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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life Alert, Unicorns, and Sitting On Jacob.

Today is my 500 calorie day... I don't think I've posted the new diet I've put myself on yet... It's pretty simple. The sugar thing was kind of a bust. 25g of sugar is really...really hard. Maybe I'll give it a try another time, but right at this moment, I'm not strong enough to do that. So... Here is my new diet. 

I'm allowing myself the original 1200-1300 calories a day... Except on Tuesday and Thursday, where it drops down to 500. I know a lot of people are going to be like "That's not going to work..." or "That's not good for you" but I've done a lot of reading on it... and I've heard some personal testimony from people so I have high hopes. I'm giving it till October, and I'll reassess what I want to do, but for now... This is it. Today is my first 500 calorie day... I'll be throwing down on some celery and lettuce till later, where I'll have an amazing Subway sammach that's only about 460 calories. woot woot! 

I will tell you this though... Making food for the kid's breakfast was hard. I want some cereal so bad. or these new Bagels I got... they're lookin so tasty right now. Bastards. I'll just drink my water and immerse myself in house cleaning and getting ready for mine and Allen's road trip later. We're headed to San Antonio today to attend his Great Great Grandma's funeral tomorrow morning. We weren't sure how it was going to play out for a few days... I'll tell you why...

My mom decided Sunday afternoon, that she and my step dad wanted to go out riding on their Mule in the pasture. (You know, those big 4-wheeler type things but, better.) Well... she saw something she wanted to go look at or something, got out of the Mule, and ended up slipping on some mossy cement and bashing her face into the ground. Hard. My step dad said it looked like someone had dropped her body out of an airplane when she hit... So he runs to her aide and ends up slipping on the same mossy area and lands on his back... I know right!? Old people....*Shaking my head....* so, he gets her up and shes ok for a second, then he said she started acting funny and said she felt sick. Long story short, She thought it was Christmas, ended up staying over night in the hospital so they could watch her brain just in case, and now has a super super super bruised face. I was pretty worried... I mean, she's old. haha! :) I told her she needs to come up with a more... interesting story than "oh I was walking and fell on my face"... O_o Maybe something like.... She was being chased by Big Foot and she tripped over a baby Unicorn and fell on her face. 

I know what she's getting for Christmas... Life Alert and a Helmet. :) 

Anyways,... she is home now.. She's got a concussion and like I said before, a pretty bruised face. But she'll still come over this afternoon and watch the kids for us so we can get on the road. We're going to make sure the kids are bathed that way she won't have to worry about that. At least we'll be in San Antonio earlier than midnight... like it was going to be pre-fall. 

Side note... I have my own Amazon Store now... the link is over under my BIO.. Freaking sweet right? I think so. 

OH so... I'm up to 147lbs. That's right bitches... Gaining weight like crazy. I think it's because I had kind of given up. I stopped drinking water as much, I started ignoring my portions... I kind of lost sight of what I wanted and WHY I wanted it. I want to be healthy, and I want it for me. I have a great trainer that gives me AWESOME advice... The last time I did what she told me to, I lost 10 pounds in a month... I don't know why it's so hard for me to just suck it up and do what needs to be done. The worst part, is that I KNOW what I'm doing... and I know it's not what I need to be doing. Pathetic. Lea Anne has written up a workout I can do at home on the weeks I can't go to Curves because of Allen's schedule... It should be excellent. O_o

It's called the Magic Eraser... 

Dumbbell Lunges x 15 each side. 
Squat Press x 15
Burpees x 15
Dead lift Rows x 10... each leg
Mountain Climbers x 15
Jump Squats x 15
Chair Pose Hold for 30 seconds.

"Repeat this badassery 5 x's " 
Sounds excellent right? Shouldn't be too bad.. I'll start it Thursday. 

well... I think that's all for now... My kids haven't really done any shenanigans lately.. 
Nothing that stands out at me as freaking ridiculous anyways. 
Their favorite past time.