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Thursday, July 18, 2013

They're Baaaaaack.

The kids are back! My TV is back to cartoons and I'm not able to drink coffee in peace. Damn. Oh well. They had a GREAT time with Granna and Pawpaw, and my mom took some really good pics with my camera! Thank GOD Allen got me this for ... whatever holiday it was. They all kinda blur together now. haha It might have been for my Birthday, or perhaps Christmas... I don't remember, but whatever. Here are some pics of the kid's vacation! 
My mom and the kids...
My mom said they got sprayed by the dolphin's blow hole thing and he also splashed ET with his flipper. haha 
Ethan, when I showed him this pic, said "I was touching a shark!!" and Hailey promptly corrected him saying "No you didn't. That's glass." She's so mean.
My mom said they ran over to this thing at the same time, and after a few seconds, ET was gone! lol You can see by this pic how much further up he was than her. Pawpaw had to save her about half way up because she couldn't get down. ET is a freaking monkey though. He'd still be up there right now if he could be. 
Silly Kids.
My mom told me that Hailey had her head hidden in her lap for the first few turns of this ride. haha That doesn't surprise me. Also, ET was trying to rock the egg back and forth. I know who our thrill rider will be! 
Flipper!!!! Needs a tooth brush. If you're not whitening, you're yellowing. hahah

Well, time to start cleaning the house... yaaaaay............ O_o