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Saturday, July 6, 2013

First Shopping Trip.... WTF.

So, if you read the last post, you know that we needed to get some groceries at a new store we've moved close to. The trip did NOT last long. We went in there thinking, prices are going to be pretty good because it's kinda like a newer version of Super S Foods...OH HELL NO. 
I don't know where the hell this store thinks we are... or maybe they think their shit is made out of gold., who knows. BUT I REFUSE to pay $1.39 for a can of corn!!! When I can go across town and pay .69 for the same shit. wtf. Their milk was NUTS too! They had the STORE brand at 2 gallons/$7.00. WHAT?! I can go to Walmart and get name brand milk for $2.79. Fuck this store. We went in, got VERY few things... just what we needed immediately... and got the hell out of there. The cantaloupe was ok priced at 2 for a dollar. I can handle that. My kids are addicted to Strawberries too, and I usually get a 3lb thing of them at Sam's for about 4.99-5.99... At this store of golden shit, 5.99 for a 1lb case. WTF. we WILL not be going there again. Unless it's for Cantaloupe. Period. I'll drive the 4 miles down the road to HEB. They have GREAT prices and in-store coupons... and GREAT produce usually. The ground meat at Lowe's Grocery was ok... we got a pound for 4$... but I don't know how it's made. I like getting HEB meat because they don't put any additives (like Walmart openly does) into their meat. Fuck Lowe's Grocery fa sho. 

Ok... done bitching about that. Lets move on. 
My brother in law's wife is expecting a baby next month. I love babies. Especially when they're NOT mine. lol 
(I love my babies, but theres nothing better than handing a screaming baby to it's mom and not having to worry about wtf is wrong with it.) 
I have to get their address from his daddy so we can send them a gift. Allen and his brother aren't on the best of terms right now... and lord knows he can't stand his brother's wife, but I've seen some of the cutest baby crap on Amazon lately... and with Allen's raise, we can afford to send them something. It should be a boy... so I'll get boy things. 
Dr's can overlook things though. Just like with Hailey. We had NO idea she had a Cleft Lip till my C-section. The scariest words I've ever heard were while I was laying on that surgery table with Allen by my head. "Ok... theres a small problem." Scariest words I've ever heard. Ever. 
Anyways... Sending baby things will be fun. I like spending money and buying baby stuff is fun.. so win win. 
Man... I found out for the first time yesterday that Robin Thicke is white. Everyones like "It's the son from the dad on Growing Pains!!! of course he's white!" .... 
1. I had never heard of Robin Thicke till Blurred Lines... lol and 
2. I had NO idea that guy on Growing Pains had a son. I definitely didn't know his real name. He's Dr. Jason Seaver. Period. 
Oh well.. anyways.. My kids LOVE his song. They sing and dance every time it comes on. Hopefully I can catch some video of them because it's hilarious. Till then I have pics. 
Hailey, as you can see, is getting down. Ethan was jumping up and down and spinning in circles while singing the "hey hey hey" part. It's pretty much the only part he can get on time while the song is playing, but hey...he tries. :) He'll be my little singer for sure. Following in his mommy's footsteps joining choir and junk. lol He'll be one of those Jocks in High School that juggle tons of stuff. I see it already. 
He also REALLY enjoys Neyo's "Let Me Love You" song. Check him out... Singing along, watching the video. haha... Sweet boy. 
We were in the car a few weeks ago, and Blurred Lines came on.. I've already established that I really like this song... So I started dancing and singing at a red light... Jacob was mortified. :-D I can NOT WAIT till he comes home from Austin. He's been with his "other dad" (his words) since Father's Day and comes home a day before his birthday (July 27th). Thats much too long for my taste. 
For his birthday this year, we're going to take him to the Sonora Caverns. Jacob LOVES to collect rocks, and stuff like that so I figured taking him into a gigantic cavern will be pretty neat for him. 
Every time we go to the zoo, he buys those bags full of rocks... every time. 

Allen is off from Tuesday through Friday this week, so I'll be going to Curves every day. Especially now that I'm not going to the chiropractor a hundred times a week. The pain and numbness has gotten a LOT better. But Dr. Smith says to get rid of the numbness completely I need to get a good massage to release that muscle that goes along your shoulder blade.. He said as soon as that muscle calms down and stops getting so knotted up, the numbness will go away altogether.. which will be awesome. I do like that Muscle Stimulation they do though. I'll miss that the most. 15 minutes of uninterrupted awesomeness. oh well... 

Hopefully going to Curves again will start to tone me up... Well.. not hopefully, I know it will. I just have to get the motivation back to get off my lazy ass and go. Now it'll be even HARDER that we live further away. I'll have two more excuses. "it's so far." "I don't have gas."... lame. 
I'm still at 138 though... says my scale anyways...
yeah... it's upside down.. I don't have time to fix it. (I can't find a way to mostly...) Ignore my ogre feet. The number is what you're looking at.