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Friday, August 2, 2013


Tomorrow Allen and I are going to Junction. Going to hit up a BBQ restaurant that's been there for years. I better be able to get some good ass chicken. Or some sausage. Hopefully by the time we get there I'll be hungry. Probably not though. 
I'm waiting on the mail to get here. I got some free prints from Shutterfly developed and per the tracking info, they should be here today. I'm excited. They're pics that my mom took of the kids and stuff when they were at Sea World. I have an idea I'm going to do with a few of them... I can't say much on here though because my mom reads this and I don't want her to know yet! lol 

I'm doing an August challenge with Lea Anne and some other women on our Facebook "Operation Transformation" page. It's not too bad. 
IDK how I'm going to make it through the hundreds of crunches I'll be doing by the end. haha I guess we'll find out. Maybe they'll get easier. Right now I just want to take a nap when I'm done. I think that's because I'm already laying on the floor on my awesome yoga mat. Who wants to do anything after doing push ups and planks? Not this girl. 
Thank God for Lea Anne though. I've been lazy and feeling crappy the past few days. Between her and Allen... I'm pretty confident I can lose these last stupid pounds. It might take a freaking year, but they'll come off. haha 

My mom has the kids tonight so Allen and I can get on the road early in the morning... so we're going to go have a date night tonight. Not sure what he's got planned. Hopefully it's not something that involves spending a lot of money. We haven't been bowling in a while... Last time we went bowling, we both got pretty shitfaced and ended up going through a Taco Bell drive through with Brooke. lol That's also why neither of us will ever drink Bacardi ever again. 

Hopefully tomorrow will take a load off of Allen's chest. I'm not sure how it's going to end.. Shit... I'm not sure even what he's going to say/do. 
My palm was itching earlier, I should get a Mega Millions lotto for tonight. Hells yes. THAT would be pretty awesome.