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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not Joking... Even a Little....

I don't know how single parents do it. I really don't. Allen left yesterday at 9:30am, and since then, these kids have been running all over me. It's not like I give in and let them do whatever they want. I hand out spankings more than once a day. They might listen to me for about... 30 seconds, but then they're back to the annoying ass shit they were doing before. Hailey and Ethan fight like cats and dogs. About the stupidest crap too. So far this morning, Ethan has yelled at me for not putting sugar in his cheerios... which I had already done, he just didn't SEE me do it. Hailey was yelling at Jacob because Jacob was sitting on the same couch as she was. Ethan got mad because he was out voted on what to watch on tv during breakfast, he wanted to watch Brave... the other two wanted to watch Tangled. Now, he is sitting eyes glued to the TV watching Tangled with no issues. Hailey got mad at me because I didn't have her clothes laid out before she was done peeing. She wanted to get dressed immediately upon coming out of the bathroom. My bad. 

Jacob keeps running from his room to the living room shoving the same lego character in my face over and over and over and over again showing me the different arms he put on it... or showing me a helmet he's put on the head so zombies can't eat it's brain. Also the cool sword he's holding now, and now the thing has body armor on. Look, now he can talk underwater with his mouth open. He can do it without even getting water in his mouth, and without choking. 
It's never silent during the day... even during nap time, Jacob is running back and forth telling me the new coolest thing he did with his legos. I'm not saying that I don't care... but I wish he would tell me ALL AT ONCE so I could have 5 minutes of peace and quiet. One day last week, I had a BAD headache, the babies were sleeping finally, and I was laying on the couch... I told Jacob, 'I'm going to try to take a small leave me alone. My head hurts.' 
I guess what he heard was "My eyes will be closed, but still please come talk to me and if I don't answer right away just keep saying my name over and over till I open my eyes." 

My mom is coming to town today to sit with the kids while I go to Curves. THANK FREAKING JESUS. I'm not sure from the run anymore, but even if I was, you can bet your ass I'd go workout anyways just to get away. haha 
Lea Anne changed my program at Curves too, so it's not just a 30 minute workout anymore. It's more like a 40-45 min workout depending on how long I can handle it. Last Friday I burned 680 calories... Today I plan on burning at least 700. That's my goal anyways.

I had a crappy breakfast of Raisin Bran cereal, and coffee... My lunch will be the same as yesterday since I have to finish the rice and broccoli... Grilled chicken is yummy though. I have to eat it earlier than I ate yesterday though, Granna will be here at 2. That means I have to have lunch done, naps started and dishes washed before she gets here. 

Man I hope Allen can come home tomorrow! 
This alarm system does make me feel safe though. Better than not having one I suppose! :) 
yay... gotta go, Ethan decided it was time to take his diaper off and now he's naked.