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Thursday, July 4, 2013

138.4 Woot Woot!

My current weight is 138.4! Rock on man. haha I don't know if it has anything to do with us moving or because we've been out of groceries for the past 3 days. Probably a mix of the two. We had a lot of shit left in our freezer at the old house that we were going to bring over here, but the electric company decided to go ahead and turn off the electricity at the old house 2 days earlier than we asked them to. Assholes. So everything ruined.
 Oh well... We got paid yesterday so it's shopping day! O_o I have a love / hate relationship with shopping day. I love spending money, but I hate walking around and dealing with idiots in the store. And because we recently moved, we will be shopping at a new store that we're not used to... so our first BIG shopping trip is going to be super fucking annoying. Allen and I have already decided we'll need vodka or something afterwards. lol Maybe before. who knows. 

I've got my treadmill out on the back porch right now.. there were tons of freaking spiders on it, and in it, so Allen has some work to do before we bring it into the house. I've already got a space for it and everything! 

So... a while back I did this 'adopt a soldier' thing and I'm pretty surprised at the response I got from the soldier I was assigned to. I sent him an email, telling him about my family and just let him know if he needed anyone to talk to, or needed anything while he was overseas, to let us know and we'd try our hardest to send him whatever it was. I've heard so many sad stories about soldiers over there not having family at home to talk to... or their family not having money or unfortunately, THE TIME to send them things from home. Anyways, so I got an email back a few days later... I'm assuming it was written by his wife... Just basically saying 'Thanks, but no thanks.' I can understand and respect that. No big deal. But why sign up for a program like this, if you don't need or want some help or support? Oh well... I'll see if I can't get assigned to another service member. 

Oh... anyone who reads this.. I'm an AVON rep now! You can order from my website and it'll ship to your house. :-D that's super cool right? I thought so too. I love the toys Avon has for kids! They last for such a long time and they're pretty well made. If you wanna take a look at my site... go here....

Happy 4th of July to everyone! (the 3 that read this... haha)