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Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day Of School...and Another Zoo Trip.

Yesterday we made one last road trip to Abilene to take the kids to the Zoo. They LOVE it there. They just added a lot of new animals too, so it was extra cool this time. Of course I got some awesome pics too! haha! Also... today was Jacob's first day of 3rd grade. He's getting so big. He didn't even want me to walk him to class this year. I don't know how I feel about that. I guess it's ok... considering I hadn't brushed my hair or really put clothes on. I just threw on some random crap that was laying in the floor when I got up. 6:45am is early guys. Like, way early. 
He was way excited. I went in to wake him up this morning, and he was standing in the hallway already dressed and going to brush his teeth. When I asked him if he was excited, he just looked at me and tried not to smile, because GOD FORBID he's happy or excited about going to school. Dork. 
I hate his lunch box. He wanted this stupid lunch box/backpack combo.. where the lunch box clips onto the backpack. That thing doesn't hold ANYTHING. I'll have room for a sandwich and a box of juice. Period. Nothing else will fit. The thermos we got him won't even fit if he's got a sandwich in there... Which is stupid. And then I don't know how I'm supposed to keep it cold, because the ice pack won't fit. THANK GOD my mom got him a different one that's like the one he had last year.. Except it's Iron Man and not Mario. At least I know it'll fit everything I put into it!!! Stupid Igloo crap. 

This week I'll be going to work out EVERY DAY... Minus one, we may be going to a funeral sometime this week. Only time will tell. Allen's great great grandmother isn't doing well at all... Anyways, It'll have to be a day trip, which also sucks. Hopefully my mom can watch the kids or something when we go. If it happens this week... We'll know later today sometime whats going on. 

ALSO... I have a little more motivation now too! I've been asked to be in a wedding March 29th. Thats long enough for me to get where I want to be. If I do what I'm supposed to do. I did a minute and a half plank the other day and I'm almost positive I almost died. I need to work on my stupid belly fat and my arms. Those are the two things I hate. Not for long though. :-D 
At some point today Allen and I will be moving in the treadmill too, FINALLY. 
So, here are the zoo pics. 
These Flamingos are so pretty. The last time we went to the zoo, this grey guy had just hatched! He was a lot smaller and super poofy! Look at him now!  

Jacob and Ethan were so happy. Hailey was being a giant turd because just before this, Ethan had sat in her spot on the wagon we rented. So, she wanted nothing to do with the sea turtle picture. She's a butthole.

These fish!!!! They're crazy! They have fish food you can buy for a quarter and feed them, and it's like they KNOW. They follow you from side to side of the bridge and there are hundreds of them! It looks that way anyways! There are a few gold ones that make an appearance every once in a while too. Their lips crack me up.

The Lions! It's hilarious that even big kitties sleep like this. This is how Skeeter sleeps a lot of the time. haha 

Here is Alex the Lion. Thats what the kids call him anyways. From Madagascar. Look at those paws!

This is the kids favorite part. When Melman the giraffe eats his crackers they crack up. Here pretty soon they're supposed to have a new giraffe enclosure where when you feed them, they're eye level. THAT will make the kids day. FOR SURE. 

For it being in the 90s yesterday, the animals were out doing stuff! The monkeys were climbing around like ... monkeys. 

Look at this guy! Giving me the stink eye! What's that about? Owls are my favorite birds for sure. and this guy is looking at me like I look at my kids after hearing them say "mommy" for the 498234rd time in a day. This is basically what I look like at the end of every day. 

The peacock! He's so pretty! I wish I could have gotten him parading his feathers out. He kept following Ethan around and freaking him out. Pretty funny. Can't wait to get my peacock tattoo.


All three kids, acting as normal as we could get them.

Hailey after being told we were leaving. She was not happy. What a turd. 

Allen will be off this week, and I've already gotten him to do one thing on the Honey Do list... I have a few more that need to be done. I'm sure I'll have to start doing it before he takes over because I'll be doing it wrong again. :) 
So... recap... 1st day of 3rd grade for Jacob, being in a wedding in 7 months, possible funeral, zoo trip... gah!