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Friday, July 26, 2013

Eff You New Mexico!!!!

No New Mexico for Allen!!! I was so excited when he came home yesterday and said "I get to keep my ass at home!!" SCORE! I know he hates going over there too... They should send the guys that have no wives or kids. Problem solved. 

Jacob comes home tomorrow! I miss that little turd so much! I was talking to his "dad" yesterday and I'm REALLY FREAKING ANNOYED with his dumb ass. Jacob had been asking to go stay with Aunty (Allen's Aunt) for about 2 to 3 weeks,.. so when they got home from their cruise (and over sun Jacob went and spent the day. Aunty had some coral for him that she got while snorkeling on their cruise, also some tins from London and a teddy bear from there as well... and some awesome rocks from Jamaica or Cozumel... and a GIANT 2ft smiley face pencil.. and this was all in a Green Nike backpack for him... well Fern's brother picked Jacob up from her house that day and Fern now has to go try and find all of his stuff at his brother's house because he wasn't responsible enough to make sure Jacob got back to Fern's house with it. O_O The only think Jacob made it back with was a transparent man Aunty got him that had bones and rubber guts and junk they put together while he was there. That kinda crap really grinds my gears. Not only that, but of course, I'm trolling Fern's gf's Face book... and they're going out and drinking like, every weekend, and a lot during the week... and I'm like.. WHO THE FUCK IS WATCHING MY KID!?
 He's down in Austin to spend the summer with HIS DAD.. but I just have a gut feeling that he's been getting pawned off on his uncle. Which wouldn't normally be a problem if his uncle's parenting skills were worth a shit. I'm not a fan of his "parenting." Jacob's nephew acts like a spoiled rotten little shit. I know this because I've kept him before. He cried when we made him eat the dinner everyone else was eating, he threw a fit when I made them a PB&J sammach because it wasn't on the right kind of bread, he wouldn't drink the juice I gave him because it wasn't the kind he wanted.... If he were my kid... I would have busted some ass. When I skyped with Jacob not too long ago, even he said "Jason's such a crybaby...." lol ayyyy... When an 8 year old tells you that his 8 year old cousin is a crybaby.... there is an issue there. 

He's trying though. He's was a single dad for a really long time, so I'm guessing it was just easier to give in to everything Jason wanted. I'm just glad my kid notices how that makes you act in the long run. We're doing something right. 
I wanted to post some pics of Aunty's Cruise trip because the pics are sooooo cool. Allen and I have decided we HAVE to go on one. I don't know how soon it'll be... but we'll be kid free when it happens. I don't want my first cruise to be with kids.. Just in case anything goes wrong. Those things have been in the news for more bad than good lately! lol
that's a big friggen ship man. Also... a man DIED while they were on their cruise. He was drinking and got up on his balcony... and fell 3 stories to an open deck. yikes. 
This is Aunty.. this pic cracks me up EVERY time I look at it. lol
Thank GOD the slides are covered... wouldn't it be some shit if you were all... 'lets go have some fun...' get up there and go slide right off the ship. hah 
Look at this water!!!! This was when they were at a beach party in Jamaica. 
IDK about you... but I'd be ALL OVER that rock climbing thing over there. That looks hella fun. and hard as shit. 
She won BIG at the casino.. and they had this towel monkey and a free pina colada drink waiting for her by the time she got to her room after cashing out. Freaking sweet. They also got FREE champagne just for being on their first cruise. 
Tiki Beach... I like this pic because my kids watch the Backyardagains and Tiki Beach is a song they sing. lol
Sunset on the ocean looks amazing. 
I can't freaking wait to go on one of these things. 
she said.... it started getting bright around 5:30am. YIKES. That's hella early. 
Anyways, those were some of my favorite pics of her trip. 
Her Karen and Jan *Karen's sister* had TONS of fun. I'm so glad they got to take this trip together. They definitely deserved it. I can't WAIT to go to the coast with Allen this October. 
We're going to Port Aransas for about 4 or 5 days for our 1 year anniversary. Everyone always says the first year of marriage is the hardest... but this one sure did FLY by. No fights, No arguments,... So glad I have someone like him :) He and the kids are totally my everything. 
k... chucking deuces. Hailey has decided she wants to be naked. Um... no.