Run Or Dye swag I'm excited about) and Allen has to get a hair cut. He's scared of stroking out because his head is too hot. lol puss.

We are taking his truck to Abilene because he's YET to change the oil in my Mountaineer. I told him if he doesn't do it the week he's back from New Mexico, I'm fucking taking that shit to WalMart. Thats the ultimate insult to a mechanic. But shit!!!! It's been since February. IT NEEDS to be done. Bet your ass when it's time for his truck to have an oil change or whatever, he's on top of that shit like white on rice... With my car..not so much. This shit needs upper AND lower ball joints, the Oil Change, I have an oil leak that needs a fixin, plus some cosmetic shit that needs to be addressed... The plastic holding my sun visors up has cracked, and broken, thanks to the AWESOME Texas heat, and now I can't use the one on my side because...if I pull it down, I won't be able to put it back up. Period. Same with the passenger side. The fucked up shit about THAT is that I wear glasses... and we can't afford for me to have transition lenses, and the ONLY clippy sunglasses things I had fucking broke when we were going to Junction a few weeks ago. So I have to pray that it's freaking cloudy whenever I drive... I need the back quarter panel driver side pained.. it's all freaking bondoed up lookin ghetto because of the previous owner... and AND don't get me started on the BLEACHED LEATHER IN MY BACK SEAT AND BACK CARPET. Allen is to blame for that and I threw the biggest fucking bitchfit anyone has ever seen. He left a bottle of bleach in my vehicle when we moved, upside fucking down in my seat... it leaked and long story short, the carpet under the back seat is WHITE instead of tan, and the middle portion of the seat is JELLYISH thanks to the bleach sitting on the leather IN THE TEXAS HEAT. 
I can't get into that... It makes me angry still to this day. 
And then he was all "it was an accident"...................
IDGAF.... he knows DAMN WELL that if I would have done something that like to one of HIS vehicles... HOLY SHIT... 
He had an 89 Honda CRX, I was rolling the window down in, (yes... it's an old car.. rolling the window down) and the little knob at the end of the rolly thing broke off, and he STILL hasn't let me forget that shit. He was even able to pop it back on like nothing happened!!!
You can bet your happy ass I'll be riding this for the next 39 years. 

Well.... this sure got off subject... Anyways.. I have to go throw some clothes in the dryer.. along with the ones that are still in there from a few days ago. I hate folding laundry. O_o 

Here is to tomorrow!!!