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Monday, July 29, 2013

Jacob's 8th Birthday!

We had so much fun yesterday. Jacob was a little cranky because he got hungry while we were in the cavern.. but he got over it pretty quick once he saw we were buying him stuff too. lol Turd. 
Ethan and Hailey missed their bubba a LOT. 
As you can tell by these pics. 
This was Jacob at the Sonora Caverns. He was standing close to the popcorn wall. Ethan did SO GOOD not touching anything. It's a 3rd degree Felony to jack with an active cave in the state of Texas... so, lets thank GOD he didn't mess with anything. haha
This was the butterfly area. Some jack ass broke away from the tour group just long enough to break off a 4 inch piece of it's wing. Which is now why they don't allow you to bring any kind of bags, or down there. It's also why it's now a felony. The Sonora Caverns is still an active cave. The tour guide said that in order for a cave to be considered "active" 3% of it has to still be alive... This one is 97% alive. Or 98%... I don't remember. haha
I'm incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful husband. I can't imagine being with anyone else. He supports me in everything I want to do, and I support him. He's my best friend. 
The kids got to do a fossil dig in an underground Classroom. They found some shark teeth. 
Here is a very excited ET man after he found some shark teeth. The tour guide was getting a kick out of him too. Some of the strangest stuff comes out of this kids mouth. 
These were live geodes! You can see the holes in the walls, and inside the holes are round rocks. Some big, some little... pretty crazy. There were hundreds. 
This was the Horseshoe Lake... It went back under that room and to the left... The tour guide said it was 5ft deep in some places. TOTALLY doesn't look that deep though! Those ripples are from drips of water falling from the ceiling above. I got dripped on a lot. The deepest spot we went to was 155ft. and it was crazy dark. The guide made everyone turn their cameras, phones all that off, so we could see what total darkness looked like. IT WAS FREAKING DARK! ET loved it. Hailey was PISSED. She was sitting with Allen softly whimpering. Bitch held a grudge the whole rest of the tour too. haha She was not a happy camper about the lights being off. They were only off for a whole minute though. The tour guide said that when people first found the cavern, they'd be down there for weeks because they'd get lost or whatever.. and when they or IF they finally made it out, they'd be completely blind and have no color in their hair or skin. So, without the sunlight for 3 weeks, you'd turn into a blind albino. YIKES. 
Look at that mad face. She wouldn't even let me take a picture.
They had to make a man made wishing well to keep idiots from throwing money into the natural springs and stuff in the caves. Some fool threw a 20$ bill in that bitch. Serious? If they wanted to throw money away, my hand was right there. damn.
This is one of the natural ponds that people would throw their money into. The copper from the pennies is what made it this blue/greenish color. 
This was the Whales Belly or something. It was a long hallway leading out of the cave. When we were walking through it, Hailey goes "It's like our living room!" ... Maybe that means I need to put more crap on our walls... lol
They had peacocks walking all over the place. This guy was all up in our grills too...
They're definitely not scared of peeps.
This one came right up to Ethan and I while we were watching another one in front of my moms truck eat the bugs out of her grill. lol Lazy peacock. 
Two of my favorite boys. Jacob said "It's not bunny ears... it's alien ears because they're are 4." LOL Aunty teaching our kids well. O_o Hailey is also poking freaking holes in peoples foods. hahaha she poked a giant hole in Ethan's fig newtons. He had 4... and each one had a hole right in the middle. Jerk. ha! 

Well... That was Jacob's amazing birthday. I can't believe he's 8 already. It's going to be no time and Hailey and Ethan will be going to school. Next year Hailey goes... and the year after that, Ethan is off. I'm sad and excited all at once.