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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Karma Will Come Back Around....

And when it does... I hope I'm there to see it or at least hear about it. 
We currently moved out of a rental house we'd been in for about 2 years or so and we royally got fucked in the ass when we left. Let me lay some stuff out first... Our landlord works for the fire dept here for one... and he has way more rental properties than he can handle. I can't count the number of times he needed Allen's help to go paint something at another house, or fix something at another house.. When there were things at the house we were in that needed to be fixed. Anyways... we found this house we're in now.. couldn't pass it up and thank GOD too. The landlord at the other house was about to raise rent on us plus, there was STILL shit that needed to be done to fix that house.. Not just minor shit either. 
There were 2 LARGE pecan trees in the back yard that hung down onto and over the power lines leading to the house from the alley,.. We get a LOT of strong winds here in West Texas too.. Every time a storm or something would roll in, branches would fall onto the power lines and he never did anything about it. The roof was bowing in in some parts of the house and you can see it from the streets. Shit, for the LONGEST time, there was a large window in our dining area that would leak when it rained... and it was right over an electrical outlet. I'm assuming if water got into that outlet it wouldn't be a good thing. 
We finally got him to change that window out, but it was like pulling teeth. 
There was a busted door leading out to the garage, so Allen tried to get him to fix it, but he never would... so we went out and bought a new one finally after the door handle pretty much fell off. We bought a 20$ door from Lowes, installed it on our own and gave him the receipt. We kept 20$ out of rent for it and he was pissed. At first. Allen had saved the door thank goodness and showed him what a piece of shit it was and he changed his tune. 
Needless to say, we are excited about living in a rental home that the landlord actually cares about. He said if we need anything, just get it.. and save the receipt and he'll take it out of rent. 
Anyways... we had a $600.00 deposit at the house when we moved in, and up until today, we were told we would be getting it back. We BUSTED our asses cleaning that house before we left. We cleaned base boards, toilets, walls, light fixtures, windowsills, carpets, walls, doors, door jams, ... everything. I even swept out cabinets and wiped out drawers. Just in case! 
 The freaking electricity was already turned off, so we had to use an extension cord and borrow our next door neighbor's electricity to vacuum and steam clean the carpets. 

Yesterday Allen texted our old landlord to ask about the deposit. He said we'd be getting it back if the house was left clean. Allen even went back over there on the 1st of July and mowed the yard and trimmed everything up. Today... Allen got a text message from that piece of shit saying that we never paid the pet deposit (which I have proof of) and that he had to go in and clean the house. So we're not getting a deposit back....
What the FUCK could he have possibly needed to clean?! Ok... Not to mention when Allen was there on the 1st, he already had people moving into the house. He told Allen "oh well, I haven't gotten any money from them yet." How is that OUR fault? You're the one letting them move in without getting any money from them.
It's ok though. If a few weeks, I fully expect an itemized list of what our deposit was used for. If he can't come up with one, with proof, he's fucked. I've already spoken with several people about it. I've spoken with someone at the city about the house not being up to code, and I've spoken to a small claims lawyer about our issues, and he says we have a good chance at winning.... except he might have the judge in his pocket because he's a Fireman for the city. I'm going to wait till next month... and see what happens. I'm super annoyed with it though!!! We went above and beyond to make sure that house was clean and damn near spotless before we left. Yet he STILL wants to bend us over... I can't even count how many times he said "We don't want to lose you guys as renters, ya'll are the only ones that pay on time." Now... I almost understand why he had other tenants who owed him money. No WONDER people would fuck him over so much.. it's because HE fucks people that are good to him. It's ok though... Like I said... Karma is a gigantic bitch, and it WILL come for him. 

I'm going to Curves today.. thank goodness.. and I have a chiropractor appt today after that. I'm super sad I wont be having those appts much anymore. I guess it's a good thing though, $45 a pop is racking up quiet a bill. Thank goodness they let us make payments as you can. 
I'm getting weighed and measured today at Curves too... so ... That should be good and depressing. LOL Hopefully Lea Anne's scale shows what mine does... 137/138ish. 

I just ate some damn Mexican food though. faaaaack.