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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pretty Random, A Bit Closer to the Birth Day....

I'm not doin too much... That's why I haven't updated. I've been "under the weather" lately, and haven't moved much in the past 2 days. My birthday is in 5 days. 4 If you don't count today! I told Allen I don't really want anything other than some flowers, a card, and a new travel coffee mug since Ethan knocked mine off the table, AGAIN, and broke it for good. A WEEK after buying it. Little jerk.
My coffee went everywhere. the lid broke off the top and coffee spilled all over the floor and side of my couch (luckily it's leather). Here is what happened the same day during lunch time.... Right after I told him.. "DON'T SPILL YOUR JUICE."
yeah.... now the grout is stained reddish brown in those areas. Which means I'll have to get on my hands and knees with a damn tooth brush to clean it. Yay! I'm so excited. 

October 11th Allen and I will be on our way to Port Aransas again! yay for 1 year wedding anniversaries! I can't friggen wait. 
It's always been a joke that Allen is the chosen one... and last year I took this picture of him and it made me LOL. 
It looks like the heavens are placing a halo on him... the Chosen One. 
We had so much fun those few days we were there. I'm sure we'll have just as much fun in 2 weeks! <3 I'm very VERY excited! 
The drive there freaking sucks balls though. It takes for freaking ever. 

I love being at the beach in the morning when the sun comes up. We get out there when you can still see the stars. and as soon as the sun is up about like this, we start combing it. Last year we found a few pretty weird things. I couldn't really get much in the water though... since I had just gotten a tattoo on the inside of my right leg. I didn't want to mess it up or have the salt water burn it! haha I don't know if that would have happened or not, but I also didn't want to find out. Plus.. there were jelly fish out on the shore line like no bodies business. That's all I wanted, was for a damn jelly to wash over my foot and sting the shit out of me. Can't wait to take some more pics this year. We both sure love the beach. If I could live in Corpus I would! Maybe when we're older and the kids are out of the house and doing their own thing, we can rent a little efficiency room on the beach for a month. Provided Allen doesn't have to work for the rest of his life. 
THIS is what I want for my birthday... some day. A little English Bulldog girl puppy. I will have her a pink bling collar and I will name her Lola. I think they're the cutest things I've ever freakin seen. Even as wrinkly slobbering snoring adults. They're freaking precious. And they're AMAZING with kids. I'd put her in a tutu and she could be a princess for Halloween. That's how she'd be treated. Just look at that face! 
Flippin adorable I tell ya! I know they have some health issues... but that comes with the territory I suppose. Thats why Vets have jobs. Plus... I think Skeeter would be ok with a dog as long as we got her as a puppy. When we almost got that other cat Bacon, he was ok with it... Bacon was the one being a freak. Jumping walls and junk, growling at the kids... thats probably why Skeeter didn't like her. She was acting weird towards the kids. haha
You guys have no idea how hard it's been not to turn this blog into an "I hate president Obama" blog. I'm not fond of him or any of his policies. Especially when he's causing my health insurance premium to go up. Dumb ass... I'm probably on some kind of watch list.. IDGAF. The president is a freaking MORON.