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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kids kids kids....

So, Hailey has been in trouble lately, and let me tell you why... My kids are extremely spoiled and all 3 have TVs in their rooms with DVD players.. (only Jacob has actual cable.) Anyways, Hailey has been watching a DVD when she goes to bed at night because she's going through that 'I'm scared of the dark' crap. She has a timer on her TV, so I've been setting that at night so we don't have to worry about the TV staying on all night. This little hooker has been getting up and turning it back on after it goes off... So, we'll get up in the morning and her TV has been on all stinking night. That makes our electricity bill go up...
That makes mommy angry. 
You won't like mommy when she's angry.

So she has had her TV unplugged at night the past few nights and she's been doing...okayish... crying a little at night but eventually falling asleep. Until last night..
Last night she felt the need to have a sleep over with the cat. She got out of bed, opened her door, walked around the house till she found Skeeter, got him to go into her room, and shut the door behind them. Cute right? False. 
Not cute. 
Cat's apparently have bowels, and those bowels need to be relieved at points during the night. Skeeter decided that, because he was locked in this little girls room, it's be a GRAND idea to shit behind her curtains. I'm talking... a Mountain Lion sized shit. He even smeared a little on her curtain for good measure. Like an "I'll teach you to lock me in here you little idiot." 

So, that's all cleaned up and the curtain is in the washing machine as I type. Hailey knows that if she EVER gets out of bed and gets Skeeter in her room again at night, mommy will turn into the Hulk. 

Yesterday I was doing laundry, and Ethan comes up behind me and taps my leg.. So I turned around and he had his hands tucked into his armpits like when you do the Chicken Dance... and he goes "Look mom... I got chicken wings!" The he started flapping them around like a crazy man. I honestly have no idea where he picks some of this stuff up. I've never seen him do that before. 

We still have no idea what Hailey and Jacob are going to be for Halloween. I know ET is going to be the Hulk. He won't have it any other way. We're gong to find some purple shorts, and paint him green. BAM! done. Maybe buy him some little hulk hands at WalMart. 
I'm sure Hailey wants to be either Sophia from Sophia The First, or Rapunzel from... Tangled. The only thing she doesn't like about the Rapunzel costume is that it comes with a wig, and she doesn't want to put it on her head. I'm pretty sure Jacob will be a Ninja again.. for the 3rd time. 

Tomorrow is my birthday! I got a birthday card yesterday from Allen's aunt. Hilarious. 
That was by far the best Birthday Card I've gotten in a while. 
I can't believe I'm about to be 28! I feel so old. I never EVER thought I'd have 3 kids. Ethan STILL wouldn't be here if that stupid Birth Control wouldn't have failed. Oh well,.. He's a giant freakin momma's boy so I guess it's alright. Anytime Allen gets on to him, he runs to me, or calls for me from his room,.. If I get on to him, he'll cry and then try to say "I want kisses mommy" to get me to come to his room. 
Time to get ready to go to the dentist. Ethan and Hailey have to see the dentist at 1030, and then Jacob at 11. I kept Jacob home today so I didn't have to drive across town 34 times today. Dang it. 
Starting today, I'll be running on the treadmill everyday till we go to the coast. I'm making that a goal. 3 miles every day, no matter what. 
Tomorrow we're going to see Gravity! woohoo!