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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stress and Cookies.

Stress is not good with losing weight man.... and My left eye has gone back to twitching again.... It's crazy that crap happens when I'm over stressed. I need to find a way to relieve some because the twitching is pissing me off. The stupid landlord situation is super annoying. That fool has 30 days to send me an itemized list of what our deposit went to. 
I'm so not getting into that again. My eye is twitching up a storm. 

I've made the BEST cookies... They're Vanilla Pudding cookies. I used the instant vanilla pudding with no sugar and no fat. They were like freaking soft fluffy clouds of awesomeness that just MELT in your mouth. I am addicted. fa sho.

I worked out 3 times last week like I was supposed to! I wanted to go on Thursday but Wednesday night I didn't feel good, and took some NyQuil and passed the hell out... Apparently I slept on my left arm (left again....smh) wrong and Thursday morning I couldn't hardly lift my arm. So stupid. I was told to ice it.. take some Advil and rest it. Still hurt Friday but I went anyways. I'm done being lazy. And I sort of have this 5k I'm supposed to be getting ready for. Allen is going with me... and Hopefully he doesn't die. haha I can't wait to run and DYE! 
I'm not going to take this 5k super serious though, I want to have fun and take some pics. At the dye stations I'll probably catch my breath, and snap a few. I still don't know how we're going to get home without getting the inside of my SUV completely rainbowed out. haha... awww hell. 

Did I already mention I lost 6 pounds last month?.... By accident? I wasn't trying. At all. I was just moving and dealing with MORONS. Thats probably what did it. Although, I was drinking more water too... but also, more beer... Redd's Apple Ale is the bomb diggety. 

So, Allen's aunt Denise has been on a damn Carnival cruise for the past 6 days! I'm NOT JEALOUS AT ALL... bitch. haha She comes back soon and thank goodness because Jacob, who's been in Austin with his dad for the past few weeks, really wants to go see her and Aunt Karen. I can't wait for that little turd to come home. I miss him!!!

Till Next time bitches!