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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Coupons And The Treadmill.

We finally brought in the treadmill yesterday... This better be the start of something. I've noticed lately that I'm getting a little fluffy again. lol Not really, but I feel like I am. I'm still around the 145 mark... This is the hardest freaking 15 pounds I've ever lost. Seriously. I can't believe I was down to 139 not to long ago.. and here I sit... a few months later... 145... lame. 

I'm scared I'll end up this fat...unhealthy... gross person again. I was so unhappy with everything about myself in this picture. Gah man... 

Not to mention I've already gotten rid of all of my "fat" clothes and we can't afford for me to buy new anything right now. lol Gotta focus on the kids winter/fall clothes and crap for Christmas! 

I've got to start Couponing. I've been reading blogs about it... but apparently Texas has some pretty stupid Coupon laws... HEB seems to be my best bet as saving any amount of money though. They do their regular store coupons plus manufacture coupons plus when things are on sale... I'm sure if I pay attention I can get some good deals. 
Key words here... "Pay Attention" hahaha

HEB has a policy called "Fresh or Free"... if you find something on the shelf that's expired, and take it to the cash register, You get a free fresh one of whatever it is. Milk, Yogurt, stuff like that... bet yo ass I'll be checking my stuff now too. You only get one free item per trip... so I'll be looking for important things like Milk...Eggs,.. Cheese... stuff we use a lot of. I swear we buy a gallon of milk every 4 days. 
Sucks balls. 

Jacob was yelling "I can't breathe!!!!" and Hailey said.."Yes.. you can." 
She's so mean. 
No idea where she gets it. 
Probably her daddy.