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Sunday, September 1, 2013

100 Posts!!!

This is my 100th post! 

There is an awesome kid story at the end of this blog too... 

I had a goal of burning 1000 calories at Curves... and I hit it. woot woot! Now I have to keep it up. Hopefully! Allen's schedule is SUPER FREAKING STUPID the next week for sure... Not sure how long it's going to be yet. He'll work 10-5 which means he'll get home around 630 so I probably won't be going to Curves unless my mom comes to town. Hopefully I can get him to GET THE FREAKING TREADMILL INSIDE like he was supposed to do LAST week... 

My mom is keeping the kids tonight, which is SUPER because Dexter only has 3 episodes left, and I want to make sure I hear EVERYTHING that happens. It looks freaking intense and I have no idea whats going to happen... I love Dexter.. I wish this wasn't the last season. He's the coolest serial killer ever. Plus he's a ginger. The cutest ginger I've ever seen that's for sure. On the show they always have him in some kind of pastel button up shirt and tan or khaki pants. Brooke and I usually bet on what color he's going to be seen in first... purple? pink? light blue? maybe even light green?
Michael C. Hall is awesome.

I have a few theories on how the season is going to play out.. I'm hoping that Dexter gets Vogul on his table... She deserves to die so much... and I want Deb to shoot the Brain Surgeon so she feels like she's done something good by getting back on the force. I sort of want Deb and Quinn together again too.. They made a weirdly odd good couple. If that makes sense. I don't really care if Hannah McKay lives or not.. But I want Dexter and Harrison to get away to Argentina. Like he planned originally. 
If you follow Dexter you know what I'm talking about right now, if you don't... you're probably confused and bored and losing interest. haha sorry.. 

So we played the lottery again last night because Allen found 2 pennies on heads yesterday, we got two numbers. Which means nothing. 2 numbers basically means "you suck... thanks for the money." ugh.

I've been a little discouraged lately because I gained a pound last week... but I checked my body fat and I'm down a pound in body fat.. so hopefully it's muscle that I'm putting on. I'll take gaining weight as long as it's muscle weight and not FAT. Fat sucks. 

I'm currently at 145. I know I'm bloated and probably am retaining water weight... which sucks. I'm supposed to weigh and measure with Curves around the 9th of September so I guess we'll see wtf is up then. I know I busted ass all last week. I'll try to bust some serious ass this week too.. I need to start doing my Yoga again... I felt sync with myself when I was doing that on top of my work outs. I did a 2 minute plank the other day and thought I was going to die. That shits cray. It doesn't seem like doing that position would do anything really... but damn. after 45 seconds I'm ready to just lay on the floor and take a nap. 

Today for lunch, I'll be having some chicken salad that I made last night.. I'll be having it with some Crackers.. I love the way the apples make it all crispy. Allen took some with him for lunch today too. He didn't think he'd like it at first.. then I made him try it. Jerk. ha ha. I've also been eating my Curves Meal Bars.. I had one for lunch yesterday, and I had one for breakfast this morning. I couldn't even finish it though. Which is crazy. I thought to myself.. "I'll end up eating some frosted mini wheat's after this.. " hell no.. I couldn't even finish the whole thing. I'm still pretty full and I had that around 8:30am. Score. 
180 calories and like 15g of Protein, with 7g of Fiber.
Score. Score. Score. 

OMG we were at Walmart shopping on Friday afternoon... and Hailey was sitting in the little seat thing in the basket.. and I'm pushing her around, we're just about to leave but I forgot cereal, so we're headed to that area... and We passed some Halloween stuff and she was talking about Halloween and junk. Then she goes "Mom! there's a witch!" not thinking anything about it I just said "Yep... theres a witch!" and I guess she could tell I wasn't fully paying attention to what she was saying, so she said "NO! mom! Theres a witch!" so... I said "Where? theres no Halloween stuff around here." and then, the most embarrassing thing ever happened. She pointed to a lady that was walking behind me pushing a basket full of groceries... and said "RIGHT THERE!!! PUSHING THE BASKET! A WITCH!!!" .......
and then I died. 
Turned onto the cereal isle... 
and died. 

Kids suck... the end.