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Friday, August 9, 2013

Parenting..... WTF.

So, Ethan and Hailey sure know how to push buttons. I don't know how parents with actual twins do it. I know that God is punishing me for something. Some days these two make me want to pull my hair out... and theirs. 
Now, don't take that the wrong way.. I love these little assholes, but shit man... All I hear for most of the day is squealing or screaming because someone touched something that might have been theirs at one point. Ethan just threw a 20 minute bitchfit because Jacob had a toy from freaking Sonic Drive In that looked like something that he had last month. Seriously? I was trying to pee... and they ALL bust in the bathroom door freaking out. Ethan is screaming because Jacob has this toy, Jacob is yelling that it's not Et's and he can't have it. Hailey is in there just to piss Et off by saying "It's not yours Ethan!" I love dealing with this kind of thing before 9am. It's pretty awesome. 

Now Ethan is following Jacob around with some fake guns shooting him over and over saying "I'm gunna krill you!" Jacob turns around and tells him "STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!" so he does for a second, and then he's right back on his heels. Literally... trying to step on the backs of Jacob's feet... Clicking those stupid little guns my mom gave him annoying everyone within ear shot. Those little bastards are loud.. (The guns... not the kids)... well those too.. but I was referring to the guns this time. 

Hailey has been a giant turd since she's felt better.. I'm talkin...HUGE. She's mean and hateful and just...ugh. Last night her attitude aged her about 10 years. I felt like she was already about to get a visit from Aunt Flo. If she's THIS bad now... I can't freaking WAIT till she's hormonal. No WONDER stay at home moms in the 70's were either drunk or on pills. ahaha... I can't wait to be Kitty from That 70's Show. 

Again last night Allen didn't work out with me. Whatever though. I'm not going to try anymore. He can just be flabby. We're considering going to Abilene Friday night and staying the night for the 5k the next day. The packet pick up is on Friday anyways... We can do it the day of, but we'd have to leave the house by 5:45AM to get there in time to get the crap and that doesn't seem doable to me at ALL. I'd have to freaking wake up at 4 something. Who wants to wake up at 4am before a flipping race? Not this girl. Plus parking is limited and we'll need to get there in time to secure a parking spot. I found a motel 8 that's pretty close to the Expo Center that's only 60$ a night. Not too shabby. It all depends on Allen's side work though. If he gets a side job this weekend or this week sometime, we'll be able to swing it... if not.. looks like my ass is rise and shining at 4am. >=-\
Kids are screaming again! yay!